Create stickers and gifs from your own video in whatsapp

Create GIFs and stickers in WhatsApp with video

Create personalized stickers and make GIFs from videos is very easy in WhatsApp. Photo: Getty Images

From TECHBOOK | 19. September 2021, 6:40 pm

WhatsApp lets you create personalized stickers as well as create and send GIFs from videos. How this works, TECHBOOK explains to you.

Almost 80 percent of Germans use WhatsApp. Instand messaging service is even already used as a synonym for a message- „Just send me a WhatsApp". It is used worldwide not only on smartphones, but increasingly also on PCs. The users are becoming more and more demanding- simply sending texts is often no longer enough for them. Instead, they increasingly pimp their chats with emojis, stickers or animated GIFs. It becomes more individual when you send your own creations. Thereby creating stickers and GIFs from videos in WhatsApp is quite easy.


How to send GIFs via WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has already integrated a GIF search engine for a few years now. You will find this in the window with the emojis, at the bottom is then small the word "GIF". Next to it you will find a small search window. Just enter a suitable term there, such as "Birthday" for a suitable birthday GIF, and search for the appropriate image.

The GIFs come from the well-known services Giphy and Tenor and are directly integrated into WhatsApp. So you don’t need to download them and send them out one by one. This works for both iOS and Android. But it is even more creative and especially more personal to create your own GIF from a video via WhatsApp and send it.

Create GIFs from your own videos

If you’ve recorded a video on your phone and want to send it to friends as a GIF, WhatsApp comes with an extensive editor that lets you create a GIF up to six seconds long from a video. In addition, the GIF can be enriched with text, emojis and small paintings.

The convenient thing about a GIF over a video is that once created, the clips take up significantly less memory and also don’t open in a new window when you play them. The obvious disadvantage is that it is a pure image format, so sound can not be played.

And this is how you can create a custom GIF from a video:

Create GIFs on iPhone

To make a GIF from a video, press the Plus-icon next to the text field and select the option Photo and video library. Select a video you want to create as a GIF and a preview window will open. Now trim the clip to a maximum of six seconds. The GIF button appears automatically if the clip is short enough. Tap once- and already you can send your own video as GIF.

Create GIFs on Android smartphone

On the Android smartphone, press the Paperclip icon and then press Gallery or alternatively directly the Camera icon next to it. Select a video that you want to send as a GIF and it opens a preview window. Just like on the iPhone, trim the clip to six seconds or less and a button will appear to turn the video into a GIF. When the video is cropped, select the GIF option and click the send icon- Ready.

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