Confess your love to him

Confessing love – How& when? This is how you do it!

You are both ears in love with him and he doesn’t know anything about his happiness yet?

You are still unsure when and how to tell him, because you are afraid that he might reject you?

You imagine your future together perfectly and have already painted everything beautifully.
You finally want to reveal yourself to him and can hardly wait to be taken in his arms and kissed devotedly.
But with these thoughts comes the doubt whether he is also interested in you and returns your love?

You can hardly think a clear thought, because everything revolves around him and you are already going insane.

I would like to try to help you and take away the fear of how you can best tell him and finally have clarity and certainty about how things will go on with you.

With these five tips you will be able to confess your love to him.

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The one sentence: I love you!

The three big, famous and magical words that are literally on the tip of your tongue but don’t quite want to come out.
For fear of rejection and also as a self-protection against vulnerability.

You can also catch him off guard with these tips.
But still, it is better to create clarity, so that it can go on for you and you can finally go through everyday life again carefree, without letting your thoughts constantly revolve around this one question.

Try to detach yourself from all your ideas about how he might react. Since you do not know. This is what makes it so exciting and so unpredictable, but this is also what permanently prevents you from telling him.

Maybe he reacts completely different, as you have not even imagined and you are totally positively surprised and finally annoyed why you have not taken your courage together much earlier to address him on it.

Just imagine, he would hope and wait so much for you to confess your love to him and does not dare to tell you himself.

How many days, weeks or even months do you want to waste with this, when you could have been happy with him side by side long ago?

You may be afraid

– to be rejected
– even worse: to be laughed at
– to destroy a good friendship
– having to wake up from your dreams or
– to be hurt

Actually, however, it always comes down to the fear of rejection. It is not unusual to remain passive rather than risk rejection – a lot of people behave this way.

Many people overinterpret such a single negative decision as in this case, however, immediately as a complete judgment against their entire person and personality.

But this is never true – it is only one person who rejects you in this particular situation for some reason or another.

This is not a break! Do not let the fear of it determine you!

Make yourself fundamentally more independent of the opinions of others. This gives you a lot of self-confidence and finally helps when you want to confess your love to someone.

You are strong

With a pronounced self-confidence you face him in this situation much less tense, but until this is formed, of course, it always takes a while.

On the way to this, expressions of emotion are important steps and good exercises. If you sometimes show your feelings or talk about them on the right occasion, you demonstrate courage and strength – two important building blocks of healthy self-confidence.

But what are actually these suitable occasions?

You are not together yet

This is the situation I have encountered most often in the long years I have been dealing with love, partnership and dating.

Two people have already come closer to each other, but a real confession of love or a clear course for the future is still missing.

Still, there are already a ton of signals here that he has sent you that will help you decide whether or not to confess your love. You have to evaluate these signals – alone or with the help of a good friend.

In addition to a rather objective analysis, intuition is also a good advisor here.

What your gut feeling tells you?

Is it only fear that prevents you from making a declaration of love, or does the inhibition perhaps come from your subconscious perception that he does not feel the same as you do??

The more negative points and doubts you find here, the greater the distance you should now have to take from him mentally and physically.

Let the butterflies out of your stomach and wait for them to come back for someone else who feels more for you. Otherwise, here is really just a threat of disappointment, which would be even more difficult to cope with.

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Confess your love to him

When to confess love?

Often you do not have to think all this through to the end, because many men come before you.

Surveys show that two out of three men express feelings of love first and are ready to do so after only a few weeks, while one third of women wait at least half a year. How does that?

Women simply examine a possible long-term partner more intensively before they decide and also confess their love.

By the way, this aspect of evolutionary psychology is another reason why you have not yet been able to bring yourself to confess your love in your current situation.

You behave with it quite naturally and are simply not quite sure yourself yet. He, on the other hand, finds a vow of love much easier, some times probably too easy.

For many men the quick declaration of love is often only a means to an end, in order to secure you as a partner for the time being.

So be careful when you say an ‘I love you’!Even later it doesn’t always have to be honest, but the magic gets bigger and bigger with time and the probability of real feelings behind it increases rapidly.

Sober considerations such as looking into the evolutionary behavior of women or men then no longer play a role.

When it’s time, you decide all alone. Behind such a love memory is much more than just a spontaneous emotion, but spontaneity can be a great help to you if you simply express your love without much thought in a moment of closeness between you.

Then it is out!

How to confess love?

If you want to take a more planned approach, these are the moments you should arrange for it. Make sure you are alone.

A dash of romance should not be missing – candlelight, a walk in the moonlight or similar atmospheric ingredients.

The situation should nevertheless still remain reasonably natural. Especially with an early confession of love, too much staging, which may even cost real money, is rather inappropriate.

Such a thing fits, if at all, better in a long-term relationship, if you want to thank your partner once and make a special declaration of love at the same time.

However, anything you come up with now or then should never be embarrassing to the other person – especially if it’s public. This could quickly ruin the nice moment.

If you can’t find the right words, then write them down first. Turn your feelings into a letter, pour them into a little poem and wrap everything in a stylish envelope. This also always arrives.

Less appropriate, on the other hand, are chat messages or text messages to confess love for the first time.

This particular declaration of love is too special for that – later, of course, it may always be a brief ‘I love you!’-Be message. Then you will not worry about it anymore. So why now? Just say it!

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