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Many small houses and one hall for all Munsingen residents

Munsing – The "Wohnen im Alter" (KWA) board of trustees is concretizing its plans for the senior citizens’ residential home in Ambach: With 80 to 85 apartments, the project will probably be smaller than previously discussed. This clarified KWA executive committee Horst Schmieder with a press discussion in the Eglinger Gasthof Oberhauser on Tuesday. The built-up area is also to be smaller than the former spa clinic with its 5700 square meters. "We are at 5000 square meters."According to Schmieder, the KWA has examined a smaller-scale development that fits in with the local and landscape image. Together with his KWA board colleague Stefan Arend and press spokeswoman Sieglinde Hankele, he held out the prospect of a limited architectural competition as soon as the final draft plan is available.

Schmieder countered criticism of oversized development by the Ostuferschutzverband (OSV) and the Ambach initiative. He said that the KWA Rupertihof residential home in Rottach-Egern could serve as an example for Ambach. At the Tegernsee there are 105 dwellings in houses with first floor plus one, sometimes also two additional floors. "We can imagine something as small as this in Ambach."

As Arend said, a residential home for seniors is not a "closed store". 50 percent of the area would be earmarked for housing, the other half for community use. The facility should enable people to meet and is open to the people of Munsing. For example, he said, a hall is planned for cultural events such as lectures, readings and concerts. Local associations could also perform there. It is also conceivable to open the day care center, for example for dementia patients, to the local population. In the planned swimming pool, for example, baby swimming courses could take place. There are such offers in many KWA facilities.

Author: mechthild felsch

The executive committees defended themselves against reproaches, from the housing estate a speculation object could become. Because in the pen, residents could only rent the apartments. According to Schmieder the basis price for the smaller dwellings lies with approximately 1900 euro. This would also include weekly cleaning and a daily hot lunch menu. But the apartments would also each have a small kitchen. In addition, the residents could use the community facilities. Additional services could be booked. An ambulatory nursing service would be in the house. According to Schmieder, residents would have to expect average costs of 2500 euros.

Author: mechthild felsch

The KWA board members emphasize the planning sovereignty of the community. All aspects from environmental to nature protection and landscape conservation would be considered in the necessary development plan. The KWA had commissioned two experts. The voted all questions to the local development and to the nature conservation. The old tree population would be preserved as far as possible. Before the end of the year, the KWA wants to present the plans to the public.

Protest against senior housing complex

Ostuferschutzverband warns against development of the Wiedemann site
Yellow sheet from 15. July 2016 by Peter Herrmann


Since June, the "Ambach Initiative" has been collecting signatures against a planned residential facility for senior citizens on the site of the former Wiedemann Clinic. In the context of its meeting of the members in the inn Gerer in Ammerland now also the east bank protection federation (OSV) warned against an oversized development.
The non-profit social enterprise Kuratorium Wohnen im Alter (KWA) wants to build a new home for the elderly in Munsing/Ammerland.000 sqm large property at the Piloty and Simetsbergweg three large buildings with up to 85 meters edge length to establish. They are to be connected extensively by underground buildings such as underground car park, swimming pool and adjoining areas. The staggered individual buildings, each with a height of three to four stories, are to be piled up to form a building complex with a total of eight stories.

