Culinary christmas – england and spain

After we looked to Denmark and the culinary habits there at Christmas under the magnifying glass, the view is to be directed to Spain and England. On the subject of Spain and Portugal, we naturally asked Stephan Materne, whose specialty market Bom Dia in Wolfenbuttel is a good address for the Iberian Peninsula. For the "Noche Buena", the Christmas night, the turkey dominates. Quite similar to the way it is served in England, according to Paul Close from the Pels language school in Braunschweig. But let’s stay first in Spain and Portugal. A special Spanish specialty, according to Materne, is the "turron", which is prepared from roasted almonds, sugar, honey and eggs. By the way, the white nougat originates from the Arabic region and came to Europe with the Moors. The Occident and the Orient have not always been irreconcilably opposed to each other in history. When people eat, they are peaceful.

"Urn of destiny"

After the meal, the "urn of fate" is placed on the table in Spain. In it are hidden small gifts, but also rivets. It is pulled so long, until everyone has got something. Actually the Bescherung is served on the 6. January celebrated. In the course of the "European harmonization", however, the date is more and more often served on the 24. December brought forward. England remains at 25. December, as far as the unwrapping of presents is concerned. On the island people are known to be very idiosyncratic anyway. There, for example, they do not serve in the decimal system in pubs. A pint of beer corresponds to approx. 0.568 liters of barley juice. There one does not move in this question all the more ;) The Bescherung takes place for it first thing in the morning. And then the feast begins.

Mince pies are a must try.[/image]

Roast turkey with plenty of vegetables

At noon, they traditionally serve roast chicken or roast turkey with plenty of vegetables and roast potatoes. For dessert, the famous plum pudding is served – for example with a white sauce made of butter, milk, flour and vanilla. Plum Pudding or Christmas Pudding is served in England since the 15th century. Century served. Actually it is not a dessert at all. In our latitudes the equivalent would be the napkin dumpling. But it is filled with dried fruit and nuts. If you like it atmospheric, you can flambe it with brandy before serving it. If something else fits, mince pies are on the table. These are small pastries made of shortcrust or puff pastry and filled with raisins, currants, apricots, cherries and candied fruit. Nuts and almonds also come into it. Cinnamon or nutmeg adds a Christmas touch.

Stollen or Mince Pie?

Stollen or mince pie? That is the question here. German Stollen is somewhat displacing this delightful pastry in England at the moment. So to balance things out in this country, you can definitely try the version from the island. Tasty as all get out. Dinner must be ready by 3 p.m. no matter what. For then the queen speaks. By then, you’re so full you can get through the speech in a stupor, Paul Close jokes. He does not have to do without the words of the head of state in Braunschweig. Because recently you can even watch the Queen on Youtube. And the good ingredients for a British Christmas painting are also available here.

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