Becoming a millionaire?

Money is the most important thing for you or you just want to accumulate as much of it as possible? bigKARRIERE gives you tips on how to make a million without rich parents and without luck in the lottery can become millionaires themselves!

Money, Money, Money: Self-made millionaires still the exception

The first million is the hardest, they say. From the around 1.3 million millionaires in Germany Only a few had to earn it themselves, because they come from a rich family or got their money by winning the lottery. Self-made millionaires are still the exception. But why actually? Because people often get in their own way. Although there is no manual for becoming a millionaire, certain characteristics, attitudes and behavioral patterns can be identified that will help you make your first million.

7 factors that stand between you and a fortune Photo Pexels

7 Factors that stand between you and a fortune

#1: Wrong approach

Those who have made it to millionaire status are often following a passion. The fortune was virtually a minor matter. Consequently, the focus should not be on the account balance, but on the fact that new money is always added. This was already mentioned by Napoleon Hill in his 1937 book "Think and Grow Rich" described. In addition, in surveying 500 wealthy people, Hill found that many wealthy people See egoism as something positive.

Get started and get ahead of the competition, that is more important than making a perfect start. In retrospect, details can still be revised and to be mended. Millionaires-to-be should therefore above all look at the big picture.

Villa, dream vacation, luxury car, it would all be possible. But spending the hard earned money immediately would be a mistake if you want to become a millionaire. It makes much more sense to maintain your usual lifestyle. Take a cue from Warren Buffet, the billionaire lives in an average house and drives a normalo car.

#4 No investments

Whether in the own business or at the stock exchange, who no strategic investments worsens its chances of becoming a millionaire. Old debts and a lavish lifestyle prevent many entrepreneurs from becoming rich in the long run.

#5 Wrong friends

Rich people like to be among themselves, Napoleon Hill also wrote about this. The background: if you surround yourself with passionate and motivated people, you can draw inspiration from it for his own business or life. If you spend a lot of time with people who have a negative or pessimistic attitude towards work, money and life, you can rarely get motivation for your own business from them.

#6 Want to do everything yourself

Those who start their own business usually have no choice and have to do everything themselves in the beginning. But as soon as you have enough money, you should delegate tasks that you find difficult or not fun to employees. This way, your weaknesses can be compensated and you have more time to maximize your strengths. A team is always stronger than a lone fighter and the rich of this world usually had some help on their way to success.

#7 Lack of belief in yourself

To bring innovations on the market is not always easy. Often there are critics and doubters in the planning and start-up phase. Let yourself not be put off by skeptical voices, but believe that you can become a millionaire and trust your gut feeling.


Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you can become a millionaire yourself with these tips. But at least you now know what most would-be millionaires fail at and can avoid typical mistakes on your way to the first million.

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