Build a snow bar: the eye-catcher at every party

You do not want to miss the snow spectacle in your garden? Then learn in this tutorial how you can build your snow bar!

For building your snow bar you need:

  • a shovel
  • A bucket
  • a hammer
  • Gloves
  • Tape measure and angle if necessary
  • and above all: a lot of snow

On the shovels, ready, go!

Step 1: Start your chic garden design by finding the right place for your snow bar. Once you have decided? Then the building can start! Grab your shovel and shovel a strip about 80 inches wide clear so the bar is really right on the ground.

Step 2: Look for a square or rectangular container, as this is the best shape to make the stones for the snow bar. Pour snow into the container and tap it down properly. Let a few seconds pass and overturn the barrel. Brick by brick you can pull your snow bar into the air. If the snow is too powdery, you can give it a firmer consistency by adding water.

Step 3: The perfect height for your bar is about one and a half meters. Since you need space to put bottles and glasses, you should use one or two stones less in the top row when building your snow bar.

Step 4: To make your bar stable, you should let water run into the cracks between the stones and over the snow bar.

Without decoration, without you?

The first guests for your party in the garden are about to arrive and you have already chilled the drinks in the ice. But before your friends are there, you still have the opportunity to make the snow bar with decorative objects to the absolute highlight!

Attach a weatherproof LED light or light chain to the snow bar and create great accents with it. You can also attach tea lights or sparklers if you want to create a very cozy atmosphere in your garden. A homemade snow bar is definitely a winter highlight!

The party in winter can start!

More joys in winter

You’re an absolute winter person and you’re looking for more tips to let off steam in the cold season? How about a cocktail course for example? With this you will put on a performance behind the snow bar that your guests will never forget.

Pair in an ice bar

You just can’t get enough of snow? In Leogang you can directly build a whole igloo and then even spend the night in it! However, if you prefer to look at the snow from inside and snuggle up in the warmth, a visit to the spa would probably be a great outing for the icy winter.

That was our instruction for building a snow bar. With our tips for winter, the cold season is sure to be something special!

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