The opponents of the project fear that the Koplex would stand after clearing of the area visibly and dominating over Ambach and would change thereby the local picture lastingly. The lower nature conservation authority at the district office has already signaled that the stock is worth protecting. In addition, opponents of the project pointed out that a senior citizens’ domicile with 90 apartments would bring around 150 new citizens to Ambach, a town of around 350 inhabitants. Mayor Michael Grasl (Free Voters) tried to take away the fears of the opponents at the general meeting of the Ostuferschutzverband (East Bank Protection Association). "The municipality does not allow itself to be put under pressure by investors. Nothing has been decided yet", he reassured. For the OSV is meanwhile further questionable whether at present at all building right on the area in the external area exists. Chairwoman Ursula Scriba confirmed at the meeting that this was not the case from her point of view. "Only through a development plan can the community create new building rights," she clarified. Until this is enacted, a public policy discussion with citizens is necessary to consider all interests, he said. The municipality may not permit that existing trees are cut down and the building volume turns out larger, than that of the past cure hospital buildings , so Scriba further. In her opinion, there was a lack of affordable housing for young families and senior citizens in Munsing. Therefore OSV chairmen suggested to think in Ambach about a housing model as with the building community at the Pallaufhof. Mayor Grasl promised at least that the tree existence in Ambach is preserved and the citizens are to be involved in time. There was also the likelihood that the new buildings would turn out to be smaller than the previous clinic operator. In any case, some OSV members admitted that the ruins of the Wiedemann Clinic were a nuisance. Because in the past unauthorized persons penetrated there again and again, in order to celebrate there so-called ?ghost parties?. In addition, confidential files and X-ray images of prominent godfathers were lying around freely. Therefore the OSV does not position itself fundamentally against a new building. A senior citizens’ residence, in which the most expensive places cost over 4000, – €uro per month, goes past according to opinion of the OSV vice chairman Johannes Umbreit however at the needs of the population. In addition, OSV member Mechthild Felsch recalled that the nearby AWO home in Wolfratshausen will offer additional places in the coming year. "So there is no need for a luxury senior housing complex at Lake Starnberg," Felsch concludes.

Owner files criminal complaint

X-rays and patient files: The former operator of the clinic in Ambach, "Sanacare Italy," simply left many sensitive documents behind after its insolvency in 2004. They should have been destroyed. © red

Munchner Merkur, Isar Loisachbote from 16. July 2016
from Tanja Luhr

Data protection scandal in former celebrity clinic

Munsing – There were further break-ins, a camera team from "ARD brisant" was on site and the Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision got involved: There is no peace in the former Wiedemann Clinic in Ambach, where sensitive patient files are lying around openly.

The owner of the site, the Unterhaching-based company "Kuratorium Wohnen im Alter" (KWA) has meanwhile commissioned a security service to protect the property on Simetsberg- and Pilotyweg from burglars in addition to the erected construction fences. Last weekend, six men gained access to former patient rooms by breaking windows. They were caught in flagrante delicto by the police thanks to an attentive neighbor and charged with trespassing (we reported).

In a press release, the KWA once again emphasizes that it is not responsible for the fact that X-ray images, patient files, employee applications, bank statements and other documents are located in the buildings. They had been simply left by the last operator – "Sanacare Italy" – after its insolvency 2004. Among the material, anonymous intruders discovered, as reported, among other things, the cover sheet of the medical file of actor Klaus-Jurgen Wussow and played corresponding photos to our newspaper.

KWA press spokeswoman Sieglinde Hankele told our newspaper that all the material, which was recognized as sensitive, was secured immediately after the buildings were purchased in April of this year. Nevertheless, after various break-ins, further files have appeared in public. Up to the proper disposal of the documents one engaged now the guard service. "To clarify the legally compliant handling of the sensitive data," KWA representatives met last Tuesday with employees of the Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision on the property in Ambach. In the estimation of the responsible employee, Hankele said, "the patient files and X-rays that were found should not have been left there". The former clinic operators and doctors would have failed to provide these documents in compliance with data protection laws. They would be responsible for keeping them on the site.

The data files are now to be destroyed properly and professionally. "We have called on the responsible authorities to ensure that this is the case and, in consultation with the State Office for Data Protection Supervision, have given them an appropriate period of time to do so," explains the KWA press spokeswoman. Since the suspicion existed that against legal regulations and also against professional law had been offended, the KWA had made criminal complaint.

The data security scandal in the former Promiklinik at the Starnberger lake occupies meanwhile also the television. A team of the Boulevardmagazin ARD brisant was likewise last Tuesday locally. Mayor Michael Grasl was asked for an interview, which he declined, however, as he communicates on inquiry of our newspaper. "The municipality has nothing whatsoever to do with data protection on a private property. I don’t want to add fuel to the fire now," says Grasl, who is getting fed up with the hype surrounding the "ghost clinic" in his community.

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City hall chief urges objectivity

by Tanja Luhr

Ammerland – Partly emotional was recently discussed at the annual meeting of the Ostuferschutzverband (OSV) about the planned new construction of a senior housing facility on the former Wiedemann site in Ambach. Munsing’s mayor Michael Grasl came to the Gasthof Gerer in Ammerland to make the community’s view clear. The head of the town hall emphasized several times that the municipality had the planning authority and would make use of it.

