Be happy: 14 tips for more happiness and joie de vivre right away

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Before we get right to it, though, here’s one important thing up front:

Luck is not a matter of luck!

Read correctly. Happiness is NOT a coincidence!

And I’m going to tell you exactly how in this article…

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14 practical tips for massively more feelings of happiness in everyday life

Here I show you 14 immediately applicable happiness exercises for everyday life. I myself use these exercises daily to feel good and happy inside. And they will do the same for you if you use them.

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1. Happiness in the morning drives away sorrow and worries

Here’s my #1 tip for starting your day feeling happy first thing in the morning.

Try this exercise first thing in the morning when you wake up. And I promise you, you will start the day in a completely different way.

  • As soon as you wake up, lie down with your eyes closed and feel inside for 2 minutes
  • Feel how good your body feels
  • Be grateful that you are rested and that you are doing so well
  • Inhale and exhale deeply into your lower abdomen a couple of times

Bonus Tip:

While you inhale and exhale, you can also make a relaxing "Mhhhh" sound. Feels absolutely awesome! Try it out!

2. Do the grin cat

Grinning cat

Your body is connected to your feelings.

When you feel good, you smile. And your body remembers this. Now you can take advantage of this fact to quickly create good feelings for yourself.

Grin as big as you can for one minute.

Smile so that your lips are wide apart. As a support you can also put a pen between your teeth and your lips must not touch the pen.

And after those 60 seconds of smiles, see how you feel now. I bet: A lot better and happier than before.

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3. The focus technique against bad thoughts

Happy people have one thing in common: they concentrate more on the positive things in their lives.

YOU can do the exact same thing with this simple positive focus technique:

In your everyday life, stop for a moment and ask yourself consciously:

What is beautiful about my life right HERE, right NOW, in this moment? Take your time until you think of something to do.

If you are in a really cool mood, you can also get yourself a little positive diary and write down all the beautiful moments that you notice again and again in everyday life (and read them through again in the evening before you go to bed)

Bonus Tip:

Here you can find an online happiness diary, where you can write down your 3 most beautiful moments of happiness every day. The advantage: it automatically reminds you of your entry by mail every day! To the online happiness diary

4. Don’t be down in the dumps: The happy posture

Correct posture

Your body is directly connected to your feelings.

If you feel good, then you have an open and free body posture. If you are not doing so well, you will tense up and your posture will buckle.

During the course of the day, consciously straighten up every now and then: Head up, look forward, pull your shoulders back down, open your chest area and let your breathing flow nicely.

Do this exercise once right NOW. Stand up straight NOW (you can also do this sitting down). And then see what a huge difference this small exercise alone makes.

Bonus tip:

Throw up your arms like you just won a great victory! This movement alone gets your body to release more happy hormones.

5. The Frog Method

Another amazing result from happiness research proves:

Bouncing makes you happy!

The ups and downs of jumping will firstly improve the blood circulation in your body and get your circulation going, and secondly your body will release more of the happy hormone serotonin.

If you have a trampoline, just 5 to 10 minutes of daily bouncing is enough to push your happiness level upward.

But even without a trampoline you can do a little bounce anytime and anywhere. For example, how about a little hop on your way to work or when going to the copier?

6. Let’s dance: Why dancing makes you happy

Favorite music and dancing

Surely you know the saying: "I could dance with happiness"."

We change it a little bit now. Now it’s called: "I dance for my happiness!"

Because just like hopping, dancing releases happy hormones too. In addition, the music puts you in a good mood when you listen to your favorite song..

If you need a strong good mood boost, turn on your favorite music and dance!

And it doesn’t matter what your dance style is or where you are at the moment. Maybe you even dare to dance in public and infect other people with your good mood?

7. Who you should avoid like the plague

I say this over and over again:

Avoid negative people whenever possible. Your whole life’s happiness depends on it!

Oh and YES, of course this also applies to family members who are not good for you and who only drain your energy.

Think NOW about which people you’d better avoid because they simply cost you too much energy.

And then consciously avoid these people and start to surround yourself instead with the people who bring you forward and who give you energy.

See also the next exercise..

8. The positive power environment

Group of happy people

A wise person once said:

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with".

