Condom use

How to use a condom? How to put on a condom correctly?

Attention: The application instructions refer to SICO condoms.

A good advice at the beginning

Never let yourself be unsettled! Condoms are easy to use and a lot of fun to use. They also protect against unwanted pregnancies AND sexually transmitted diseases.

Before it really starts

Take a close look at the individual pack of condoms and check for damage. If the sheath is obviously damaged, you should throw the condom away. For your own safety and that of your partner, you should use a new condom from an undamaged package.

It’s getting serious

Don’t be too hasty: don’t try to put the condom on until the penis is hard. Wait until you have a full erection. Then the condom should be put on immediately, preferably at the beginning of sexual contact – before the first touch between the penis and the partner’s body. Because often sperm is excreted even before orgasm.

Step-by-step instructions

We explain to you in three simple points how to use a condom correctly.

Condoman use

To remove the condom, the package should be torn open as carefully as possible at the provided notches. When opening, rolling over and during use, condoms can be damaged by contact with pointed or sharp objects, which negatively affects their protective function. Therefore, be especially careful with fingernails, teeth, rings, intimate jewelry o. a. commanded.

Condom use

Afterwards, the condom tip must be pressed together with thumb and index finger so that there is no more air in the reservoir. Then the condom can be put on the penis.

Condom application

When rolling over, no new air cushion must be created, so that there is enough space in the condom tip for the sperm to be absorbed. Condoms should be rolled over the stiff penis and not pulled out. The foreskin should be pushed all the way back. If an additional lubricant is used, only those suitable for condoms should be used. Greasy lubricants, such as z. B. Vaseline, baby oil, body lotions, massage oils, butter, margarine, etc. should not be used, as they impair the quality of the condom. If a condom slips off or tightens excessively during sex, it should be stopped because of the risk of tearing. If the condom was leaking or broke during use, medical assistance should be sought within 72 hours at the latest.

And afterwards?

Condom use

If possible, pull out the penis with condom completely right away, in any case before going limp. For this purpose, the condom should be held tightly all around to prevent it from slipping and possibly leaking sperm. Please do not throw the used condom into the toilet after sex, as it can clog the drainage pipes. Condoms should always be disposed of in the normal trash, protected from third parties.

What else do I have to pay attention to?

When using prescription or over-the-counter medications topically on the penis or vagina at the same time, consult a physician or pharmacist about compatibility.

Important note about the condom SICO Marathon
This product contains benzocaine (5%). It should not be used for vaginal inflammation or other vaginal conditions. If one of the partners experiences breathing difficulties or blue lips after use, it is not advisable to use the product again.

Important tips and advice:

  • Condoms are for single use only. If a condom is used twice, there is an increased risk of. Infections and failure.
  • No contraceptive offers 100% protection against pregnancy or infectious diseases. However, condoms significantly reduce the risk of infection. They are the safest protection against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Condoms made of natural rubber latex do not necessarily have a limited shelf life; therefore, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date on the foil packaging.
  • People with latex allergies should consult their doctor or pharmacist before using condoms.
  • Condoms must be stored in a cool place.

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