Corona in munich: man licks mvg machine and lets himself be filmed – police reacts tough as nails

Coronavirus Munich Police MVG

Very many people act in an exemplary way in times of Corona crisis. A few, on the other hand, are not. With this man (33) in Munich you can only grab your head.

  • The Coronavirus shows also always further abysses of some humans on.
  • Many people don’t understand what it’s all about.
  • And exactly these people cause a general amazement.
  • Here you will find a guide through the Corona coverage.

Munich – The Corona crisis has already conjured up all kinds of beautiful moments. Besides all the terrible circumstances, which accompanies people in the difficult phase, always convinced the small actions. Street concerts in Italy or show performances of the Spanish police. Even musicians such as Liam Gallagher and Neil Diamond, about which* reports have given their thoughts.

But this distracts only briefly from the situation. In Munich* most People already understood, around which it goes. The output restriction shows effect and the words of Bavaria’s prime minister burn themselves further and further into the heads of the residents of Munich. But a few – one may almost say – incorrigible, have not yet heard the shot.

Corona in Munich: Licking off subway stop poles?

A picture of a group of teenagers playing beer pong already enraged most. But what this young man was thinking probably remains his secret.

Indeed, as one Twitter user notes, he discovered a catastrophic video on the Internet. „In Munich, a 33-year-old licks as Instagram "Corona Challenge" the handrail of an escalator, the ticket machine, and the stop bar in a subway.", according to the user who immediately afterwards questions the theory of evolution.

„It becomes more and more incomprehensible to me every day how we as humanity ever made it down from the trees", he ends his tweet. The Munich Police responded and wrote in their report, "In the course of filing a report, the suspect was identified and provisionally arrested. He is now under investigation for suspicion of dangerous bodily harm.“

The Munich man had to spend a day of an isolation cell, as reports. Corona rapid test was negative.

A user still comments: "A candidate for the Darwin Award. In 14 days he will be on the respirator".

From his window, a man in Munich has been watching a mysterious gathering. Whether something like this is "in the spirit of the inventor" in Corona times?

Video: Toilet licking – Influencer calls dangerous "Corona-Challenge" into life

Corona in Munich: Will the Wiesn 2020 now also be cancelled?

Sadly, the Munich resident mentioned is not alone. Influencers in other countries have also dared to lick airplane toilets (more like influenza in that context). Fortunately, these are only a few individual confused people. Collective punishments are not the right solution in this context, but before such people can get their viral on major events the output restriction is probably the right thing to do. Speaking of the big event. Behind the Wiesn 2020 is probably also still a big question mark.

Who really wants to see what the guy did, has the opportunity here:

The curfew has been extended and restaurants, retailers and service providers must continue to keep their stores closed. Now many have become creative in times of the Corona crisis and offer pick-up or delivery services. On the interactive map* you can find all providers in your region.

The Corona crisis has hit MVG to the core: Due to drastically reduced passenger numbers, the financial construct is tottering. MVG boss Wortmann talks about the consequences. The magnitude of these effects is revealed some time later: important MVG innovations are postponed until 2021.

MVG adjusts its timetables at the start of the school year. More buses are also being used because of Corona, but there are bottlenecks on the subway and streetcars.

Is there total SEV chaos after the full subway closure due to rail work between Munchner Freiheit and the university?? One bus driver described frightening scenes: "Any virologist would freak out."

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