Creating and saving screenshots on android, ios and windows mobile

Create and save screenshots on Android, iOS and Windows mobile

Modern smartphones offer the possibility to take screenshots directly without the need for external hardware. So you don’t have to take a screenshot with a camera, but you can take a screenshot directly in the device, where the current screen content (for example the start screen, like in the picture on the left) is recorded and saved.

  • How to take a screenshot with a cell phone or. smartphone to take a screenshot and
  • how can you edit and share the screenshot afterwards respectively. where is the screenshot saved afterwards?

Both questions are relatively easy to answer, depending on which operating system you use. A screenshot on the iPhone is taken differently than a screenshot on the Galaxy S7, and even differently than screenshots on Microsoft’s Lumia models with Windows mobile.

Regardless of which operating system you use, when you publish screenshots, you should definitely be careful about what you publish there. Often the screenshots also contain personal data such as phone number etc. to see screenshots that do not necessarily belong in the public domain. Therefore, before publishing screenshot (or even before sending), it is quite useful to edit them again and black out personal data. Usually there are also simple image editing programs on modern cell phones, with which you can do this.

Here are all the tips and tricks for taking screenshots on modern cell phones. It also helps to directly type model + screenshot in our search, we have now compiled specific instructions on how to take screenshots for most models on the market.

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screenshot with Android

Most cell phones and smartphones today run Android and the operating system offers a simple key combination to take screenshots. To take a screenshot with a smartphone with Android, it is usually enough to press the following keys longer:

  • Press the power button + the volume down button at the same time and hold it down until a recording sound is heard or an animation appears on the screen to signal a recording.
  • simply with the right hand edge from right to left over the whole Wipe screen. The important thing with the swipe movement is that you always stay in contact with the screen.

Overall, however, you can get a good screenshot on Android with the key combination on almost all devices. The screenshots are then saved in the folder "Screenshots"which you can easily access directly from the gallery.

Screenshot iOS (for iPhone and iPad)

Apple’s iOS operating system also offers the ability to very easily take a screenshot using a key combination. However, this is of course a bit different from Android. For this, this method works the same with all models that use iOS operating system. So you can use them to take a screenshot on older iPhones as well as on the new iPhone 7. In addition, these shortcuts also work on the iPhone SE, the iPad and the iPod Touch.

To take a screenshot you have to do the following on iOS:

  1. First you hold down the "power button" and the "home" button for about one second. After that, the display* brightens up briefly.
  2. The current screen is photographed and saved on the smartphone.
  3. The taken screenshot can be accessed in the photo folder. If necessary, a transfer to the PC is also possible without further ado.

With the iPhone X this is not possible, because there is no home button anymore. The power button and the volume up button are used instead. Here’s how to take a screenshot on the iPhone X, too.

To view the screenshots, you can simply open the Photos app on iOS and then select the shots in the Albums section.

Screenshot Windows mobile

  • Press power button + volume down button at the same time and hold it down until you hear a recording sound or an animation appears on the screen that signals a recording.

This combination works on all devices with Windows 10 mobile and also on older devices, which still have Windows Phone 8.1 use this variant works. On even older smartphones with Windows Phone 8, you should use the Start (Windows key) and the power button instead.

The screenshots are saved in the Screenshots album in the Photo Hub under Windows 10 mobile.

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