Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat (lipofilling)

Modern aesthetic facial rejuvenation usually includes volume building to compensate for the loss of elastic fibers, fat pads and connective tissue. Wrinkle injection with the patient’s own fat, also known as lipofilling, is therefore a good and now proven method for correcting the volume of sunken areas of the face.

Dr. Metz and patient - wrinkle treatment

Dr. Christian Metz removes the patient’s own fat cells under local anesthesia, mostly from the thighs, inner knees, buttocks or abdomen. The fat cells are then prepared and used to build up volume for sunken areas of the face and for wrinkle subcutaneous injections.

Initial consultation for wrinkle treatment with autologous fat /lipofilling

If required, this treatment can also be combined with other procedures, e.g. B. Liposuction / liposuction can be combined, and it is also used in facelifts and now eyelid lifts. We will be happy to explain to you which method is the most suitable for your wishes.

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Let specialist Dr. Christian Metz in one detailed initial consultation to Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat /lipofilling show you the possibilities offered by an injectable treatment. We would be happy to arrange a first, non-binding appointment with you in our practice for plastic& Aesthetic surgery in Munich under 089 / 20 07 07 07.

Three questions for Dr. Metz on the subject of wrinkle treatment with autologous fat / lipofilling

How long does the wrinkle treatment with autologous fat last??

Since approximately 80 – 90 percent of the transplanted fat cells grow, the result of the autologous fat treatment remains, although it is subject to weight fluctuations. Of course, the overall aging process continues.

Does the facial skin feel the same after the treatment as before??

Both appearance and texture of the skin are completely natural. After lipofilling, the skin feels the same as before, but has more volume again as in younger years.

How many years younger can a wrinkle treatment with autologous fat make you??

Depending on individual circumstances and lifestyle, the increased volume in the face can turn back the clock by about 3 to 5 years. You look fresher after lipofilling than before, and the skin has more volume and elasticity again.

Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat (lipofilling)

Surgical information on wrinkle treatment with autologous fat in the practice of Dr. med. Christian Metz in Munich

What surgical methods and techniques are used by specialist Dr. Christian Metz performed?

To fill the face with autologous fat, the patient’s own fat is first taken from other parts of the body, d. h. first perform liposuction. For the purpose of wrinkle treatment, we perform a very gentle surgical method in our clinic in Munich using the tumescent technique, which preserves the extracted fat cells particularly well. The fat cells are suctioned out through tiny incisions in the skin with the help of fine suction cannulas. The fat is then prepared and then placed with very fine cannulas in the desired areas of the face, which were determined in the preliminary consultation. Eyelids, eyebrows, temples, lips and cheeks can be filled up well with it. The most frequently used areas are the marionette lines (also known as the "Merkelfalte") The nasolabial fold is filled with the patient’s own fat. For deeper wrinkles, the SNIF (sharp-needle-intradermal-fatgrafting according to Tonard) microfat wrinkle treatment is favorable: The microfat can be applied intradermally to the forehead, cheeks, decollete and neck by means of fine sharp needles and injected around the mouth. A special technique is the NANO-fat transplantation. The fat is processed into an emulsion so that the NANO fat can be injected into the smallest superficial wrinkles and in the long term the high stem cell content leads to the formation of the body’s own collagen. It is also possible to apply highly concentrated stem cells directly into the erased lip wrinkles or in combination with the patient’s own fat to build up the volume of the cheeks after prior special preparation.

How does the treatment proceed in detail?

On the day of the procedure, the areas where fat is to be removed and those where the fat is to be placed are first marked in consultation with you. Then the local anesthesia is performed in twilight sleep. With the help of the tumescence technique, fat is then extracted particularly gently from the marked areas with fine special cannulas and then prepared in such a way that it can be optimally used for the autologous fat treatment. If stem cell isolation is necessary, the autologous fat is prepared accordingly. The living fat cells are inserted into the corresponding skin areas as gently as possible in a large number of stitches, so that a good blood supply to the fat grafts is ensured. It is important that as many fat cells as possible survive and grow. So-called adult stem cells also play a role in the subsequent skin quality.

Do I have to go to the clinic for the autologous fat treatment / lipofilling??
The autologous fat treatment is performed on an outpatient basis. Normally you can leave the clinic the same day after a certain waiting period after the operation.

What form of anesthesia is necessary?

Wrinkle treatment with the patient’s own fat can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and twilight sleep, or rarely under general anesthesia if desired.

How does the preparation for lipofilling proceed??

After the preliminary consultation and compliance with the usual preparatory measures for surgery (cf. From 10 days before the operation, do not take any medications containing acetylsalicylic acid, do not take any painkillers, stop smoking, etc.) come to the clinic in Munich on the day of the operation. We will discuss the procedure with you again. After marking the affected skin areas, the local anesthesia is applied in twilight sleep.

How is the aftercare?

You will receive cooling compresses after the operation to reduce swelling. You will also be given medication to reduce swelling. As a rule, pain medication is not necessary. A companion should drive you home on the day of the operation. On the following day there will be a check-up, at which time you will usually be fit to drive again. Heavy physical activity should be avoided. Light physical exercise is beneficial.

What are the risks?

An operation always involves the usual operating risk, e.g. B. also the risk of possible infection, which is however rare. Pre-existing conditions and medication must be discussed in advance with Dr. Christian Metz can be discussed. Vascular diseases, vein weakness and thrombosis require special care. All this we clarify in the consultation.

What complications can occur during lipofilling?

swelling and bruising may occur in the areas where fat has been removed. Very slight swelling can also occur in the face, which disappears after a few days. This can also lead to a feeling of reduced sensitivity. This also passes again. About this Dr. med. inform Metz in detail in the explanatory talk.

What pain will occur?

Any mild pain similar to a bruise at the liposuction sites can be well reduced with pain relievers such as ibuprofen and refrigeration. There is generally no pain in the face.

Do I have to expect scars?

The scars caused by the small skin incisions (ca. 3-5 mm) are so fine that they are usually almost no longer visible after six months.

When can I go back to work?

You can usually return to work after two to seven days.

Are there alternatives to the surgery??

It is also possible to treat wrinkles by injecting hyaluronic acid or Botox. Both methods are not permanent, but must be repeated regularly. In more advanced cases, a decision should be made about performing a facelift with cheek and neck lift. We will advise you on this in detail in our consultation hours.

What are the costs of the operation??

We will be happy to provide you with an individual cost estimate after the consultation. There are costs from 2.300€. The costs also depend on whether the treatment is to be carried out with stem cell enrichment or without and combined with other interventions.

What are the requirements for this surgery?

You should have fat deposits on your body for the removal of your own fat, but you should not be very overweight. You should also not plan to lose a lot of weight. Non-smokers have a more favorable prognosis for this treatment.

In which cases is the procedure paid for by health insurance??

Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat / lipofilling is usually not covered by health insurance.


Please make an appointment with Dr. Christan Metz in his practice for plastic& Aesthetic surgery one non-binding initial consultation. He will answer your questions about wrinkle treatment with autologous fat / lipofilling. Please contact us for more information Tel. 089 / 20 07 07 07 in Munich.

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