Conquer a leo man – what is a king without a queen??

You are at a party and suddenly you see a handsome man. He is surrounded by many people and looks like he belongs there right now.

Everyone listens to him enthusiastically and you can’t take your eyes off him either. There’s something so appealing about him.

He’s one of those people who catches everyone’s eye when they walk into a room. He seems like he’s always haunted by a spotlight.

This man is a Leo man. No wonder you find him irresistible.

But now you are facing a big problem: How to conquer this Leo man?? How do you win him over and what do you have to say when every woman in the room only has eyes for him?

Fortunately for you I have the answers to your questions. Here’s what you learn:

• The king of animals The best and worst traits of a Leo man

• 6 tips on how to conquer the Leo man

• How do the other zodiac signs agree with the lion?

The king of animals- The best and worst traits of a Leo man


Someone who always has to be number one, who thinks he’s better than the others and is even a bit arrogant can’t be popular, can he?

But the lion is so charming and white exactly where his smile and where his claws will pave his way.

He is a born leader, others are happy to leave him this position and follow him wherever he wants. It’s also worth it in the end because the lion is a generous king.

He is also a protector of the weak, who has a sense of justice.

Leo men are the masters of flirting, very different from a Capricorn man. He just can’t turn off his charm.

If a dominant man is too much for you, let it be with Leo. A Pisces man, Virgo man or a Libra man are much better suited for you then.

If you had to describe Leo in three words, they would be energetic, extroverted and proud. He is also very brave and loyal, although sometimes he can be a little intolerant.

6 Tips on how you can conquer the Leo man

To conquer a Leo man you have to show him that you can parry him and that you are a true queen.

Follow these tips and soon you will have a first date with the man of your dreams. If you can make the lion fall in love with you, you will have a very loyal partner by your side.

1. First impression is important

Wallflowers have no chance with a lion. You need to be confident, proud and open to make a good impression on him. Go to him and introduce yourself, don’t wait for him to come to you.

The Leo can be a bit superficial and see his partner as a trophy to be envied by others. But this can also help you. A flashy perfume and a well thought out outfit combination and he already shows interest.

To keep his interest, however, you must be communicative. There is no room for shyness with him.

2. Make yourself scarce

You know how in nature you always see a lion surrounded by many lionesses? ÄIt is the same with the horoscope.

Leo men are very attractive. For them it is natural that you admire them. So now you must turn the tables turn. You must distinguish yourself from the other women.

Show him your interest openly and once you’ve piqued his interest, it’s time to make yourself scarce. With a Taurus man such games would never work, but with the Leo they do.

He is a hunter after all, you just have to awaken his instincts. Show him that he is not the only one in the room, although he sometimes thinks he is. Just talk to other men and see how he reacts.

His pride won’t let him rest and soon he feels he must win you back. He is almost conqu.

3. Compliments are welcome

A man and a woman look at each other and smile while sitting on the concrete wall in the park

Remember the stepmother from the fairy tale Snow White? She was certainly a lion. No other sign of the zodiac would have a mirror from which to receive compliments.

Leo and self love go hand in hand. Of course, everyone likes to hear compliments, but the Leo is very special in that respect. They are truly in love with themselves and enjoy hearing how wonderful they are.

Be careful not to overdo it though. Otherwise he’ll get too arrogant and show off.

A Leo is also very competitive. You can challenge him or bet with him and the loser has to pay the winner a drink.

How it ends is not important at all, you are the true winner who has just assured himself a first date.

4. Let him teach you something

The first date with a lion doesn’t have to be classic. Yes, you can go to a restaurant, but you can also ask him to show you one of his hobbies.

Lions are not only born leaders, but also very talented teachers. So you learn something new and at the same time show interest in his hobbies.

Inviting him to a pub quiz is a great idea. On such a first date he will show you his best sides and of course the atmosphere will be boisterous and you can get to know each other better. And he can brag a little about his knowledge.

5. Be ready to share him

A Leo comes with his pack. His friends are very important for the lion man. You play a big part in his life.

Even though the Leo man is in love, romantic evenings in togetherness are not something you should expect too often. If you like romance and togetherness, a Cancer man is much better for you.

With the lion, however, you quickly learn that his friends are also with you on the date. He doesn’t mind your friends coming along either.

The Leo likes to have many acquaintances. With him it is rarely quiet and boring.

6. Give him his freedom

A group of friends hold a glass in their hand and wait to fill it with champagne at the party

Extroverted and dynamic are two very distinctive characteristics of this zodiac sign. Leo has many hobbies and a large circle of friends. He is always on the move.

If you try to hold him back, it can be the end of your relationship. Yes, it may be hard not to be jealous when you see how popular he is with women.

But, when lions fall in love, they are very faithful and loyal partners. A king has only one queen. Let him have his freedom and he will be happy to come back.

Then he shows you how loving and tender he can be. Here is the Leo like a Scorpio man. Scorpio has only a hard shell, but inside he is quite soft. Likewise, the lion is just a kitten at the end of the day.

How do the other signs of the zodiac agree with Leo??

To find out your chances with the Leo, you can either try card reading or you can check in the horoscope how your zodiac signs agree.

Leo and Aries: Two fire signs together can only mean one thing: Fireworks! A very explosive combination, as no one has trouble expressing their feelings. Aries is one of the rare zodiac signs that doesn’t stay in the Leo’s shadow.

Leo and Taurus: The lion is generous, the bull thrifty. The lion likes company, the bull likes solitude. In the long run these two work only with difficulty.

Leo and Gemini: A great combination are these two. Both are very energetic, dynamic, extroverted and have a certain zest for life. They are never bored, but neither is anyone who is in the company of this couple.

Leo and Cancer: The romantic and tender Cancer knows, how to conquer and not even the lion is immune to it. He simply wants to protect Cancer from the world, even though he doesn’t realize that Cancer is not so helpless after all.

Leo man and Leo woman: As neither is willing to hand over the main role to the other, this relationship only succeeds with difficulty. They are just too similar to deal with each other.

Leo and Virgo: The well-groomed and always good-looking Virgo is a very good partner for the Leo. Just what he is looking for in a woman. The Virgo, however, it can become too much with the time, how much attention the lion needs.

Lion and Libra: A stylish and elegant couple are these two. You know how to enjoy life. Leo is just the impetus, the scale needs to not stand in one place forever.

Leo and Scorpio: An evening that turns into a night and doesn’t even end with morning is guaranteed with these two. They have good chemistry, but a casual relationship may be much better for them than a serious one.

Leo and Sagittarius: If these two decide something, so will it be. Both are focused on their goals and can spend hours planning their future together. Routine they do not like, but they also find a way to avoid it.

Leo and Capricorn: Both have a strong personality and usually achieve everything they want to. The problem in this relationship could be Leo’s pride because he finds it hard that Capricorn is more focused on his career than his partner.

Leo and Aquarius: One adventure after another, this is what life looks like when these two zodiac signs are in a relationship. Both value their freedom more than anything and together they learn that you can be free as a couple too.

Leo and Pisces: The power of the lion is just too much for a fish. He would like to study him to find out what is so attractive about him, but from a safe distance.

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