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How much money you need every month to live well in Spain? Is living in Spain expensive? These are just some of the questions we hope to answer in this guide to the cost of living in Spain. Whether you want to know the monthly money needs of an international student or a couple, we’ll tell you. Let’s take a look at how expensive it is to live in Spain and how high the cost of living in Spain in 2021 are.

Average cost of living in Spain per month

Many people wonder if the cost of living in Spain is high. The good news is that Spain is generally not an expensive country. In terms of food, supermarket shopping, eating out or beer, average prices in Spain are among the cheapest in Europe. But how much does everything cost in Spain? According to Numbeo, the world’s largest cost of living database, you can expect to pay in Spain with these prices for the following items or services calculate (figures updated in June 2021):

Article Average price
Average price
Milk (1 liter) 0,79 € 0,87 €
loaf of bread 0,99 € 1,33 €
Bottle of water (1,5 liter) 0,62 € 0,41 €
Bottle of middle class wine 5,00 € 5,00 €
Meal for 2 persons in a middle class restaurant 40,00 € 50,00 €
mug of beer 2,50 € 3,50 €
Cappuccino 1,65 € 2,80 €
One-way train or bus ticket 1,40 € 2,80 €
Pack of cigarettes (20 pcs).) 5,00 € 7,00 €

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Spain?

In general, Spain has one of the lowest costs of living in Western Europe. Depending on your lifestyle, you can live in Spain for quite little money, as many things like going out to eat and buying food, as shown above, can be very inexpensive. However, your most important monthly expense will be rent. According to the OECD Better Life Index, the average household in Spain spends "22% of its net income for having a roof over your head, more than the OECD average of 20%".

As a student, you can get by with about 1.000 euros a month to live in Spain, as the estimated monthly cost is €611.84 without rent, according to Numbeo. From the same source, the average monthly cost for a family of 4 in Spain without rent (just over 2.000 euros). Most sources indicate that an annual amount of 20.000 euros is a good orientation to enjoy retirement in Spain. Keep in mind that this amount will vary depending on how much you spend in which part of Spain you would like to live varies, because the cost of living on the Costa del Sol, for example, is much lower than in Madrid.

Real estate prices in Spain

The cost of buying or renting a home in Spain depends on which part of the country you choose to live in. The Cost of living in Madrid and Barcelona are more expensive, because there the real estate prices are also higher. But even if you compare the major Spanish cities with others in European cities like Berlin, the cost of living is still significantly lower.

Even in Spain’s capital Madrid, you can rent a good room in the city center for as little as 400 euros a month, while a changing market and falling prices can also make it a good time to buy property in Spain. Here you can learn more about the real estate prices in Spain in 2021.

The cost of living in Spain compared to Germany

Compared to Germany, the cost of living in Spain is lower. If you work in Spain, however, keep in mind that salaries are also significantly lower than in Germany. For example, the average monthly salary in Spain is 1.327.98 euros, while in Germany it is 2.481.06 euros are.

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