Yes we got engaged! The perfect engagement

Yes we are engaged! The perfect engagement

From when is one actually engaged? And what does it mean to be engaged?. Engagement exactly?

From engagement, respectively. Being engaged can be spoken when 2 people promise to enter into marriage.

The framework in which this promise is made is completely irrelevant. This can be quite romantic private (Do you want to marry me my darling??) or in front of a large group z.B. on a birthday of the beloved.
Alternatively, you can simply go together to the registry office and apply for a date for the marriage. In this case you do not have to promise each other the engagement, you are simply engaged and wait until you get married.

Legally, there are no rules that say that there must be at least X months between the engagement and the marriage. In the past, the rule was that after the engagement, the wedding ceremony should take place in a year’s time. However, the couples here are becoming more free and flexible. The pressure of social norms is receding further and further into the background. Therefore, it is quite possible that between the actual engagement and the marriage may be 2- 3 years. True to the motto "Drumm prufe wer sich ewig bindet…. "

How long you are engaged?

The engagement period lasts from the moment of the engagement to the actual day of the marriage at the registry office. Since legally one is married only after a civil marriage.

Why get engaged at all? What purpose does the engagement serve?

The period of the engagement serves exactly the preparation for the wedding. With the engagement you also symobolize to the outside that you have serious intentions to get married. Even if today couples take more time between engagement and wedding, the phase of testing should actually already be completed. One knows, this is the partner and/or. the partner I want to marry.

What are the legal obligations of being engaged??

According to the Civil Code, the engagement is called the "betrothal". But by an entered engagement one has less concrete rights and duties, as one thinks. The most important thing:
AFTER AN ENGAGEMENT ONE IS NOT OBLIGED TO MARRY! One can dissolve the engagement namely quite simply again. So no court can force someone to marry, because he is already engaged to the partner or to the partner. the partner was engaged.

At the same time, this means that you do not have to be engaged beforehand if you would like to get married.

If one of the fiancees cancels the engagement without an important reason, he/she must compensate the partner, parents or other persons for the resulting damage. This mainly means that expenses may have already been incurred in anticipation of the wedding. These would then have to be replaced on demand by the corresponding partner.

However, if there is a valid reason to break off the engagement, he does not have to compensate for the damage. An important reason would be here z.B. Infidelity of the partner or frequent delay of the wedding, without any plausible reasons for it.

Conversely, the partner who is responsible for breaking off the engagement (e.g.B. by infidelity).

If one has made gifts to each other the partners can require that these are returned.

An important change after an engagement arises during trials in court:
Engaged couples are considered related and do not have to testify against each other. So you have Testimony refusal right . This also applies to the promise of life partnership or registered partnership.

How is an engagement broken off?

It is very easy. Since the lawful dissolution of the engagement is not bound to any real formal form. In the best case, both partners agree to dissolve the engagement by mutual consent. Here it is quite sufficient if this is done verbally.
If engagement rings have already been purchased, everyone takes off the ring. Most of the time the engagement is part of the ending of the relationship. This means not only the engagement ring is taken off, but also the common household is dissolved. Since each partner wants to go his own way in the future. Already made purchases or. Reservations for the wedding are returned or canceled.
Of course, the breakup of an engagement is not nice or easy for anyone. However, it is better than realizing after the wedding that the relationship is no longer working and an expensive divorce lawyer has to be hired.

The engagement is dissolved: What claims arise?

If the engagement is broken off without a compelling reason (infidelity, continual delaying of the wedding without important reasons, etc.), the marriage is cancelled.), the dissolving partner is obligated to pay for the expenses already incurred, z.B. for the preparation of the wedding. And not only to the other partner, but also to his parents and other people who have made expenses for the parents.
Gifts received can be reclaimed by both partners.

If the engagement is terminated with compelling reason (e.g.B. infidelity) is dissolved the partner who is responsible for the reasons (i.e. the one who was unfaithful) is obliged to pay damages.

