5 Tips – getting puppies housebroken – and smoothly too

Puppy housebroken

Getting your puppy housebroken is easier than you might think. Nevertheless, there are mistakes that will delay the desired goal. How you can avoid these mistakes, you will learn here.

These conditions should be met in order to housebreak your puppy

The vast majority of puppies somehow become housebroken over time. But you don’t want "somehow" – you want to reach your goal as quickly and safely as possible. But one thing in advance: It is not easy, it will even be quite a bit of work to get your puppy housebroken.

Getting puppies housebroken – The requirements are:

  • A lot of time – take at least four weeks off for this (no joke)!)
  • Patience – your baby dog will not get it right from the start
  • Very good nerves – it’s best to get a large pack of good-mood tea right away!

How long will it take to housebreak your puppy??

If you’re a little lucky and avoid mistakes in this discipline of dog training, you’ll find in 4 weeks so that through his. Just to be on the safe side, think about 6 weeks.

If you are really unlucky or have little time for your puppy, it can be Up to half a year last until he is housebroken!

The most effective thing is really to take several weeks off when the puppy moves in and try to get the Train your puppy to be housebroken as consistently as possible to pull through.

At what age can you start actively training your puppy to be housebroken?

With this you should as soon as possible get going! Especially in the first 20 weeks of his life, your puppy learns very quickly. This time is also called the Imprinting phase.

Tip 1: The "magic formula": out often + positive reinforcement

Go outside with your puppy as often as possible and praise him when he does his business outside – this sounds simple at first, but in reality it is difficult to implement and quite exhausting in the long run, especially at night.

Dog puppies still have a very small and also nervous bladder, which leads to the fact that he must constantly.

In the first weeks you should walk your puppy at least every 2 hours.

It is also important that you learn to recognize when your dog needs to go out, so that you can grab him in time:

In these cases you should absolutely go out with your puppy

  • After playing or romping
  • After every meal
  • After every drinking
  • When your dog seems nervous and sniffs around in the apartment> Clear warning signal!
  • When your dog runs to the front door / apartment door to indicate that he wants to go out

Tip 2: Reward when your puppy does his business outside

Positive reinforcement of desired behavior is the key to dog training – so also with housetraining.

So when your puppy does his business outside, it’s the greatest thing in the world! Then praise your four-legged friend effusively and reward him from time to time with a treat.

This is how your little dog learns over time what behavior is desired from him – namely, to do his business only outside. Especially in the imprinting phase this works wonderfully, after only a few weeks your dog will surely be house trained.

Tip: Don’t give your puppy a treat every time he does his business outside the door. This creates an expectation, which in turn leads to nervousness. It is then counterproductive if your puppy is so nervous that he has problems doing his business.

Tip 3: If it does not want to work outside

If the business outside does not want to work out, playing can get the dog bladder going

If you already go out with your puppy, it would be of course nice if he would also do a business. Because only then can you praise him and thus encourage him in his behavior.

If once does not go at all, playing and romping can work wonders.

The exercise coupled with the excitement of play has a downright laxative effect, both bowels and bladder get going.

So you should always have a ball or a pull toy with you when you go for a walk. In a pinch, however, you can also use a stick.

Tip 4: When a mishap happens…

… then YOU are to blame, remember that!

Because if your puppy does his business in the apartment, then you have not recognized in time that he must go out. It is that simple.

Because that would only lead to insecurity and fear. Especially in the imprinting phase it is blatant, if the puppy gets afraid of his master – this would be difficult to turn back.

Besides, doing the business would be generally associated with scolding, which is in no way beneficial.

The right behavior in an emergency

When your puppy is squatting down to do its business in the house, there is only one thing to do: grab the puppy and run out, regardless of the consequences! But don’t be too hectic, it would leave a negative mark on your dog’s memory.

If he still does a little outside, be sure to praise him. Even if then outside nothing more comes, turn still another round with him, so that he associates generally the business with going for a walk.

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Tip 5: Less stress at night

Especially the nights are exhausting when you want to get a puppy housebroken. But I have a few tips for you right now to make your nights more stress-free:

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