And this sentence is absolutely true. Your environment shapes you quite significantly and can give you massive energy and happiness if you have the right people around you. Therefore:

Get out a piece of paper and a pen and write down which 5 people you have had the most contact with SO FAR and which 5 people you would like to have more contact with FROM NOW on.

Write down the people you consciously want in your life from today onwards.

Take the first step today. Contact these people via WhatsApp, Facebook, email or mail and let them know that you would like to do something with them. you would like to see them more often.

9. The magic of gratitude

Studies have found that happiness depends not so much on HOW MUCH you have of something, but on truly appreciating WHAT you have.

This is also the reason why many people in poor countries consider themselves much happier than we in the western world, who actually have it all.

Buy a small diary and place it on your nightstand. From now on, when you go to bed at night, write to yourself three things you are grateful for today. These can be very small things. The smaller the better.

Start today and I guarantee you will feel much happier in just a few days.

Bonus Tip:

You can also use the online happiness diary as an alternative. The advantage is that it reminds you of your entry every night by mail.

10. THE panacea for stress and bad feelings

Picture meditating person

If you know this site a little bit already, then you know that I’m a big huge I am a fan of relaxation.

Because relaxation is THE cure-all for negative thoughts, stress and bad feelings in your body.

To do this, breathe deeply into your lower abdomen (through your nose) and then slowly and fully exhale back out through your mouth. Relax your whole body, starting with your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and so on. Do this conscious relaxation until you feel significantly better (it usually only takes a few seconds if you really focus on it).

Do this exercise again and again. She’s the bomb!

Bonus Tip:

Start meditating regularly! The more often you do this, the more relaxed – and therefore automatically happier – your overall state will become.

11. Happiness lurks between the past and the future

Results from happiness research show:

You don’t think about the past all the time and they worry less about the future too. Do the same and live more in the here and now. This exercise will help you do that:

Whenever you catch yourself in everyday life thinking about the past or worrying about the future, become aware of these thoughts and interrupt them deliberately.

While doing this, take a few deep breaths into your belly (you can also close your eyes while doing this) and then say to yourself:

The past is past and cannot be undone. The future is yet to come and I have no control over it.

This is why I am letting go of both NOW and coming back to this moment – the only moment I can actively create and enjoy my life.

Then exhale deeply, open your eyes and consciously keep your focus in that moment.

Bonus Tip:

You can find many more great mindfulness exercises that bring you completely into the here and now here: The 16 best mindfulness exercises for more happiness and success in life

12. Off to bed: what you should avoid at all costs before sleeping

Too many stressful thoughts before going to sleep

This one is a hugely important point and most people disregard it…

Yet this little thing can contribute more to your well-being than almost anything else.

What happens if you watch TV or spend your time in front of the PC until just before you go to bed?

Answer: your head will be busy all night processing these images and will find it difficult to relax and regenerate. Don’t do this to yourself! Instead:

  • read a novel before going to bed
  • listen to relaxation music
  • fill in your happiness or gratitude diary

Get your head and your body down. Let all the stress you have accumulated during the day fall away from you and your sleep will be much more restful.

Your body will thank you for it and the next day you will wake up with a completely different energy and feel a lot better. Promise.

13. Bonus tip 1: Spend time with people over 70& under 6 years

Why? Because these people automatically live more in the here and now, worry less about everything and are much happier.

Whenever you have the chance, watch such people.

Especially toddlers. They are happy by nature. They don’t worry about the future any more than they worry about the past. You just live. Right here. Exactly Now. In this moment.

And thus enjoy life on a whole different level. Let it inspire you and put this energy to work for you to think less and LIVE more.

14. Bonus tip 2: With serenity to happiness

Serenity with cocktail in the hammock

Studies show: Serenity is another important key to happiness.

If you react calmly to stressful, annoying or other negative situations, you will gain much more joy in life as a result.

Learn how YOU can become more calm here: Find inner peace: 9 instant tips for more serenity

Summary – Being happy is easy

All right, with this guide you now have 14 practical tips that can be implemented immediately, to go through your everyday life much happier from now on.

Now there’s only one thing left to do: actually apply these tips!

Because you know yourself:

reading alone, does not bring you further. You must also apply the tips!

Therefore my suggestion for you:

I wish you a lot of fun and many beautiful feelings of happiness!

If you want to find out first how happy resp. If you are unhappy at all at the moment, have a look at my friend Stephan: Unhappy? At these 12 signs you recognize it

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