Co-op in valheim: how to play with friends and open your own servers

You can play Valheim in co-op in several ways. We tell you how to do that and how to set up a dedicated server.

Valheim is much more fun with friends in co-op

Valheim is much more fun with friends in co-op.

In Valheim you can fight for survival not only all alone in the Nordic world, but also in co-op together with friends. There are several ways to do this. Depending on how large your friend group is, either host a local game, or set up a dedicated server, or rent an appropriate Valheim server. But be careful: Since Hearth& Home dynamically scales enemy health and strength to match the size of your hero squad.

Last update: 04.10.2021 15:00
We have updated the article with new information from the Hearth& Home update added.

How to host your game locally

The easiest method is to simply host a game on your own PC. This is very simple and good if you are playing with only one or two other friends. It’s best to host the person with the best PC and the most stable internet connection in the world.

  • Create a character
  • Select the "Start Game" tab in the main menu
  • Click on "New
  • Give your world a name
  • Select the "Start Server" option
  • Alternatively, with "Community Server" all players can see your server
  • Enter a password if necessary
  • Start the game
  • Shift+Tab and "Invite to Lobby" to invite your friends via your friends list
  • Alternatively, your friends should be able to see your game under the "Join Game" and "Friends" tabs

Who does not want to cheat, but still needs help in Valheim, should study our beginner tips:

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Dedicated servers for Valheim

If you play together with a larger group, then it makes sense to set up a dedicated server on a PC. Ideally, you use a separate computer for this, whose only function is to run the Valheim server. However, setting everything up is much more complicated than just hosting a local game.

  • Search for the tool "Valheim Dedicated Server" in your Steam library and install it
  • Now you need to create a new world, or copy an existing one to the server. It will be saved in the folder C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds
  • Go to the folder \Steam\apps\common\Valheim Dedicated Server
  • Open the file "start_headless_server" in a text editor
  • Here you should fill in your desired information. Your server name comes after "-name". Your world name after "-world" and your password after "-password". Behind "-public" you can specify with a 0 or 1 whether the server should be publicly visible or not.
  • Server and world name must be different. Your password must also not contain your server or world name.
  • Save the file and back it up, because it will be deleted after every game update.
  • Open the ports TCP/UDP 2456-2458 in your router and firewall
  • Start the server with a double click on "start_headless_server"
  • If your server is not public, players will have to join it via IP using Steam’s server browser.
  • The IP address of your server is its external IP followed by :2457.

This is how the completed .select the file for the Valheim server

If you can’t provide enough resources for a dedicated server yourself, there are offers to rent a Valheim server.

Join a dedicated server in Valheim

At the moment, due to Steam limitations, most of the total 40+ games are not available.000 available servers cannot be found directly in the game. You can therefore only join a dedicated server if you have the IP and port of the server. You can get the data from your game server provider, or from the creator of the dedicated server. In the game itself select "Join Game" and click on "Join IP" afterwards. You can paste the data from the clipboard. Since Hearth& Home keeps the last entered IP address stored as well.

More performance in Valheim: If the game stutters in co-op mode, we recommend our tips for better performance in Valheim:

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Finding the right server

Even if sites like ValheimServers.Although the server size, location, mods and ratings are already listed very well, we still recommend to use the official Valheim Discord. Here in the channel "#valheim-servers" several times an hour new users are solicited and you also have the opportunity to ask all your questions in private chat.

Since most of the Valheim servers are hosted internationally, the "connection quality" is also an important parameter besides the "size of the server. However, Valheim is frugal here, which is why we were still able to play properly on Australian servers with an average ping of 130 ms in our test. However, this should not be any higher then.

n the server selection we are shown all locally hosted sessions

The server selection shows us all locally hosted sessions.

But even more important is the size of the servers: Because with more than five players – at the same location – the game starts to jerky. Then either only the change of location and smaller, isolated villages helps or, if you build all your houses a little bit further apart right at the beginning.

But larger vanilla servers have another disadvantage: because despite the guardian stone in the game, which is supposed to protect your base from PvP raids, "griefing" is a common problem. The stone itself can be buried underground and is thus safe from possible attacks, but your home is not. Hostile Vikings can beat wooden/stone walls or chests until the material gives in under their destructive rage and all treasures inside are exposed to them without any protection.

To avoid the frustration for you in multiplayer including ragequit, we recommend either smaller, well administered servers, where the players know each other and destructive characters are immediately banned by the administrator, or a modded server, on which at least "Valheim Plus" is running and such griefing is prevented right from the start.

Co-op in valheim: how to play with friends and open your own servers

Co-op in valheim: how to play with friends and open your own servers

Valheim only really exploits its full potential in multiplayer.

God in your own world

Even if on a dedicated server the devcommands If you have very limited access to the stone, you can be omnipotent on your own locally hosted Valheim server if you wish. Not only do you have control over who can play on your world, but you can also influence the rules of the game. How, we explain you in another article.

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For example, you can become invulnerable, increase your skills, kill all enemies by console command or start certain events on command.

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