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How much does it take to live comfortably in Italy? What is the cost of living in Italy? These are just some of the questions we hope to answer in this guide to the cost of living in Italy in 2021. Whether you are moving to Italy with a family or want to find out the cost of living for a student in Italy, here’s how to find out if living in Italy is expensive and How much the cost of living in Italy in 2021 will be Are.

What is the cost of living in Italy?

Is life in Italy expensive? The cost of living in Italy depends largely on which region of Italy you live in. Compared to other southern European countries is Italy one of the most expensive countries for expatriates. Still, the cost of living in Italy can be affordable depending on your lifestyle: For example, renting a room in Milan is more expensive than renting a room in Naples. The cost of living in Italy’s major cities such as Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence and at the typical vacation resorts are higher, while the smaller towns in southern Italy are the cheapest.

What is the cost of living in Italy? How much you can get by with? And how much do the most important things cost in Italy? According to Numbeo, the world’s largest cost-of-living database in Italy with expect the following prices (updated June 2021):

Article Average price
Milk (1 liter) 1,16 €
loaf of bread 1,57 €
Bottle of water (1,5 liter) 0,42 €
bottle of middle class wine 5,00 €
Eating for 2 people in a mid-range restaurant 55,00 €
jug of beer 4,50 €
Normal Cappuccino 1,39 €
Simple train or bus ticket 1,50 €
Pack of cigarettes (20 pcs.) 5,50€

How much money you need to live comfortably in Italy?

According to Numbeo the estimated average cost for a single person without rent 747.92 euros, while the same cost for a family of 4 2.642.81 euros. Compared to Spain, for example, the cost of living in Italy is more than 20% higher. However, Italy is still a great option for those who want to live well and have a high quality of life without spending too much. In addition, one of the main advantages of living in Italy is that the Health care Is free for residents under the Italian National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale, SSN).

What is the average rent in Italy?

Real estate prices and average rent in Italy also vary depending on where you live. A small room renting in one of the biggest Italian cities like Rome or Milan is possible for around 500 euros a month, but if you want a whole apartment with more space, the prices will be much higher. Milan, for example, is the Italian city where paying rent is the biggest drain on household income. The cheapest property prices in Italy for sale and rent can be found in the south of the country.

The cost of living in Italy compared to Germany

The cost of living in Italy is generally slightly higher compared to Germany. The cost of food is higher than the European average and takes up a significant portion of income, although food prices are much lower in the south. The prices for public transport are the lowest in the EU for this purpose. It should be noted that the average salary in Italy is significantly lower compared to Germany. The average monthly net salary in Italy in 2021 is 1.429.64, compared to an average salary in Germany of 2.481,06 Euro.

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