Commute 40 km by bike every morning and train for the iron man at the same time

Commuting 40 km by bike every morning and training for the Iron Man at the same time

You would like to participate in the Iron Man in the future? A great story. To train as much and as effectively as possible, you can, for example, exchange commuting with bus and train. Instead, it’s better to bike the 40 kilometers to work. This way you are still training for the Iron Man at the same time.

This is the Iron Man

Iron Man is a triathlon event that has been held for over 40 years. The World Triathlon Corporation is part of the Chinese Wanda Group and is by far the world’s leader in triathlon organizers. Whoever thinks of the Iron Man automatically associates the event with Hawaii. The first competition was held there, and new competitions continue to be held there to this day. Within this competition there are three disciplines, which the runners complete. For the Iron Man, here are the hurdles:

  • Swimming 3.86 kilometers
  • 180.2 kilometers of cycling
  • 42.195 kilometer run

In addition, there is the Half Iron Man, in which half the distance must be covered each time. The importance of triathlon events and especially the Iron Man is shown by the fact that it is now an Olympic discipline.

Commuting to work by bike is the equivalent of training for the Iron Man

If you are thinking about participating in the Iron Man, there are many hurdles to overcome. Especially with a full time job it is not easy to concentrate on the work and to prepare for the training. Conflicts with friends and family are usually pre-programmed. Especially since preparing for a long-distance triathlon is by far one of the most intense sports of all. Many Iron Man starters are passionate about sports. For you it’s all about the sport. Do you feel the same way? An effective way to train for the Iron Man is to follow this very effective tip. Instead of taking the train or bus to work, you can use this time for training. If your workplace is not too far from your home, for example, you can cycle there or even use the running training for it – provided you are allowed to shower at your employer’s premises. For example, with flexible work schedules, you can plan week by week and see how you can coordinate your workouts. In summer, for example, it is advisable to vary your training and be flexible. This way you can put aside the old commuting virtues and still train for the Iron Man at the same time.

The advantages and disadvantages

Doing the running workout on the way to work or biking to work! For many it is unusual. But there are some workers in Germany who practice this way – and have for many years already. If you have signed up for the Iron Man, you should definitely consider this option – because there are many arguments which speak for this option. The exact advantages are summarized below:

Improved health

It is now known and proven worldwide that commuting by bike cuts the risk of cancer in half. In addition, it is also otherwise very good for health. Lower weight and less inflammation are also health reasons for commuting by bike.

The cost

One aspect that should not be underestimated. Public transport is expensive nowadays, cars can’t even be compared to it. If you decide to buy the bike, you’ll have to shell out a four-figure sum once – that’s how much a decent quality road bike costs. You don’t have to pay tolls, gas or insurance for it.

Cycling is more sustainable

Talking about climate and CO2 doesn’t really fit into this article. So let’s make it short: Taking the bike and riding it to work is much more sustainable and helps the environment.

In addition to the many positive aspects, however, there are also reasons not to commute by bike:

Using a car or public transportation is faster and costs you less time. Especially if you have children, this is a not so unimportant aspect.


You can only implement the plan to ride your bike to work under certain conditions. If your employer has a shower, it’s not a problem. Otherwise you can forget the plan, because you will sit there sweaty the whole working day and that is anything but pleasant.

How to train for the Iron Man

How you end up training for the Iron Man also depends on your professional situation. Optimally, you complete your training sessions early in the morning before work. It is important that you allow at least six months for training beforehand. You should also plan for about 12 to 14 hours per week and distribute them among the individual disciplines.

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