Grasl described it as unfortunate that sketches of hotel complexes "like on Mallorca" had circulated. Sebastian Wiedemann, spokesman of the "Initiative Ambach", spreads such pictures on the homepage of the citizens’ initiative. They arose after land negotiations between the Wiedemann family, which still occupies a house on the site, and the investor "Kuratorium Wohnen im Alter" (KWA). The latter had initially planned around 90 apartments, complete with lounges and dining rooms, underground parking and a swimming pool on the site. On the protest from the Ambacher population the KWA reconsiders these plans now, communicated the mayor: "The enterprise wants to find a more compatible solution without time pressure."At the same time the municipality lets examine by a lawyer whether on the area at all building right exists.

This doubts in particular Dr. Gustav Neumeister from OSV. He also referred in the annual meeting to the framework plan of the municipality. The villa owners, who would perhaps like to expand on their properties, would be denied this in order to prevent densification on the east bank. Neumeister: "The normal citizen submits to the restrictions of the framework plan, but the investor does not." He wonders why a senior citizens’ residential home has to be built on the former clinic grounds. The municipality allows a residential area for about 150 people in the middle of Ambach with its 350 residents – without any real benefit from it. Should lawyers and specialist authorities come to the conclusion that the land in the external area is unbuildable grassland, Neumeister believes that the municipality should buy it back at a fraction of the 6.5 million euros paid by KWA and renaturalize it after the demolition of the old buildings. Grasl countered that he hardly saw any legal possibilities for this.

OSV chairwoman and local councilor Ursula Scriba asked the 60 or so meeting attendees what the Ambach residents among them wanted for their village. Sebastian Wiedemann, a young family man from Ambach, said he would like to see an intergenerational residential area similar to the model at Pallaufhof. Mechthild Felsch from Munsing, senior citizens’ advisory councilor for the district, said she thought a senior citizens’ housing complex in Ambach was superfluous. In Wolfratshausen soon enough care and nursing places for the north district would develop. Ambacher Petra Schulze expressed concern that the local cemeteries might not be sufficient for people dying in the retirement home. She also fears that the water in the village could become scarce, as has already happened in some hot summers. "The well-off gentlemen up there are surely bathed twice a day," Schulze speculated.

OSV board member Johannes Umbreit pointed out that the KWA, as a non-profit corporation, would presumably not pay any business tax in Munsing. Umbreit sees no advantage for the community in the plant. It would presumably neither domestic craftsmen with the building to the course come nor personnel from the place employed.

Neumeister concluded by appealing to the municipality not to rush into drawing up a development plan. "Please check calmly whether one really wants to build there. And please discuss everything in public session from now on. That would be a large, confidence-building measure opposite us citizens , gave it to city hall chief Grasl on the way along.

The dispute about the Wiedemann health clinic

Suddeutsche Zeitung, Wolfratshauser SZ from 10. July 2016

With a tour around the former Wiedemann spa clinic site, the Ostuferschutzverband (OSV) reiterated its fears about the senior citizens’ residential home planned there to around 40 participants on Saturday.

The "Kuratorium Wohnen im Alter" (KWA) had made the purchase of four of the five buildings public for the first time at the end of April. At the time, it was said that the old houses would be demolished, 90 apartments in sizes ranging from 32 to 120 square meters would be built, swimming pool, cultural event spaces and in-house outpatient care service included. Meanwhile the KWA speaks only of the fact that it examines different planning variants. The OSV fears that the future retirement home could be visible from afar, for example from the opposite shore of Lake Starnberg, and would thus destroy the small-scale townscape of Ambach with its 350 residents. Not to mention the effects on the social structure.

It is still questionable for the OSV whether there is currently any right to build at all on the site in the outlying area. The chairwoman Ursula Scriba confirmed that this was not the case at the moment from her point of view. Only through a development plan could the municipality create new building rights. But before that, OSV calls for a public policy discussion with citizens to take into account their interests. The municipality may not permit that existing trees are cut down and the building volume turned out larger than that of the past cure hospital buildings. According to Scriba, there is a lack of affordable housing for young families and seniors in Munsing. Therefore, she suggested to think about a residential model in Ambach like the building community at the Pallaufhof.

