Do i like long or short hair? This trick tells you!

Should I cut my hair? Do I look good with long hair or a short haircut?? These are questions that I’m sure every girl has asked herself at one time or another. To find out, which hairstyle best suits the Face shape fits, there is a super trick. Convince yourself!

Do I look good with long or short hair? This trick tells you!

How to find out whether long or short hair suits you better iStock / Sofia Zhuravets

Short hair or long hair: a difficult decision, or?

From long or short hair Suddenly switching to the other extreme is a blatant type change that should be well thought out. Finally, we know through the makeovers as well as in the 2020 season of "Germany’s Next Topmodel" all too well what a new hairstyle or new hair color can do to you. Because not everyone feels comfortable with it. At the same time, a change to short or long hair can also have a positive effect on your appearance and can lead to more self-confidence care. To avoid disappointment, you should find out beforehand with the following trick you look better with short or long hair.

Do I like short hair? How to find out!

Before you go to the hairdresser and cut your hair, you want to be sure whether short hair suits you at all. In this article we present you a formula that calculates whether long or short hair tends to look better on you. But the whole thing is not always so mathematical. It also depends a lot on your taste or your face shape. Many hairdressers and stylists recommend the following short hairstyles for them

  • Round face shape: classic Pixie
  • Narrow face shape: short hairstyle with bangs
  • Angular face shape: bob / longbob and soft steps
  • Heart-shaped face: bob / longbob with side parting
  • Oval face shape: any kind of short hairstyle fits here, romp around!

Basically, you can also try out new hairstyles with different apps. Here’s how you can tell right away from a photo if short hair suits you or if you’d prefer long hair after all.

Formula for long hair or short hair

Celebrity stylist Giles Robinson has a simple formula for deciding "Short or long hair" that you should know too. Many hairstylists and hairdressers use these to check which hairstyle suits their customers. Invented the " 2.25 inch formula" (the equivalent of 5.72 cm) John Frieda. The "John Frieda" brand is today best known for its Frizz Ease products. But also with the question "Do I like short or long hair??" White Robinson on what matters: distance from chin to earlobe is important. Sounds a bit unwieldy, but it’s really easy:

  1. To measure it, all you need is a ruler and a pencil.
  2. Best put a wide ruler under your ear and a pencil across under your chin.
  3. Keep your head straight and read in the mirror where the pencil cuts the ruler.
  4. Doesn’t work out optimally somehow? Then let a friend help you. And thus finds out from the other whether she is the type for short hair or long hair is.

The exact length is not the point of the hair formula. The only important thing is: Is it more or less than 5.72 centimeters?

Who suits short or long hair: the result!

Do i like long or short hair? This trick tells you!

Short hair vs. long hair- which hairstyle suits you better? Shutterstock, timofeiwolny/ Syda Productions/

This is what the result of the Robinson test says about short or long hair:

  • There are less than5.72 centimeters: Then off to the hairdresser! A short haircut suits you!
  • It’s more than 5.72 centimeters: You look better with long hair.

But before you apply the scissors right now: Better dare a visit to the hairdresser. You should definitely go to a hairdresser when you want to make major changes, because the perfect hairstyle, whether it’s a long or short hair, always depends on the structure of your hair: Do you have fine or thick hair, straight hair or curls? The hairdresser can advise you best on this matter. Here’s how to find a look and length you’re really comfortable with!

Hairstyle tip: this curly hack works with long and short hair! In our video we tell you how you can conjure up cute curls with just a hairdryer- easily and quickly!

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