Convert pdf to word document: this is how it works

Convert PDF to Word document: A PDF document has many advantages. The formatting is always the same regardless of the operating system, and the documents usually consume little memory space. But if you want to edit a PDF, you have to convert it into a Word document. FOCUS Online explains how to do this.

Anyone who works a lot with texts will surely have wished for this: To be able to edit a PDF document, if only to correct an annoying spelling mistake. However, this is not possible, and there is a reason for it: PDF (Portable Document Format) is a so-called exchange format, which should make it possible to read finished documents independently of the operating system and applications used. A change of such documents is often not desired.

But sometimes you might want to edit a PDF. But this is not possible in Acrobat Reader. To be able to change a PDF, you must first convert it into a Word file. Only then you can also edit a PDF.

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Free programs help to convert

To convert a PDF into a Word document, you need a conversion program. Here you have the agony of choice, there are many appropriate programs. One that does the conversion particularly reliably is the free Free PDF to Word Doc Converter. The convinces also with its comfortable handling.

On the left side the PDF path (the location of the document) is specified, on the right side the target directory (the location where the converted document should be saved). In addition, you can specify whether all or only certain pages from the PDF should be converted, whether the formatting including images should be retained and with which word processing program the new document should be opened – in this case MS Word.

Word 2013 allows to edit PDFs

If you own Word 2013, you don’t even need a conversion program anymore, because: Word 2013 natively allows you to open and edit PDF documents. For this to work, you only need to set the format of the files to be opened to "PDF" convert.

After opening the document, you still need to activate the editing of the document to switch from reading to editing mode, and then you can edit PDFs to your heart’s content in Word.

Acrobat Reader also converts PDFs

Another alternative to conversion programs is provided by Adobe itself with the Acrobat Reader. Using the included "Toolbox you can easily convert PDFs to Word. The catch is that this function requires the paid "Pro" version of Acrobat Reader-Have a version of the well-known Acrobat Reader. The free version, however, lacks this function completely.

To perform the conversion, first open the document in question with Acrobat Reader. Click on the "Tools" area on the right Click on "Export PDF file. Choose "MS-Word as the output format and the "Word document" option.

Now click on "Export. Then enter a name for your Word file and save the file in the desired location.

Internet pages turn PDFs into Word files

In addition to free or paid programs, you can also use Internet services to convert your PDFs. Some websites allow you to upload PDFs, which you can then download again in the form of a Word document. A good example of such a service is the "pdf2doc"".

However, you should exercise caution: Although, according to the provider, all files are deleted again after one hour. However, it is difficult to assess whether this actually happens thoroughly. Therefore, please refrain from uploading sensitive files such as birth certificates, contracts, etc. to the Internet.

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