Adopt a dog from an animal shelter? (You should pay attention to this)

You want to adopt a dog from the shelter? But what to consider when buying a dog? How much are the costs? This and more we show you in this article. As a bonus we have prepared a PDF checklist for you below. So that you are on the safe side!

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You are looking for a dog? Then you can now do something against animal suffering and torture!

Every day we see horrible pictures on Instagram, Facebook, etc. contrary to. They show abandoned or neglected animals. Many end up in a shelter…eventually

What initially looks like a temporary rescue quickly turns out to be a lifetime of custody. The animals lonely in overcrowded animal shelters.

Adopt a dog from a shelter is right for me?

Animal shelter

The acquisition of a pet always brings with it a great responsibility. Therefore, you should think very carefully about whether you want to take on this responsibility.

Does your housing situation allow you to have a dog? In many apartments dogs are not allowed or unwanted by the landlord.

How much space you can offer your new roommate? In addition to plenty of exercise, the size of your apartment is also crucial when choosing a dog.

Are you often at home or on the road all day? Dogs love the company of their humans and do not like to stay alone.

Do you already have other pets? For a harmonious coexistence you must make the right choice.

It is important that all family members agree to the acquisition of a dog. You enter into a long-term relationship with your four-legged friend.

You should also be aware that a dog running costs brings with it. Food and vet visits will be permanent, as well as dog tax. Also the acquisition of accessories and toys costs money.

Breeders, pet shops and internet forums


You have of course the possibility to buy a dog from a breeder, from a pet shop or through internet forums.

Should you decide for a breeding dog, please make sure that it is a reputable breeder, whom you may also visit on site often to have a closer look at his breeding facility.

In addition, a breeder with passion will ask you about your living conditions extensively. Because he wants to make sure that his puppy will be in good hands in the future.

From breeders or. from foreign countries like Romania, Poland etc.?. you should keep your distance.

The animals are bred there in agonizing circumstances and are mostly sick. The breeders are not primarily concerned with the welfare of the dog or. to the placement of a healthy animal.

They also don’t really care who the future owner of the dog will be and in what circumstances the dog will live in its new home, as long as the money is right. Many of these animals are smuggled into Germany under disastrous circumstances.

Always keep in mind: By buying a dog, another dog in the shelter has to do without a new home and a loving family!

Why are the animal shelters so overcrowded?

Animal shelter 2

German animal shelters are overcrowded and getting more and more crowded. There are about 550 animal shelters in Germany. More than 100 dogs end up here every year.000 dogs and stay mostly their whole life.

There are several reasons for this unattractive situation:

  • Spontaneous and rash purchases
  • Dogs as gifts (especially after Christmas the number of given away animals increases dramatically)
  • Vacation (yes – for a few days vacation dogs are deported to the shelter for life)
  • High costs
  • Change of living situation
  • Pet allergies, other illnesses or death of the owners
  • Rescues from abroad

Reasons for adopting a shelter

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But why should you choose a dog from the shelter?

Adopting from a shelter only benefits everyone involved. It gives you the opportunity to do one really good thing. Every animal deserves a loving home with loving people. It allows you to give a four-legged friend a second chance.

Advantages for the dog

Dogs need company and lots of love. Even if they are cared for and looked after in the shelter, they do not get the attention they need. They miss their own family or a loving owner.

Even if the shelter employees take care of the animals as good as possible, they simply lack the necessary time. With the high number of animals they can not respond to all individual needs.

So the dogs are often lonely and bored. Here you can counteract by opening the loving door of a new home to one of these dogs.

Advantages for you

A shelter adoption also brings great advantages for you.

You can actively do something against animal suffering and give a lonely dog a new home. Your new companion will show you more gratitude than any other animal.

The animals often do not understand why they can no longer return to their old family and suffer all the more. Despite this pain, you can very quickly gain their trust.

You can get to know your new darling first of all in peace, before you decide for him. Here’s how you can accurately check if your chemistry is right.

If you fit well together and harmonize with each other, only the general conditions need to be clarified.

Advantages for the animal shelter

As soon as you have rescued a dog, a new place becomes available for an animal in need. This way you can also help other animals by adopting them. The protection fee covers only the medical and food costs for the adopted animal. Nobody enriches himself with this money.

What does a dog from the shelter cost??

There is only one Protection fee of about 200 Euro to. Another advantage is also the financial side. With a breeder you would pay many times the price. You get for it veterinarian examined, vaccinated and dewormed dog.

As a rule, the animals in the homes are healthy and lively. Male dogs are mostly already neutered. So you can save these veterinary costs.

How can I adopt a dog from an animal shelter??

You have a large selection of animal shelters throughout Germany. Also the foreign animal protection offers you an interesting alternative. So you are not only bound to the animal shelter in your area.

Animal shelters and the foreign animal protection have clear homepages. Here you can have a look at the dogs in advance. If your dream dog is among them, you should first call the shelter and make an appointment to get to know each other.

Of course you can also ask for a dog that suits you on the spot. The shelter employees know their proteges very well and can be very helpful in your selection.

A big prejudice is that animals from the shelter are disturbed and difficult. Your first visit to the shelter will immediately convince you of the opposite.

Dogs with different characteristics are waiting for a new home. Four-legged friends of all breeds, ages and characters are represented there.

Before you can take your new four-legged friend with you, there are still a few steps to take: An initial interview with shelter staff will serve as a first assessment. You must give a detailed self-disclosure about your housing, family and work situation.

Through this self-disclosure you help the shelter staff to find the right dog for you. Not every dog you like at first sight is ideal for your living situation.

Once the selection is made, nothing stands in the way of getting to know each other. With dogs walks offer themselves for this.

If the chemistry between you is right, a preliminary check by employees of the animal welfare association is pending. They visit you in your home and check if your information is correct. If everything fits, your new protege can move into his future home.

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