The claims expire 2 years after the engagement has been broken off. So nothing can be asked for after that.

In the BGB the laws stand to the topic engagement (there Verlobnis called) in the §§ 1297 – 1302. Here you can see again the legal consequences of the dissolution of the engagement.

Is engagement proposal and wedding proposal the same thing?

In principle, both mean the same, next the promise to enter into marriage. From there you can say that you wedding proposal and engagement proposal mean the same thing.

Who should make the engagement proposal?

The one who wants to make it. Very simple. In the past, the man was traditionally expected to make the first move. Say the man was responsible for the engagement. But thank God we are now modern, free and enlightened. So it is not unusual when the woman initiates the engagement.

How to get engaged? In 3 steps to the perfect engagement

The perfect engagement is quite easy to achieve, if you have thought about it beforehand.

If you put your planning in these 3. If you take the right steps, you are on the safe side.

  1. Do I want to get engaged and how would I formulate the engagement proposal??
  2. When and where do I propose?
  3. What do I need for my engagement proposal??

First of all, you should ask yourself if you really want to get engaged. If you can answer yes to these questions, it’s time to plan the perfect engagement. Here you start best with the how. How would you prefer to word your engagement proposal? This question can only be answered by you, because you have to choose your partner or. know your partner best. Do you want to keep the "getting engaged" theme short and sweet? Or do you want to knit a romantic story. Tell about the first date and go big? Our tip for you: Keep it short and to the point. This is often best received. Besides, you will probably be very excited anyway and will be glad if you don’t have to tell too much.

As soon as the how is set, i.e. you know how you want to formulate the engagement, you have to take care of the when and where. Here you will certainly quickly think of an ideal place and time. For example, this could be a romantic restaurant where you celebrated your first anniversary. Or spontaneously under the stars on the beach during your next vacation trip.

So the how stands. When and where is defined. Now only the last ingredients are missing to make it really a perfect engagement. So what else do you have to get? In any case flowers, respectively. a long stemmed rose. What about engagement rings? Should both wear one or only the lady? Is it a simple ring or a real diamond studded ring?? Do you have to drink champagne or. Get champagne and glasses or are you in the restaurant just order on it?

Do we need engagement rings?

No you do not need. Nobody says that the rings are mandatory. However, it is nice to be able to symbolize your love and engagement visibly to the outside world, even with a ring. There is certainly no woman who would not be delighted with a pretty engagement ring.

On which hand to wear the engagement ring?

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, engagement rings are usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand, which then switch to the right hand after the wedding. The engagement ring then becomes a wedding ring in this way.

If you have engagement rings and wedding rings, the engagement rings are discarded after the wedding and only the wedding rings are worn. Some women keep the engagement ring on the left hand, the man usually takes off the engagement ring after the wedding. From this point of view, it does not really make sense to burden herself with the costs of engagement and wedding ring on the male side.

Must we celebrate our engagement in a big way?

No, you don’t have to. But the engagement should at least be celebrated by you as a couple. Finally, being engaged marks an important step in your relationship as a couple. If and how you communicate the whole thing to the outside is completely up to you. Especially when the bonds within the family are strong, a small engagement party is often expected from the newly engaged. How about a nice barbecue, for example, where friends and family learn about the engagement?

Key Facts Engagement:

  • The engagement means a promise to marriage
  • The engagement period goes from vows to actual wedding
  • The engagement does not imply a legal obligation to marry
  • The engagement should be well planned
  • The engagement ring belongs on the left hand
  • The betrothal can – but does not have to be celebrated

Should I get engaged?

The engagement is an important, serious step within the partnership. Therefore, it should always be well considered. Is my partner really the person I want to spend the rest of my life with? Do we really fit together? Do we have the same goals in life? Do we have similar dreams and wishes? If you’re not 100% sure you want to get engaged, you better take some more time to check it out. Because nothing is worse than a betrothal pronounced too soon. As this of course implies certain expectations and obligations.

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