With mayor Michael Grasl () the OSV sees willingness to talk. Grasl, according to Scriba, gave assurances at Friday’s general meeting that the tree population would be preserved and that citizens would be involved in a timely manner. In addition, he had spoken of the new buildings being smaller than the existing hospital stock.

However, there are also disputes between the critical "Ambach Initiative" around Sebastian Wiedemann, grandson of the spa clinic founder Fritz Wiedemann, and the KWA. For Wiedemann has published on the website of his initiative a 3D representation with three- to four-story terrace architecture.

The KWA speaks against it of "groundless rumors and assumptions". The representations published by the initiative represented considerations that the company did not pursue. According to the KWA, an "obviously photographed" preliminary floor plan, also published by the initiative, only served the purpose of mass investigations. Plans are not finished, he said, but are moving forward in "intensive consultation with community boards and authorities."

Wiedemann, on the other hand, disputes this account of the KWA. One of the published 3D renderings is an original drawing by the board of trustees, she said. This was also presented to the municipal council in a non-public meeting in February, he explains. In addition, the KWA had negotiated with the Wiedemann family about the only building of the former spa clinic still in their possession. For this purpose, he said, he had been able to see an extensive set of plans with floor plans and sections that had been formulated as well as furnished. Based on these documents, he also reconstructed a view from the site. Wiedemann urges the board of trustees to involve the citizens in an open and transparent process. He suggests setting up a working group or organizing an urban planning competition. For his part, Mayor Grasl promises that the municipality will focus very closely on its planning jurisdiction and tree protection.

Only recently, found patient files from the former Wiedemann health clinic caused additional excitement. Apparently, these as well as X-ray images, including those of many prominent patients, were lying around openly in the buildings. Anyone could gain access to the houses through broken doors and windows. In 2004, an Italian company took over the operation of the clinic with all its documents and filed for bankruptcy a short time later. In the meantime, the KWA has sealed off access to the buildings with a construction fence and blocked doors. The public prosecutor’s office is examining the case. The regional office for data protection supervision is concerned with iti

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"Serious deficiencies"

Letter to the editor to the Isar Loisachboten of 7. July 2016

Subject: Ongoing reporting on the former Wiedemann Clinic in Ambach

It is not acceptable that the Kuratorium im Alter (KWA) puts the community of Munsing under pressure. The project has serious flaws, intemperate in size, reckless in architecture, and is not contemporary. Ambach has no infrastructure, the district no need. It would make sense to have a project where old and young live together. I hope that the municipality will create a development plan that benefits the area, the municipality and the investor. The pressure of the population, the whole community of Munsing and the steadfastness of the local council is also required. I hope that the display of signature lists planned by the Ostuferschutzverband and the Ambach Initiative will be supported in large numbers. It should be added that the KWA has not yet fulfilled its obligation to safeguard patient data.
Fritz Noppes
Lindenstrasse 1

Published on 7. July 2016 14. July 2016 Author Mechthild Felsch Categories Media Reports

Citizens want to have their say! Signature list

The Ostuferschutzverband (OSV) views with concern the rumored plans between the municipality of Munsing and the Kuratorium Wohnen im Alter (KWA) on the site of the former spa clinic Wiedemann in Ambach.

According to all that is known, a senior citizens’ residence of up to 90 apartments is to be built there, i.e. a major project the likes of which Ambach has never seen before. According to the current state of knowledge, the planned floor area is to exceed that of the former spa clinic, which is in decay, by a good 30 percent. The population of Ambach could grow by more than half. Such a drastic development must not be approved without discussion with the citizens!

The Ostuferschutzverband (OSV) therefore calls on the mayor and the council of the municipality of Munsing:

Not to create a development plan that would create a building right that does not currently exist without a thorough public discussion to determine whether a building project of this size is in the best interest of the citizens and the thriving development of the sensitive eastern shore of Lake Starnberg.

Not to allow deforestation of valuable old trees.

Definitely not to approve a building volume that exceeds that of the former spa clinic in size.

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