Does the ex come back at some point or should i give it up?

Waiting for your ex to come back is very risky and giving up is rather cowardly if you still love her. If you are just unsure how to win her back, then look at this video and you will get an exact instruction what to do.

You surely wonder if your ex will eventually come back to you or if it is better to give her up forever. There are several factors that play a role in whether you get a second chance with her.

  • The important thing is that you don’t panic now and ruin all your options forever.
  • Women hate it when you get frantic now and make all kinds of love confessions to her and beg her to try again.

Many people make the mistake of trying to win you back immediately after a breakup and this almost never works because it is completely unnatural.

Will the ex come back eventually or should I give up on her?

Before you give up on your ex-girlfriend forever, you should ask yourself how beautiful your moments together were and how much you still love her.

It doesn’t matter if she already has a new boyfriend or if she wants to stay single for the time being.

The only thing that matters is how much you are willing to do EVERYTHING to get her back someday. Do you give up quickly or do you fight for what is important to you??

Does the ex come back at some point or should i give it up?

He makes his ex miss him…

Your ex may come back to you months later?

For some it only takes a few weeks and for others it takes 2-3 months to learn from their mistakes and convince them to try again.

Probably you both made mistakes, there were unnecessary fights, mutual accusations and disagreements, but they can be easily resolved.

There is nothing worse than giving up your ex-girlfriend without a fight, even though you still feel a lot for her and love never disappears from one day to the next.

Even if she says she hates you or she never wants to see you again, you should first accept that, realize your mistakes and then slowly try to rebuild your trust in each other that you both want a relationship.

Self-pity prevents you from winning your ex back

You can of course give up, but as it may still be a few months or even years from now you will blame yourself for just giving up on her. The worst thing is to have regrets and no way to turn back time.

Especially when it comes to a woman with whom you could laugh together, you trusted each other, you could tell each other everything and you felt comfortable with her like with no other.

You still have the possibility with the right strategy and a little patience to win back the love of your life and to lead a happy relationship with her.

Before you give up look at least this video* on, maybe you will get the one tip, you need to have the confidence that you can win her back and she will love you even more than before.

A breakup is always for a reason, but at the same time it is a chance to learn from it and be much more thoughtful, passionate, confident and happy in the relationship in the future.

Ex girlfriend win back video

Best video tutorials to win your ex girlfriend back:

When does a woman come back if she has feelings after all?

The question is whether a woman will come back after you have broken up.

  • Even if she still has feelings for you, she is taking your breakup very hard and she is trying to distract herself from the pain.
  • You can’t expect your ex to come back and take over the first step.

Even if she inwardly hopes that you will contact her again, she may prefer to spend months in heartbreak instead of writing or talking to you.

The feelings usually disappear very slowly and are still there for a long time, but nevertheless she may want to save herself from another mistake because she assumes your relationship will never be the same again. So if you want to have a second chance with her, you have to take the initiative yourself and dare to take the first step.


If you passively wait for your ex-girlfriend to come back to you at some point, you have already made your decision. Hoping and living your life the same way as before is not very promising.

Why should your ex take you back when she sees that you are stuck in your old patterns and not moving forward?. If you use the time in which you are separated to improve every area of your life and reflect exactly how it could come to your separation, you increase your chances extremely.

You may have heard the phrase "standing still means going backwards" and that’s exactly what it is. You are stuck in old ways of thinking and therefore seem unattractive. If a woman sees that you are active and take your life in your hands, that you take full responsibility, then this is very attractive.

Many men let themselves go in their relationship and take everything for granted, neglecting themselves and thus losing their individuality. If this was the case for you, you now have the chance to change it and maybe win your ex-girlfriend back someday. If everything remains the same, your chances of ending up with her again are very bad.

Frequent questions

It depends on what caused her to lose trust in you. You should be clear about what has led to this and how much you have contributed to her losing trust. Love confessions are seldom enough in this case, you have to follow up with actions and give both of you the time it takes to get closer again.

Having the hope and faith that you can have a second chance is something you should keep as long as you can handle it without losing control of yourself. If you notice yourself crossing boundaries or others tell you directly, it is high time to step back before you do something stupid and harm yourself, your ex or others.

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