Create gif – this is how it works: online, via app, with photoshop or whatsapp

How to create a Gif? No problem with our tips!

Creating gifs is easy – ways to create animations.
Quickly postpone the meeting with your buddies by twenty minutes, discuss the training methods of the new trainer in the sports club group or support your best friend for hours via iPhone after a breakup: Digital communication has become an integral part of our everyday life. The advantages of sending messages with your smartphone are too great: uncomplicated, location-independent and fast. However, there are times when text and normal images are not enough.


Gifs – practical animations – an overview

Whether by iPhone or as an Android user. Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) files have the great advantage that they can consist of several images. In this way, images in this format can be displayed as animations with the help of suitable apps. Decisive advantage compared to conventional videos: the much smaller data size allows a faster sending and receiving and also requires smaller data capacities. The reason for this is the lower frame rate. However, we don’t want to conceal the fact that videos often have a significantly larger color spectrum. The latter is limited to 256 colors for gifs, which results in a lower image quality.

Create gifs with WhatsApp – A child’s play

Common apps like WhatsApp offer the possibility to choose from pre-made gifs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for within this offer, you can also create a gif yourself based on your own videos.

  1. The prerequisite for this is a suitable video available on your own smartphone. First, proceed as if you were sending the video to the contact in question.
  2. So first select a video. Gifs must not be longer than 7 seconds. For this reason, videos may need to be. must be shortened before they can be converted to gifs. After selecting the video, a window opens where you can specify the desired section, up to seven seconds long, both on your iPhone and on Android. To do this, shorten the video from the left or right in the video bar above.
  3. As soon as the video is up to 7 seconds long, a gif icon appears in the top right corner. By clicking on "Gif the relevant file format is selected and the video is automatically converted into a gif. The Gif can be sent afterwards without any problems. When watching, the gif repeats itself, because it is played as a loop by default.

Creating a gif with WhatsApp takes only seconds. The video must not be longer than 7 seconds

Create gif via app from the App Store

Of course, the short animation can be created not only via WhatsApp, but also with other software. So there are quite a few offers on the web as well as in the app stores for iPhone and Android. Although some of the apps are financed by ads, acceptable results should be the main focus here.

An example of a provider with which you can create a gif on iOS and Android is the app "Gif Me!", which has an appealing design and some interesting possibilities. So effects like different filters or text can be added to the gif. Advantage over WhatsApp: With this app, the animations can also be distributed online via other channels. The software also allows you to merge multiple images into one gif.

This alternative way also offers "Gif X" on, but currently only for iOS users. However, if you own an Apple product, you can also use this app to create gifs from your own images and videos and then send them online via the messenger of your choice.

Create online gif with GIPHY or

If you have a video that you want to share as a gif not only with your friends and acquaintances, but with the whole world, the offer of some online services may be right for you. providers like GIPHY or are huge databases containing countless gifs that have already been made. Besides the possibility to download and reuse them, you can also find a conversion service here. Here, too, the operation is relatively intuitive, so we have only summarized the most important steps for you:

  1. Download the video in question via the button "Create" (GIPHY) or "Gif Maker – Upload" ( to the provider’s server.
  2. Select the appropriate section and add text as you wish.
  3. Download your, by the software converted, gif.

Create Gif with Photoshop

Finally, we give you an insight into how to create a gif with the paid software Adobe Photoshop. This way is a bit more cumbersome than the ones already described, but allows almost limitless editing. We have concisely summarized the most important steps for you:

  1. Import the video file.
  2. Determine how many frames should be used for your gif and adjust its length manually.
  3. The individual images are saved as independent layers. Here you can add effects as you wish.
  4. Export the file. Reducing the image size and color depth will create the smallest file possible.

No matter which of the presented ways you choose to create your personal gif – seize the chance to enrich your conversations!

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