Basic security: how much can i earn on top of my pension??

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Earning extra on top of your pension?

Well over a million Germans retire each year. On average, they will then receive 752 euros per month. Too little for many – they have to go to work in addition to their pension. But how does it work?

And what do pensioners who have too little money left in their wallets need to know??

BILD explains what you need to bear in mind when it comes to supplementary income:

How much money do I need in my old age?

Abundant! Experts assume 80 percent of the last net salary. How high your pension could be later is stated in your pension information.

Pension payments

If you pay in a lot, you get out more. The pension you can expect to receive each month can be found in the annual pension information sheet.

What if I am below?

People with a minipension may be entitled to basic benefits. As a rule, this is paid to all those who earn less than 789 euros per month.

However, anyone who then works on the side should pay close attention: The basic pension will be reduced or cancelled altogether.

Are there additional allowances?

Yes, but they are already on basic benefits. This will u. a. cover the costs of rent, home accommodation, heating or living expenses. The social welfare office is responsible.

Also interesting

I have a pension that is too small – how can I increase my retirement pay??

If you don’t have any extra money or a rich partner, you have to work – at least part-time!

Important: Only if you have reached the regular retirement age, there are no limits for the salary! This means that you can earn as much as you want on the side without having less money flowing out of your pension.

The "standard retirement age" is 65 for those born before 1947. Those who came into the world later must pay up to max. 67 years of working.

However: The additional income is not tax-free! The individual tax rate is deducted from the pension and salary.

What applies to early retirees?

Anyone who retires early from working life and collects a pension is threatened with reductions if he or she then works part-time.

Reason: There are so-called "supplementary earnings limits". These vary from case to case. Example: Who got an average income in the last three years before retirement (2015: 2916.58 euros per month), may as an early pensioner monthly on the side max. 1615,95 Euro (in the west) or. Earn 1496.45 euros (in the east).

When can I do a mini-job without reductions?

Always! Because: All pensioners (including z. B. Early retirees) can earn up to 450 euros on the side – without having to worry about deductions. In two months per year it may even be 900 euros.

Will my pension increase if I continue to work??

It depends on whether you already collect pension or not. If you do not yet claim the payment, you continue to pay into the pension fund through a job.

Consequence: your pension will be larger and you will get more money later on!

Work and already receive pension payments, the age money does not grow.

Do I have to pay into the social security fund as a jobbing pensioner??

For full pensioners, only the employer pays its share. If you receive a partial pension as an early retiree and have a part-time job, you must pay contributions, just like any other employee.

Advantages: This increases the later full pension. And: If you work twelve months within two years, you are entitled to unemployment benefits!

How much additional income is allowed with the widow’s pension?

Widows and widowers may max. 771.14 (in the west) or. Earn 714.12 euros (in the east) on top of the survivor’s pension. Who has more out of a job, then also gets less pension.

Do I have to declare a side job?

In any case! You should report the job to the pension insurance company before you start if possible.

Tip: The pension insurance calculates for you whether a part-time job will affect your pension.

A free Hotline gives it under 0800-10004800.


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