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Despite all the political squabbles and economic difficulties, Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for German vacationers. The pleasant climate, the extensive beaches, and ultimately the locals, who welcome their visitors with open hearts, are responsible for the popularity of the country.

However, before starting the trip to Turkey, not only the itinerary must be well planned, but also the travel funds. And this should provide a good mix of cash and options for cashless payment.

5 quick facts for traveling to Turkey

  • The Euro is not the official currency in Turkey, money exchange should be done in Turkey
  • Cash is accepted in many places
  • Credit cards are the cheapest option for cashless payments
  • Special rules apply to tipping in Turkey
  • Worldwide without foreign currency fee you can pay among other things with the Barclaycard VISA or the DKB Bank Visa Card

Can be paid for in euros in Turkey?

Turkey is neither a member of the European Union nor is the euro recognized as an official currency. In Turkey, the main means of payment is the Turkish lira. The currency has presented itself in the last months as very uncertain, which can be for travelers quite an advantage. Because the weaker the Turkish Lira presents itself, the more favorably this is for a journey in Turkey.

Due to the massive fluctuations in the Turkish lira, it is possible to use the euro as a means of payment in many regions. Especially on the coasts, which are very well developed for tourism, the euro is often used as a means of payment. Here, however, it must be ensured that the conversion rate is roughly adhered to. Otherwise, the seller earns extra when paying with euros and the traveler must accept financial losses. It is therefore only conditionally recommendable to pay with the Euro in Turkey.

Where to pay with cash everywhere in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the countries in which cash still has a particularly high value. It is used as the most common means of payment. And not only in the traditional bazaars and markets, but also in other places. In restaurants, shopping centers and public facilities can be paid with cash without any problems. Cash is accepted in every place, because in many cases it is safer than a card payment. In any case in the eyes of the locals.

In order to be able to pay with foreign currency and get cash as cheaply as possible in a vacation country like Turkey, we recommend a credit card without basic fees and foreign currency charges. Our winner in the test of free credit cards, the Barclaycard Visa, would be such a card:

In addition to a credit card it is therefore important to carry sufficient cash to be able to settle any bills accordingly. Especially if the trip is to go to less developed areas.

Cash should be exchanged in the best case directly in Turkey on the spot. In exchange offices or in banks in the country, the daily exchange rate is taken into account when exchanging currency. If the money is exchanged in a Turkish bank, the identity card or passport must be presented.

When exchanging money, care must be taken that banknotes of different denominations are issued. Thus, smaller bills can also be paid conveniently with cash, without the return of change becoming an obstacle for the seller.

Are there upper limits when bringing cash into Turkey?

Since Turkey is not part of the European Union, unlimited money transfer from Germany to Turkey and back is not possible.

If you want to enter Turkey, you are not allowed to carry more cash than 5000 US dollars with you. The currency of the cash is not decisive.

If larger amounts of money are imported into Turkey, this must be declared at customs. The money may be imported despite all this, but it is registered to comply with the Money Laundering Act and to prevent criminal activities.

How to pay cashless in Turkey?

In the big cities and in the tourist areas, the use of credit cards for cashless payments is possible without any problems. Many stores, hotels and even restaurants recognize credit cards as a means of payment. And also excursions, which are made with the rented car, can be paid with credit card.

Credit cards cannot be used in the bazaars and markets. Cash is still the main means of payment there. Also EC cards (Maestro Card / Giropay) are rarely used as a means of payment in Turkey. They are ideal for withdrawing cash from ATMs. However, only in connection with a fee.

This fee for withdrawing money can also be charged on credit cards, which are not exempt from foreign fees. The fee is charged by the card issuer here in Germany and by the bank that provides the ATM. How high the fees are, can be read at the ATM. If the language setting is changed to German, it is possible to find out exactly what charges may apply.

In general, the credit card is always the cheapest option for cashless payments in Turkey. If the EC card is to be used in Turkey, then the lifting of the block for foreign use must be discussed in advance with the house bank. Most banks block their EC cards for foreign countries in order to prevent misuse. The limit per default for foreign use is therefore 0 €. By a simple telephone call with the house bank this can be cancelled however. If desired, a maximum limit can be set per day for foreign use.

For a carefree trip and to ensure smooth payment transactions abroad, the acquisition of a credit card is recommended. This should be as low cost as possible, but offer maximum services. Our recommendation for you, is the Barclaycard VISA.

The best credit card for a trip to Turkey

It is particularly easy to pay by credit card in Turkey. In any case, in places where the credit card is accepted. Visa and Master Card are popular. Both credit card providers are very often accepted in the big cities and also in the touristy developed areas. Fewer acceptance points can be found with the providers American Express and Diners Club. Who travels with such credit cards, must inform themselves in advance, where the credit cards are accepted within Turkey.

To avoid the fee for foreign use, it is worthwhile to choose a credit card for travel to Turkey, which does not provide for foreign fees.

Interesting in this context is always the annual fee that comes with a credit card. If the fees are low, this is also easy on the wallet, since many credit cards are not used as intensively as is often assumed in advance. When choosing the right credit card, it is therefore important to pay attention not only to the foreign fee, but also to the annual fee. It is important that the credit card fits the user and that the areas are covered, which are used most often.

How much is tipping in Turkey?

There is probably no country where tipping does not play a role. In Turkey it is no different. Tipping is also accepted in many places there and is also customary.

At bazaars z. B. the price negotiated. Here a tip is not necessary, because the negotiated price is fixed and the tip is in principle already included in the negotiated price.

The situation is different when dining in restaurants or club hotels. There, tipping is appropriate in any case. In restaurants a tip of 10% of the bill is considered normal. The same applies to bars or nightclubs.

In a club hotel, a tip is given on the day of departure. It is best to give the tip directly to the person who is to receive it. Who gives a tip here in euro, does the servants a big favor with it. Ten euros for a particularly good service during the stay is justified.

There is a special feature in the dining room of hotels. There the waiter does not get his tip directly, but it is put into a basket or a box with the label "Tip Box" at the exit. Here it is considered sufficient to give 1 or 2 €. The tip is then divided among the entire staff.

Even drivers of buses or cabs have a small basket in the vehicles, in which the tip is given. Guidebooks of day trips and the like act the same way with a small basket.

At stands or directly on the beach, no tip is expected from the flying merchants. It can only be given if no change is wanted back or if the service is outstanding.

credit card or EC card stolen or. lost – what to do?

If the credit card or the girocard is lost or stolen in Turkey, it is a great loss. This loss is often accompanied by panic and frustration. After all, it is impossible to estimate how much damage the loss or theft will ultimately cause.

To avert the greatest damage as possible, it is important that the missing cards are blocked immediately. To do so, the blocking emergency number for the appropriate card company must be dialed. Once the lost cards are blocked, claims can no longer be made. If the cards are used despite all this, the claims run into the void. The damage is thus averted from the cardholder.

In addition, it is always advisable to report the loss or theft to the police in Turkey to carry appropriate documents and to facilitate the possible location of the cards.

To pay and get cash as cheaply as possible in Turkey, we recommend a credit card without basic fees and foreign currency charges. The DKB VISA-Card credit card including a checking account would be a good option:

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