Cat disappeared – how long to hope for its return?

Your cat just ran away or you can’t find your dog anymore? You’re probably in a state of shock right now, wondering: is she coming back?? Where did he get lost? How long can you hope until your furry nose returns? Find out why cats in particular are drawn to the outdoors and how long they can stay away for.

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Domesticated cats feel most comfortable in her home and come in most cases also again to the beloved sleeping place and filled food bowl back. But they stay hunter at heart and become rarely give up their freedom. This is exactly why it’s difficult to say at what point you, as the owner:in, should start worrying if your cat goes missing.

Curiosity as necessity can lead to the fact that you have the animal a few missing days to weeks. Read more about the reasons behind forays and why cats are born adventurers. Find out, how much patience you have to have with your little explorer when he no longer comes home. And what can affect the chances of survival outside, when the dog or cat has run away.


Natural causes why your cat does not come home

chance of survival outdoors

How long to wait if the cat has escaped?

What can you do to prevent the disappearance?

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Natural causes why your cat does not come home

Cat disappeared - how long to hope for its return?

To reassure you: Your cat is not suddenly disappeared because she does not like you. In any case, it is not common. The freedom is not practically in the blood. Unlike dogs, where the need for independence not so strong is pronounced. If this one escapes during the walk, a GPS tracker for dogs Remedy. With this you can track position live and quickly find the runaway again.

Read on to understand why your cat disappeared and, depending on the cause, how long you can hope it will return.

The curiosity of the cat

Cats are very curious by nature and independent. This combination leads to the fact that they love to go on an exploratory tour. Especially in spring at the expense of the nerves of their owners:inside. Spring means mating season, while above all not neutered male cat for days on the search for sexual partners go. The spring feelings have priority in the moment.

In addition the duration of their stay relevant from the Territory of the cat dependent. Young cats for example are in the bloom of their territory and usually explore another area than older animals. But they usually find their way home again. Also worry territorial fights for the fact that the animals stay longer in the open or themselves to a lost fight perhaps not trust back home.

prey hunting and curiosity can also lead to the fact that the animal in new unknown places remains or perhaps does not know how to from the situation frees.

Will have needs in the present territory no longer covered, the cat is territory then extend need.

changes in the personal environment

Cats are very sensitive animals and react rather stubborn to changes in their environment. So it may be that your cat has been affected by something disgruntled and stays away longer because of this. Be it a New partner, another pet, or a guest she’s not quite comfortable with.

Maybe she is also unpleasant noises exposed, the from a baby or construction sites could come near. Since Cats very sensitive to noise are, it is likely that this is why she has taken flight.

Furthermore, a run away is due to your personal situation. Fight lately with psychological problems or can no longer enough time for the animal bring up? cats feel this negative moods and act accordingly, preferring to stay in the house from the distance the situation.

In this course it can happen outside in contact with other families comes. If they give her the same or even more attention, she may often be Spend several hours a day in their new home or it even owner:inside change comes.

chance of survival in the open

Cat disappeared - how long to hope for its return?

When strangers become a danger

Unfortunately, we cannot wrap everything in absorbent cotton: there is a real possibility that your cat in danger sticks or to the victims of third parties was. Animal abusers and cat haters are unfortunately not made up stories. Hunting armed these people systematically after the four-legged friends. Do you notice that several cats in your area have already disappeared, leave your cat at home until the situation is resolved.

Also traditional Hunters regularly shoot stray animals, among other things also cats. are hunters legally authorized to, to shoot poaching cats and dogs. The Bavarian hunting law stipulates that Cats, the farther than 300 meters from the nearest building are, can be killed legally.

Unfortunately, it also often happens that cats and other animals run over on the street will-n or accidentally somewhere locked up become. Or the cat has disappeared on the way through something other scares and is fled in panic. Probably she has too much fear to the to make the way home. Do you want to know, what to do if you are found a dog or an injured cat have, take our tips at hand.

Cat disappeared without a trace – What myths are there?

When the cat doesn’t come home, many pet owners assume the worst. Often fear that cat catchers will appropriate the animal for laboratory experiments or until organized groups tamper with the fur of the cats.

We can reassure you: These scenarios are extremely unlikely. laboratory animals have to in the EU according to the law from tested and recognized breeders originate and the trade in dog and cat fur is in the EU explicitly forbidden and would not be profitable for the hunters either.

How long to wait if the cat has escaped?

Cat disappeared - how long to hope for its return?

It is difficult, a exact time about how long an animal can stay away. This varies individual, Is weather- and reproduction-related.

Dogs and cats are attracted back faster in winter into the house. At summer it is warm enough nature blooms and there is a larger supply of small animals, which causes the cat, longer on the prowl to go. Discover what the chances of survival in winter look like when cats run away and how long they can stay without food and water.

In general, it can be said that you can begin to serious worries to do so, if your cat does not come home after more than 24 hours. Unless she is not neutered. The reproductive instinct lets males in heat and not neutered cats often longer on the prowl stay. They can days to a week disappear.

Do apartment cats actually find their way back home?

In contrast to free roamers are apartment cats constantly in their own four walls. They are not used to anything else and often intimidated from the outside world. Here you should immediately set off in search, if you fear she has run away, because this behavior is clearly different from the actual norm. The sooner you start searching, the more likely is that they still not too far away is and finds his way back.

free roamers you can do something take more time, to their way to find home. What you need to do if your dog or cat goes missing can be found in our helpful overview.

What can you do to prevent disappearance?

Cat disappeared - how long to hope for its return?

Some scenarios are unfortunately out of your hands. Nevertheless there are some Means, that can help you keep the Control the escape of your cat.

  • The castration: Have your pets neutered in order to keep avoid, they panic because of mating and territorial fights stay away for several days.
  • The microchipChipping your cat at the vet and registering it at Tasso or FINDEFIX. Thereby prevent They that strange animal friends, where they pass by more often, adopt them without further ado can.
  • The garden fence: If you would like to prevent your cat from escaping, you can erect higher garden fences. However, be careful, because it could still overcome this or the measure leads to disagreements between animal and owner:in.
  • The virtual fence: A fictitious fence is the better choice here. With the GPS tracker for cats from Weenect you can let notify, if your four-legged friend one of your leave the defined safety zones. So know You always where your darling hangs out.

The most important is and remains however the cat always enough food and offer it to your cat sufficient attention to give. you must Your See the house as their home and retreat. This is especially important if you have recently made a move and the cat has to separate from its old territory. Alternatively, you can also try to fence your animal to train them to listen to a command, if it should come home.

That your cat independently leaves the house is quite normal! Try to keep calm. As the keeper:in, you know them best and can assess when it is necessary to act. If your cat is missing for more than 24 hours? Then initiate the search for her and question possible causes of the escape action.

Still remain patient! Having hope is a difficult task, but in most cases it pays off. Often cats return to their owner:inside even after months, as if nothing had happened. In this case, do not punish them in any case, but try to create a calm and comfortable environment for your cat and give constant attention.

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