Buy yourself something: wrap money gifts in an original way

Buy yourself something: Wrap money gifts in an original way

Every year the same plaguing question: What to give?? If cash lies under the Christmas tree, you are on the safe side. Such a gift does not disappear in the closet and will certainly not collect dust.

But an envelope alone looks rather boring. If, on the other hand, the gift of money is beautifully and individually wrapped and decorated – the Christmas gift also receives the personal touch.

There are no limits to your imagination, just let your creativity run wild! For example, you can fold several banknotes and put them together as a Christmas tree and fix them on a card. Or you wrap several coins as sweets and wrap them with colorful ribbons – so set in scene, money gifts are received even better.

For a larger purchase: Give symbols with content

The family wants to build a sandbox in the garden? Then give a toy truck and load it with sand molds, yummy chocolate cups and money – the kids and the parents will get something out of this. If you are planning a cruise, you can buy a small miniature ship from the toy section of the department store. Skilled tinkerers can fold and attach a sail from the banknotes. Even if your offspring is saving up for their driver’s license, a mini-car with precious cargo folded in the driver’s seat, for example, or a keychain with a bill knotted to it is sure to be a welcome gift.

A nest egg for emergencies

Surely you know such situations: In some moments you could use a nest egg simply well! Buy a deep 3D picture frame, there are cheap in furniture stores or in a well-stocked hardware store and open the glass pane. Write on the glass with black or gold permanent marker the word nest egg or For emergencies: break the window. Then fill it with white decorative sand, which you can buy at the craft store, and put folded up bills inside. Close the picture frame again. On the back wall you attach a small light toy hammer to a cord.

Financial injection for the wellness vacation

The grandma wishes a wellness vacation? Then your children may get creative and make a collage: They may cut you out a motif with a bathtub from a magazine or a catalog, glue a photo with their grandma’s head between the foam clouds, glue different fragrance bottles to it, draw a brush and glue it to the picture etc. The work of art one sticks at the end on cardboard, so that it gets stability and at the back wall one fastens a money note with a greeting.

Also an idea for spa or wellness stays: fill a small basket with a washcloth, a few samples of grooming products, a sponge, and in between place one or two bills, wrapped with ribbon and knotted tightly.

A jar with bath beads – at first glance maybe not a special gift. But if coins are hidden between the bath beads, the presentee can use them to pay for a visit to the wellness temple. Or fill in some envelopes, perhaps from surprise eggs, with folded bills in them.

Sweet treat: in fortune cookies with valuable content

A financial injection can also be well hidden in a treat. The surprise is certainly large, if in the fortune cookies suddenly no saying, but a 5-Euro bill is stuck. Either you bake the fortune cookies yourself, then you can fill the money directly into them. Another – far trickier affair – is to buy the cookies at the Asian store. Admittedly, this requires a little patience and sensitivity: try to pull out the note with tweezers and a roulade needle when the cookie is wide open. Fold a bill as thinly as possible, then carefully slide it into the cookie. If the fortune cookies are then given away in style in a cardboard box from a Chinese snack bar together with chopsticks and a small paper umbrella, everything fits together nicely.

Money bills in gelatine – jar with jelly

You will need a small jar and a larger jar, each with a lid. In the smaller glass you give the together bound bills or also coins, close the glass firmly and put it into the larger glass. Now prepare Jell-O according to package directions and pour it into the space in the larger jar to the brim. The dessert now has to cool down in the refrigerator without a lid – then seal the jar tightly with a rubber, cover it with a cloth on top and decorate it with a ribbon in a matching color. If you like, attach a card or maybe two coins wrapped as candy in shiny paper – done.

A green plant with decoration

Give away a small mini needle tree. Banknotes that are folded up and tied to a string make quite an impression as a string of lights. Alternatively, you can hide a bill in a test tube, seal the jar and attach it to the tree with a shiny ribbon. To this, decorate a few golden chocolate thalers, ladybugs and bows made of shiny fabric.

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