Can you learn to draw? Master the biggest hurdle now!

Draw. Can it actually be learned? Or is it only possible with talent?

Today you’ll get the answer and I’ll tell you what hurdle you absolutely must overcome to successfully learn to draw.

Responsibility for your ability

I personally don’t like the term talent at all. Why? It sounds absolutely passive and makes you feel powerless. Like something you have no control over.

I claim: Who says he "has no talent" for something, shifts the responsibility from himself. As if drawing was something that couldn’t be learned.

According to the dictionary, talent is "a gift that enables someone to do unusual or unusual things". above-average performance in a particular field, especially in an artistic field".

Who says this talent has to be innate, completely developed or instantaneous?

The pursuit of excellence

You don’t need talent to learn how to draw (or anything else for that matter). A certain talent may shorten the learning process, but the energy must still be provided.

You only learn to draw through practice! In combination with enthusiasm, passion and the ambition to develop one’s skills, "success" is practically inevitable.

If you want to learn to draw, you must first of all draw.

There are countless tutorials and subtopics you can explore. But all this is only relevant if you actually do it. Regularly. Focus. Best straight Obsessed.

From this obsession I developed a passion for handlettering. And here, too, there are many intersections with drawing.

Handlettering and drawing

The idea for this lettering came from a drawing I did just under 10(!) years of making them:

Old drawing little planet

You will definitely learn to draw with it – and you will notice significant improvements. And suddenly others will say about you: "Wow, there is talent behind it."

The beginning is crucial

Again and again I like to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson on the subject of getting started, because he summed up the great challenge in one short sentence:

"Begin to do, and you will have the strength to do it."

And that’s exactly how it is with drawing. You look at fantastic works of different artists and can’t get out of the amazement anymore.

But what makes you do it, to finally get started myself? Nothing. You just have to do it. And only seconds later you will be overcome by passion and you can devote yourself to your project with full energy. Learn to Draw.

From this point on it is easier to become. The trick is to keep at it and develop your skills with each little drawing.

The first time I was asked to do a book cover, I was Responsibility overwhelms. And did not know if I would succeed. But I just started and mastered in small steps the way to a, in my opinion, great book cover.

Book cover drawn

Finally ride a bike

The first step to learning how to draw is extremely manual. You bring pencil and paper together and have to develop a feeling for not only writing with the pencil, but also drawing longer lines, using different line widths and hatching areas.

In this process, you develop your hand-eye coordination and get used to the fine motor processes.

This process is a bit like learning to ride a bike. Or swimming the first meters. Yes, you will fall down. Yes, you will swallow water. And maybe you will get desperate and reach your limits. But that’s the only way to learn!

To lose the fear of the pencil

So the first big step is to lose the fear of the pencil. To use it to create shapes. This may also happen completely without (visual) goal.

Draw some lines, rectangles or circles (Attention: circles are actually not easy at all. Especially if they are relatively large).

Try to learn to draw by not being too aesthetically demanding at first. Take also no expensive paper and not a premium pencil. This will only increase the hurdle, something could go "wrong".

Start with what you have at home and gradually acquire more materials. This is exactly the approach I recommend in my Sketchnotes Online Course.

Skechnoting, unlike drawing, is not about art or aesthetics. but to create effective image-text combinations. Ironically, this is exactly an ideal way to learn to draw.

Learning to draw symbols step by step

You lose your fear of the pencil and learn step by step to draw small pictures that are constructed as simply as possible. From there, the hurdle to pure drawing is much lower than if you just start "somehow".

Of course, this is not the only way. You can also use explicit drawing courses (local or online) or make small tutorials.

The main thing is to get started. Best now. Because drawing can be learned!

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