Contacting angels – but how?

Angelic presence in tunnel of light © rolffimages

Angelic presence in tunnel of light © rolffimages

In contact with the angel energy

My life has become significantly different since I have been in touch with my angelic energies – An energetic connection that allows me to get in touch with my higher self, my true self.

In my meditations I take up the topic of angels and angel energy from time to time, because I would also like to bring this topic closer to other people, in the hope that they will experience more joy, trust and love in their lives.

But a question reaches me in this connection again and again: How do I take up then contact with my angels / my angel energy? How do I feel them and how do I know that they are / is there??

It is not very easy to describe how exactly the contact with angel energies is, but I like to try it for you :)

By the way, I have also recorded a video on this topic, which you can watch:
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Not every person perceives angel energy the same way and not for every person angel = angel. Some see angels as God’s messengers, others see angels as beings from another plane, and others (including myself) see angels as a part of themselves – For me it is a way to communicate with my higher self, like a telephone line with my worldly self on one end and my higher self on the other. Channeled energy :)

Regardless of what you believe angels are, there are also different ways to perceive them:

  • You can perceive them as mental images. Here they usually use the archetype of an angel, which we have stored in our subconscious – So we see them z.B. As a human figure in white clothing and with large wings, often surrounded by a bright aura, or often as a glowing ball of light, like a sphere of light
  • Often they are also palpable, z.B. By change in temperature, a tingling sensation on the skin or inside, or the feeling that we are not alone in the room
  • You may also hear the angels, either as actual intelligible words or as beautiful sounds and tones
  • Often angel energies also trigger special emotions and vibrations in the body, z.B. a deep calm spreads and strong feelings of happiness rise up
  • Angelic energies often give access to knowledge that is beyond our experience and logic and that we normally do not have access to. This knowledge may show up as a clear thought / flash of knowledge, but often it is our intuition that leads the way – Over time, you learn to trust your intuition more and more
  • And many more possibilities..

For every person it is a little bit different how they perceive angel energies. However, it doesn’t have to be just one type of perception, but often 2 or more go hand in hand. The individual perceptions can also be trained, so that it becomes increasingly easier and clearer to establish contact with angels.

By the way: Angels can also show themselves to you in many other ways in everyday life. Z.B. As a song that is played over and over again, cloud formation, butterfly, situations you get into over and over again or as another person coming into your life. Be open to the wonders of life :)

Make contact

It is important not to force anything. The more relaxed we open up, the easier it is to make contact and also to feel it. In the beginning, sometimes the connection is very delicate or our energetic sense is still very weak, so sometimes you have to "feel" carefully.

An exercise to get in touch with your angel energy:

  1. Find a quiet place where you are undisturbed, lie down or sit down in a relaxed manner and close your eyes
  2. Take a few deep breaths and give yourself a chance to calm down
  3. Actively ask the angels to show themselves to you – you can make this request out loud or in your mind. Use your own words or use a prayer or mantra if you wish to do so
  4. Be open to the angel energy and observe in silence if you feel a change, see or hear something. Be patient and do not try to force anything
  5. Ask your angel(s) a question or send them a thought and wait to see what comes back. We usually receive the answer to our questions and problems through a sudden clear thought / flash of knowledge or even through a feeling of our intuition. We often don’t trust this so much at first, but we learn to do so very quickly when we realize that our intuition is not deceptive.
  6. If you have felt or received something, i.e. if the contact has been successful, then thank your angels kindly.
    If not, then repeat this exercise again the next day. Your patience will eventually be rewarded :)

It can also help if you embellish the atmosphere of the room by z.B. light a stick of incense and a candle. The more comfortable you feel, the more open and receptive you are to angel energy.

Working" with angel energies

If you have established the first contact, then the biggest obstacle is overcome, because now you know how this energy feels or how it looks like.

Angels are always friendly and always ready to help you, so you can call them to you and ask them in any situation and at any time of the day or night. But they do not only provide answers / access to higher knowledge, but they are also faithful companions in daily life.

Angels can not only answer your questions, but also give you answers to other people’s questions. What helps me and many other people who work with angel energies to strengthen the connection, are angel cards. Angel cards are a form of tarot, often with images of angels, nature beings, unicorns or other higher energies.

In the meantime there are a variety of angel card sets on the market. The best way to find out which is the right set for you is to take it in your hands and feel it out. Draws you in strongly? Resonate with it a bit? Do you already get the first thoughts and images? Then maybe it should be your angel card set :) Are you unsure? Then just put it back and feel on.

How to lay angel cards is also different from person to person. There are a few basics you can stick to, but in the end what feels right for you is right. I mix z.B. the cards, until those fall out, which represent the answer / solution – usually 1 or 3 cards. And you will be surprised how true the result is :)

Maybe I could help one or the other a little bit with this article. Feel free to tell us about your experiences with angel energies or ask questions if you are still unclear about something :)

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