You can see if you’re really standing right when the light comes on

Symbolic image: For a long time, the lighthouse at Cabo de Sao Vicente was the last piece of Europe that seafarers had to see before they sailed into the'Neue Welt' sahen. (Foto: Soren Peters)

I don’t even know if the ZDF children’s quiz "1, 2 or 3" is still as popular in times of YouTube and Pokemon GO as it was 25 years ago. At that time, however, it was a fixed date for me with the old tube TV. And with Biggi Lechtermann.

For those who don’t know the show: teams of children from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are asked more or less complicated questions and have to decide between three possible answers, of which logically only one is correct. Thereby they bounce chaotically on light boards back and forth and decide so for the answer. After expiration of the rate time by means of light signal the solution communicated. In addition the guiding principle "One, two or three…last chance…over! Whether you stand really correctly, you see, if the light turns on".

In the early 1990s, I never thought this phrase would catch up with me again as a man in his early thirties. But somehow I feel – as far as blogging is concerned – like one of the participating children who has to choose between three options..

About the background

A blog in general, and a travel blog in particular, always has something in common in my mind with that of Hunter S. Thompson established gonzo journalism in common, where distance and objectivity give way to the author’s subjectivity. The author/blogger makes the distant seem close, the unknown become known, the reader sees the world through the eyes of the car/blogger. This is something that excites me about blogging. I can let off steam in other areas besides my job as an editor, which is how I earn my daily bread. My blog has helped me to deal with and understand technical backgrounds. And last but not least, to improve my photo skills steadily.

But what to do when life changes fundamentally? Circumstances rarely change in one fell swoop, I’ve been asking myself the question of meaning and where I want this to go for a few months now: Three years ago, my girlfriend at the time and I bought a piece of property in. In the meantime, the girlfriend has become my wife and the big belly she still had at the wedding has turned into a little person who sees the world in his or her own way. in this case discovered in her, very own way.


Not nice, but rare. Pacifier as symbolic photo, because I don’t want to show my little daughter here. I think you have understanding for it. (Photo: Soren Peters)

And that’s where the time factor comes in: I have a regular job, I’m still working as a coordinator in London (I’ve kept my own tours to an absolute minimum), I have a wonderful wife and an even more wonderful daughter, we’re building our family nest in a suburb…phew! It’s exhausting. And if I still want to do sports or visit a Dortmund game from time to time, the time in my free time is also slowly running out. Not to mention longer trips.

And since there are only 24 hours in a day, that leaves only three options in the end:

1. I’m quitting blogging.

No, out of the question. In my traineeship I never wanted to understand the phrase "journalist is 24 hours a day", but with increasing experience it makes sense. At the time, I related it to pure working hours, I could no longer look at the newspaper without immediately feeling a certain pressure or obligation. But walking around or traveling without an eye for a good photo subject, without questioning things, that’s not an option. Through blogging I perceive my surroundings differently when I travel, walk a few meters further for a better photo, take time for details…blogging and especially photography has changed my behavior here.

2. I do nothing for now. The time will come again.

Also an option. But a blog that lies fallow for a long time is still a bit depressing. Empty pages are there to be filled in. And somewhere a blog is also a business card in the net.

3. I do something new.

Something that suits me. Something that reflects my life. Something that focuses on my photos. And a few selected texts. Some kind of digital exhibition of my work. And it should have a lot of white space. I’m really into white space layouts. Something where you don’t notice if the most recent post is a month old…

So in the coming days, I’ll be thinking about what shape the whole Killefitt should take.

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