Cat in heat: tips& tricks for handling

When the cat is in heat the behavior changes. We show how to recognize it and how to deal with a cat in heat. With about six to nine months a cat is in heat for the first time on average. In order to avoid uncontrolled reproduction, timely neutering in this period is important. A sexually mature cat goes into heat several times a year, and this condition lasts for about five to ten days. Cats are ready to mate only four days after this period.

The intensity of the symptoms varies from cat to cat. But unrest will occur with any probability. How to recognize a cat in heat and with which tips and tricks this phase can be better survived, you can read below.

cat in heat tips

When is a cat in heat?

As a rule, the season decides at what time the cat is in heat. Between February and September the day is light for twelve hours and exactly in this period the cat can be in heat.

This can be recognized by the cat’s behavior. If it comes in this period to no cover by a tomcat, this Rolligkeit repeats itself every two to three weeks.

Cat in heat

Heat in indoor cats

The situation is different with indoor cats. These are not bound to any season. Since the cat has a lot of light here, the above-mentioned sexual cycle can still come through. The times of the heat are shortened and it can come even to the permanent heat. This situation is not only stressful for the animal, but also for the owner. Cats in heat are very noisy to communicate their heat to the male cat. These neighbors can often be heard even from neighbors.

mating cat

In addition, a cat in heat constantly stretches its buttocks and reacts to the smallest touches. The cat cries and rubs itself constantly on the ground. Not infrequently there is a loss of appetite and the cats want to go outside more, which is why cats in heat sit more often at the window. Some cats even mark objects in the apartment. In addition, other quadrupeds can react to the behavior of the cat in heat.

If the cat is in heat, it signals its readiness to mate and thus attracts potential partners. During this time, the hormone estrogen increases in the cat, which is why a cat in heat, a cat in heat, can smell miles away.

Signs of a cat in heat:

  • Cat marks objects in the house
  • loud cries and meows around the clock
  • no rest periods during the night
  • Cat always rolls over the ground
  • Butt is stretched in the air and tail is bent sideways
  • Cat reacts intensively to touch
  • cat litter box smells more unpleasant than usual
  • Behavior restless and without appetite

What to do when the cat is in heat?

In order to make the handling of a cat in heat more pleasant, there are some tips and tricks, which make the coexistence for owner and cat more stress-free.

For example, if there is a desire for the cat to reproduce, it is well worth constructing it to do so. Otherwise a cat in heat should rather stay in the house during the heat. Neutering can also help. This also minimizes the risk of tumors forming on the uterus.

In addition, many breeders use a medicinal treatment, if the cat is in heat, but no mating is planned. Here are homeopathic as well as orthodox remedies available.

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