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If a valid berlinpass-BuT is presented, this meal allowance must be paid since 1. August 2019 will no longer be paid and children will be able to participate in excursions free of charge. Families receiving unemployment benefit II, social benefit, social assistance, child supplement, housing benefit or benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act can apply for benefits for their children under the Education and Participation Act (BuT) and receive the berlinpass-BuT.

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The education package

An application can be made to the responsible benefits office to have the costs of trips lasting several days paid for by the daycare center or daycare for children. The education package Further information

Berlin thus continues its family-friendly policy and offers many parents a clearly noticeable financial relief. At the same time, the state promotes the compatibility of family and career and invests in early childhood education. Kitas are educational institutions and education must be free of charge.

Additional payments to daycare centers permitted – but limited

Kitas are allowed to charge limited co-payments for extra services such as additional sports activities, organic food or language lessons. A new regulation on co-payments, agreed upon by the Senate Administration and the associations of Berlin daycare providers, provides for a limit on co-payments in order to protect you as parents from unreasonable financial demands.

The new regulation provides for an upper limit of 90 euros. The graduated model provides clear rules for additional contributions of up to 30, 60, and 90 euros. A newly introduced notification procedure creates additional transparency.

In detail, the new regulation provides for the following, among other things:

Right to a place without co-payments and freedom of choice for parents

The conclusion of a care contract may not be made dependent on co-payments. Every provider is obligated to offer you a place for which no co-payments are incurred, if you so desire.

It must be possible to terminate a co-payment agreement at any time with one month’s notice to the end of the month. Cancellation by parents must not lead to termination of the childcare contract by the provider.

Co-payments are regular, usually monthly, payments for additional services. Payments for one-off events as part of the day-to-day running of the daycare center are not covered.

An exception to this principle applies to parent-initiated daycare centers ( EKT ). These are institutions that are founded and self-administered by parents. Parents can become members of the sponsoring association, have a say in rights and obligations, and influence additional services and co-payments.

In a childcare center, you are not entitled to a place free of co-payments. Agreed co-payments cannot be terminated unilaterally. In principle, the majority decision in the sponsoring association applies here. However, the upper limit of 90 euros also applies to these facilities.

This means that agreed co-payments or cooperation in the daycare center are binding and cannot be unilaterally refused by you. However, in cases of financial hardship, the provider should reduce the co-payment for a limited period of time without excluding the children from the services. An agreed obligation on the part of the parents to volunteer (z. B. Cleaning, cooking, repairs) in the daycare center is only permitted to an extent that is customary and appropriate for voluntary parent work.

This exception applies only to ECT s that are self-administered by parents, d. h. in which the parents are members of the sponsoring association and have a say in the decision-making process.

No double payment of services

Additional payments may not affect services already financed by the state of Berlin.

  • Admission fees, deposits, reservation fees, hold-harmless fees, initial equipment fees, and similar payments
  • Payments to finance the provider’s share.
  • Contributions to the costs of legally required staffing and room standards.
  • Contributions to provider costs (z. B. for management and administration, tax consultancy, cleaning)
  • Regulations associated with mandatory membership in the supporting association or a sponsoring association

Reasonable co-payments

  • up to 30 euros for breakfast (20 euros) and snack (10 euros)
  • up to 60 euros for various special carrier services such as organic lunches or language and sports courses – including breakfast and snacks. In principle, it is assumed that the co-payments are reasonable; bundling special carrier services in a "package" is permissible. However, the service-related individual amounts must be listed separately in a co-payment agreement.
  • Between 60 and 90 euros: If the total amount exceeds 60 euros per child per month, all special carrier services must be individually selectable for parents. Included are also here the service breakfast and Vesper.

Obligation to report and provide evidence

Daycare providers are required to notify the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family Affairs of a co-pay arrangement at least one month before implementation begins. Co-payment agreements must be concluded in writing. The use of the co-payments must be broken down to you once a year in a comprehensible way.

Violations of co-payment rules

A uniform, transparent procedure is in place for reports of breaches of duty, with specified deadlines for comments and the right of the Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Family to inspect the sponsor’s documents. There is an arbitration board for the amicable settlement of conflicts.

In the event of breaches of duty, there are graduated sanction options, z. B. Reduction, withholding and recovery of funds, up to and including termination of the carrier in the event of serious breaches of contract.

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