Create mindmap

Why "creating a mindmap" is so easy

First steps in creating a mind map

Just take a blank white sheet of paper, take it crosswise and a pen at hand.
Now draw a cloud, a circle or a box in the middle of the page.
The topic of your mindmap belongs in it.
Always write in block letters! Your brain can read them best.
Maybe the theme animals.
Leave yourself room for a great drawing. But this is not a condition. Nevertheless a picture would be good, because our brain remembers pictures very well.

Have you already tried our mindmap template ring blocks?

Next steps to create a mind map

Next you need to think about how many branches you will need. There will be 3, 4, 5 or more subtopics?
By the way, this is a very effective thinking method. Nobody can create a mindmap without first thinking about how it should be structured.

Maybe you start with only one branch at first.
You draw it from the middle to the top right corner.
Please do not use a ruler – only our left brain likes straight lines. But we mainly want to give food to the right brain.
Above the branch you write your 1. Top topic.
Again, in block letters, preferably in big letters, because that’s how you show your brain that this is an important concept.
In our case this could be the term BIRDS.

Always with you when creating a mind map: a pencil

Now, before you lay out the branches, take a pencil and draw a placeholder with it on each branch. You can insert a drawing into it later. Of course you are not allowed to write anything in this placeholder.

Once you have created the other branches, you start with the twigs.
What do you want to write about birds?
The bird species?
Okay, then maybe the branches would now say
Ducks, birds of prey, waders, songbirds, penguins, ratites..

Never more than 4 levels in the mindmap

Then you gradually fill the other branches with the corresponding twigs.
As a beginner you might tend to overload your mindmap in the beginning.
So make sure you never create more than 4 levels:

  • Level 1 = Center
  • Level 2= branch
  • Level 3= Branch
  • Level 4 = twig

Everything else would make your mindmap confusing.
If you want another layer, just draw a new mindmap, where now the title of the branch is in the middle of the mindmaps.
It is that simple.

When you have finished writing your mindmap, think about which drawings you will draw in the center or in the placeholders.
These absolutely do not have to be works of art. Our brain even remembers curled lines.
Try it out!

Then comes the best: now you should color your mind map. I always recommend to my students and seminar participants,
draw a branch and the attached twigs and branches in the same color. In our case, the branches and twigs for the birds would be red, the mammals would be green, the fish would be blue, etc.

With a little practice you will soon be able to draw the most amazing mind maps.
I wish you a lot of fun.

Animal Communities- Mindmap

For quick note taking, for plans, for notes, phone notes, etc. is our classic thought. It has been changed several times according to my wishes and is now a real innovation.
Our mind map template ring block:

Create mindmap

This is how an event planning looks like with a mindmapper.

Create mindmap

Create a mind map using the example of animal communities

For drawing I usually use this paper- A3 and 120 g

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