Cardboard upcycling: we are making a ship

It’s Tuesday afternoon and the little lord wants to play pirate ship. NOW. PLEASE. UNCONDITIONALLY. And because the lady has just a visit from a friend and the two are busy alone, I use the favor of the hour to do something all alone and only for and with the little lord. Crafting with boys is not that easy at all! Can I find. The little lord, unlike his big sister, usually can not be satisfied with a few pipe cleaners and glitter stones. For him a handicraft work must already have hand and foot!
Luckily we have enough cardboard at home, because we just picked up cardboard boxes from the discount store again – because you never know if there isn’t a DIY idea lurking around the next corner. And there it is. So we need a ship.

Do you want to participate?

To craft a ship, you need:

  • 1 Cardboard box
  • Carpet knife (In the shopping tips I have linked you to a knife that I like to use)
  • 2 Logs (here they are the climbing aids of a hydrangea)
  • 3 small Rubber ring (here are 3 Crazy-Loom tapes)
  • strong tape (we have Fabric tape used – more about this in the shopping tips, you can occasionally find fabric tape at the discount store and for DIY cardboard work the quality is usually also sufficient)
  • a Pen to draw in the cutting lines
  • one piece cloth or paper for the sail

How to build a ship out of cardboard

Step 1

Cut the cardboard on one for your ship adequate height to.
How high that is exactly, only you can know: How big is the box, how should the proportions be? What to play with afterwards? Cars, Playmobil, Lego, Schleich or Tip-Toi animals?

Step 2

Cut the Side flaps of the lid out. Now your cardboard should look like this:

Make your own ship Cardboard upcycling

First cut away the bottom of the box. Then you cut off the side wings of the lid.

Step 3

Drag the two long cover flaps of the box together. This forms on the side of a Crease in the middle of the cardboard. This center forms the tip of the ship. In sailor language the front part of the ship is called bow and the back part is called stern.

Make your own ship out of cardboard

Pull the two flaps of the cardboard box lid together in the middle. Create the bow and stern of your ship.

Step 4

The side flaps you cut away in step 1 will fill the holes of your ship. Put the cardboard under your ship and trace the shape with a pencil, so that you can cut a suitable piece of cardboard. Applies to bow and stern part of the ship.

Craft instructions for a ship made of cardboard for children to play with

With the tabs cut away in step 1, we now fill the gaps in the sides of the ship.

Step 5

Now place the two tip pieces between the two cardboard flaps in your ship. You provide a better hold if you don’t just put them in the top or bottom of the ship, but put them in between the cardboard layers.

Instructions for building a ship out of cardboard

Cut the tips .

Make a ship out of cardboard

. and put them between the two flaps.

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