Between enthusiasm and realism: garmisch-partenkirchen does not want to leave anything to chance before the world championships are awarded

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a good candidate for alpine world championships. The experts agree on this. The only thing is that the awarding of major sporting events always proves to be a great challenge. Germany does not always play first fiddle.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – The organizers had planned a World Cup talk for the women’s World Cup. Because, logically: there’s something. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is applying for the 2027 Alpine World Championships through the German Ski Association (DSV). But: The media attendance at this last stop before the Olympic Games was so low that it would hardly have been worth it, big to beat the advertising drum. Many media showed the cold shoulder to the races, at least on Sunday. The topic of Beijing is too overwhelming. Corona is too much in the spotlight, and entry problems are being written about on a national level. So: no world championship round of talks. That is now to take place as part of the men’s races at the end of February at the Gudiberg.

But there was still time for a few conversations on the sidelines. Less than four months to go before the decision is made in Portugal on who will host the World Championships in five years: Crans-Montana in Switzerland, Narvik in Norway, Soldeu in Andorra or, for the third time, Garmisch-Partenkirchen? This is the well-known candidate roulette. Peter Fischer has to smile a little when he thinks about the location. Once again, the FIS Congress is held at the Tivoli Marina Hotel at the Vilamoura marina in the Algarve. The vote is for the 26. May planned. "Almost to the day exactly like back then," he recalls. In 2006, the market town of Oberstdorf had. May get the nod. Shortly before 8 p.m. German time. "It’s unbelievable, but that’s where things would come full circle," Fischer muses.

Peter Fischer takes care of the World Cup issue as a special representative

Peter Fischer, World Cup Special Representative of the Garmisch Ski Club

He is still taking care of the World Cup issue as a special representative of the Garmisch ski club. Even though he has passed the baton to Martina Betz and his son Florian with a view to the World Cup. The fire still burns within him. He wants to bring this third World Ski Championships to his hometown. "Otherwise I wouldn’t do it anymore." An enthusiasm he basically demands from everyone entrusted with the project. Therefore Fischer, the Grandseigneur, reacts also always a little disgruntled, if a few intermediate tones appear. "We must not diminish our own application", he emphasizes prayerfully.

Wolfgang Maier, the Alpine Director at the DSV, does not approach the project quite so emotionally. He is considered a pragmatist, not so much a diplomat, but someone who says what he thinks. He described the ongoing World Cup bid for 2027 as a "really difficult issue" in the women’s races. Not because he doubts the candidate Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Not in the least. He rates the conditions as "very good. There is nothing at all to criticize. These are super good and motivated people who work here. You only have to look at what is being done again this week. In this point no one is better."

DSV veteran Wolfgang Maier knows: Without political influence not much goes

DSV sports director Wolfgang Maier

Maier, however, has been a critic of certain systems for some time now. He had set his sights on Beijing in recent weeks. In general, it’s the awarding of major sporting events that pisses off many sports officials as well as athletes – including Felix Neureuther and Thomas Dreben from the circle of local greats. "Such awards are politically valued issues. There is no need for anyone to be under the illusion that it can be done without political influence."On this sector he sees Germany not optimally positioned. "When it comes to politics, we are sometimes a bit too well-behaved."Dignitaries who stand up for winter sports "don’t exist or hardly exist at all". Germany is too little winter sports nation. There are numerous companies that spend a lot of money to be present in this area. A crux? "We have also thought before that our really big sponsors like Audi could have more influence, but then it is called manipulation again."You just don’t touch such a hot potato".

Before the World Championships are awarded in May: Talks have been going on in the background since late fall

Fischer agrees with Maier on many points. "The status of winter sports is a problem, as is political support."When Bavaria’s Minister-President Edmund Stoiber drove up in Vilamoura in 2006 with the state coach and blue light, "that already made an impression". But this was and is an isolated case. Fischer prefers to rely on Garmisch-Partenkirchen’s strengths, sports, a sustainable concept and lots of talks in the background. "There’s already a lot happening," he reveals. Those responsible do not miss any opportunity to make contact with the members of the FIS Council (Executive Board). Since late autumn, efforts have been intensified. Fischer himself toured to St. Moritz, last to Kitzbuhel. Talks are important to be able to convince. "And it’s already about the second votes."Who will secure the vote of those who drop out in the first round of voting?? This can be decisive.

Fischer does not want to leave the World Cup decision to chance. "We try to take advantage of every opportunity."The prospects for the candidate Garmisch-Partenkirchen he judges as "very good". And not just from his enthusiastic point of view, "there’s also a good dose of realism in there".

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