Diet and exercise tips for lean people to build muscle faster

Bodyweight exercises or training with weights are a must for lean people if they want to build muscle mass Photo: Getty Images

By Laura Pomer | 15. November 2021, 17:37

Muscles not only make for an attractive, crisp appearance, but are also important for a healthy, agile body. However, it is not always so easy for slim people to build muscle mass. That is why they are sometimes called hardgainers. FITBOOK knows from the expert why this is so and what thin people should pay attention to in terms of building muscle.

Felix Klemme, sports scientist and personal coach, knows that slim people often build up muscles less quickly and generally do not gain weight so easily. Some of them can eat as much as they want without noticing a change. This can have physical causes, knows the expert. Among strength athletes such people are also called hardgainers. It is important to find out which factors contribute to the difficulties in building muscle.


The influence of intestinal health on muscle building

For Felix Klemme, the first step in his work with clients is always to examine their intestinal health. „If the Darmflora does not function, the body nutrients cannot take up and accordingly also not mass develop.“

There are several factors that can harm gut health: such as stress, very high sugar and caffeine consumption, as well as toxins from the diet from pesticide-laden foods. Above all, however, people are at risk who frequently- i.e. once or twice a year- Take antibiotics. „Broad-spectrum antibiotics destroy not only the bacteria responsible for the infection being treated, but also all others, i.e., including the intestinal bacteria that the body needs for functioning digestion", so clamp to FITBOOK. It is therefore advisable to rebuild the intestinal flora with probiotic foods and medicines after completion of the medication intake. Only few do that.

Should Hardgainer force themselves to eat particularly much?

According to expert Klemme, good food (and its successful utilization) is the be-all and end-all for gaining mass. In other words: Who wants to gain weight by muscles, must supply more energy, than he burns up. The majority of its support of clients forms therefore a nourishing consultation. Based on the determined daily basic calorie turnover, which can be determined with a fitness watch, for example, determine what and how much of it you should eat.

Don’t worry: Even if supposed fitness experts emphasize how important it is to eat constantly, no one needs to force themselves to eat exorbitant amounts of food in order to gain mass. If you start doing sports, you will automatically feel hungrier, this also applies to hardgainers. According to Felix Klemme, it is usually enough to give in to this feeling. „There is no more reliable measurement about one’s needs than the body’s signals", he brings it to the point.

How important is extra protein?

„All nutritional building blocks are equally important to build muscle.", says Klemme to FITBOOK. Healthy fatty acids, for example from fatty sea fish, flaxseed and olive oil, are needed as well as protein. Of these, Klemme recommends one gram of protein daily per kilogram of body weight. With a 55 kilogram heavy person corresponds to approximately 55 gram protein. To the orientation: Chicken breast fillet consists of 20 per cent of protein. And, of course, carbohydrates at best from high-quality sources such as fruits, vegetables and good grains such as spelt or whole grains and nuts- for the physical efficiency important. Who begins in the sense of the muscle construction namely with the training, needs a plus of energy. Otherwise you logically lose weight.

The right training for slim people

In addition to nutrition, exercise is of course also essential for building muscle. That should not take place straight on perseverance devices such as the Ergometer or treadmill- there it goes as well known around fat burning. For already slim humans that is exactly the opposite of the desired effect. Strengthening exercises, on the other hand, will make you stronger. But according to Felix Klemme, this should not be overdone. „Every workout also consumes energy and calories accordingly", he explains FITBOOK. In addition, the muscle grows during rest. Regeneration phases are therefore extremely important. According to Klemme, three units per week are idealà approximately 45 minutes.

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