Around the world with the right santa

Santa Claus lives in Greenland. This is quite certain and certain. At least that’s what we think, but unfortunately there are divided opinions about it.

Santa Claus lives in Greenland. That’s for sure and certain. Unfortunately, there are people in other countries who hold a different view, either due to false information or mere identity theft. Maybe you come from such a country where people think differently. So as not to offend anyone, you can read some of the alternative – and unproven – explanations here.

If we now approach the matter objectively, we must unfortunately admit that there are many myths surrounding Santa Claus. As for where he comes from, where he lives (that’s not necessarily the same place), how he works, who he works with, and then of course the big question of how he makes it around the world in a whole day.

Who is Santa Claus actually?

Some might call Santa a bit of a "decoration addict" once you list what he actually wears: He is dressed in a red suit with a white fur rim. He has shiny black boots and around his belly he wears a black belt with a golden buckle. He also has a big white beard and occasionally uses round black glasses. He looks cool and we all love the gorgeous fat Santa Claus in his fine clothes.

Santa lives in his cozy little house way up in the north of Greenland. If you’ve been a good child, you’ll be rewarded with gifts this holiday season – on the evening of the 24th, to be exact. December or on the morning of 25. December. It depends on where you live.

Learn more about Christmas traditions in Greenland here.

Santa Claus lives in Uummannaq in Greenland

The very popular Danish Christmas television series "The Secret Santa Gang in Greenland" established in 1989 what everyone should have known long ago: Santa Claus lives in Greenland. Strictly speaking, he lives in the "Spragle Bay" near Uummannaq. The lucky ones who visit Uummannaq still get to visit his lovely, cozy house here.

Santa’s workshop is located on the ice sheet. He also has a large camp at the North Pole, so it’s easier for him to travel south in all directions. The biggest mailbox in the world is Santa’s, and of course it’s in Ilulissat, Greenland. Tens of thousands of children send letters to Santa Claus every year in Greenland and his helpers, the elves, have their hands full answering them all.

When the distribution of gifts is over, Santa Claus has one last – and very important – task, which he has to accomplish today, on 24. December, has to do. The pixies are invisible to humans, but they are very practical in nature. They get Air Greenland to provide a helicopter when Santa lands in Nuuk airport. Here he sits down in the helicopter with the last bags and flies to Sana, the Queen Ingrid Hospital in the middle of Nuuk, where he distributes presents to the children who cannot be at home on Christmas Eve.

Around the world with the right santa
Around the world with the right santa

This is how things work in Santa’s workshop

Throughout the year, Santa Claus is busy in his workshop with his wife and the many elves. Here they saw, cast, weld and assemble so that good children all over the world can get their share of the presents he distributes at Christmas time. To get it all done, he gets help from his 9 reindeer, who are so fast that they can visit all the children in the world in record time – just one night, in fact.

When the children’s wish lists arrive, that’s when the big planning begins. The many slips of paper must be converted into total lists so that the elves can check whether the demand corresponds to the inventory. They run like crazy back and forth between the inland ice and the North Pole, biting their tongues more than once.

When it’s time to hand out presents, the reindeer Dancer, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitz and, of course, Rudolph are waiting at the dateline with Santa Claus. From here, they set off west to deliver all the presents before nightfall.

They fly at lightning speed zigzagging from south to north, moving a little more west each time they return from the camp at the North Pole, where the sleigh is quickly replenished. You don’t become a Santa Claus without effort!

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