#13 The perfect gift for mother’s day

#13 The perfect gift for Mother's Day

This year, as a gift for your mother, combine business with pleasure by giving her an assortment of Tabio socks. In this article we propose a selection of the products most appreciated by our customers, suitable for all mothers.

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day

Tabio is a Japanese brand of high-quality socks that are hand-knitted in our workshops in Nara, Japan. All our products focus on the comfort of the customer, and that’s why Tabio has already won over the French.
We have the perfect sock for any occasion and the perfect design for any outfit.

Mommy Luxe,
offer her the best

Whether it’s for your mother, your mother-in-law, or another woman you care about, she deserves the best.
What could be more cuddly and luxurious than silk??
In simple and subtle colors, with its rolled edges that do not constrict the ankle and promote good blood circulation, this sock is not only soft but also incredibly comfortable. Silk has the advantage of insulating from the cold in winter and keeping the foot cool in the heat. It may be THE pair that she wouldn’t have dared to wear herself, but that she will never leave.

Silk socks as a gift for Mother's Day 041131311

Luxury silk socks

Coquette Mama,
add some glitter to her life!

Many of our customers say that once they have tried Tabio socks, they can’t wear anything else. Among our customers’ favorites are the lame socks. The special feature of this model is that the inner thread is soft and comfortable, so it’s a glitter sock that doesn’t itch. They can be easily worn with any type of shoe and are available in a variety of colors. This is an easy way to add glitter to your life!

Lame socks for Mother's Day gift 041132128

Chic mom,
your friends will be envious!

The unique sense of the Japanese for patterns is legendary. Does your mother like to stand out from the crowd and spice up her outfits with unique accessories? At Tabio you will find the right socks for her!
The Madras model, for example, has a soft edge that doesn’t pinch the ankle and an original pattern that is easy to customize.
For the warm season, we also recommend the openwork socks, which are both breathable and delicate. A classic for all generations.

Openwork socks with soft edges

Sports moms,
Give them an ally!

Tabio sports socks are known worldwide for their innovative design and unmatched performance.
Everything is designed to make sports activities, especially walking or running, easier and more comfortable. The non-slip material keeps the foot in the shoe, the five separated toes prevent the development of blisters or injuries due to friction, this separation also allows better stability thanks to the distribution of support, the arch of the foot is also supported, and finally the material absorbs and releases moisture. Thanks to this sock she will literally feel better in her sneakers!

Sports socks for Mother's Day gift 041120136

Our gift tip :

Choose a comfortable pair, a chic pair and a simple pair. A pair for any occasion and an opportunity to give a gift that is both beautiful and essential.

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