With the ship: 8 beautiful day trips from hamburg

Linda Bernhof 21. September 2021

Going to the Baltic Sea or Lubeck by car – can be done. But we don’t have the Elbe right on our doorstep for nothing. So, why not take a day trip on the water: eight beautiful ship tours.

With the Halunder Jet to Helgoland

Sea, dunes and steep cliffs: The island of Helgoland is a small islet in the middle of the North Sea and is perfect for a day trip. Enjoy the crossing with the modern Halunder Jet and then let yourself be lulled by the relaxed atmosphere on Germany’s only high sea island. Here you can still experience untouched nature – for example at the Klippenrandweg and the Lummenfelsen nature reserve. You should also not miss the colorful lobster stalls at the Binnenhafen, which today house galleries, restaurants and small stores. A special highlight are the seals and grey seals, which you can see up close and personal.

Info: The Halunder Jet departs daily at 9 a.m. until November from the St. Pauli Landing Bridges (Bridge 3/4) to Helgoland. The crossing takes about 3.5 hours. Cost for round trip on the same day: adults from 76.10 euros, children from 38.10 euros.

FRS Helgoline / Thomas Raake

With the Liinsand to the Alte Land

A trip by ferry to the Alte Land is similarly relaxing. It’s worth it both in spring during the blooming season and in summer during harvest time. For example, visit one of the beautiful fruit farms, take a guided tour, go on a bobel tour or grab a basket and pick strawberries for home! Best take your bike and explore the Alte Land on your own and at your own pace. Tip: don’t book too spontaneously, because the route is in high demand.

Info: The ferry Liinsand of the shipping company elblinien takes you three times a day from the Hamburg fish market to the Alte Land and back. The trip takes a little less than 2 hours. Cost: 15 Euro per person (single trip).


With the MS Princess to Gluckstadt

During the trip on the Princess you can not only enjoy the beautiful view, but you also get a rich brunch and cake buffet on top of it. After a three-hour drive, you will arrive in Gluckstadt and have two hours to explore the old town with its picturesque alleys and numerous restaurants, cafes and bars. On every corner you can find the original Gluckstadter Matjes, which you should definitely try. Afterwards it goes back to Hamburg. If you prefer to stay longer in Gluckstadt, you can also just book the outward journey, find a nice accommodation and then return by bus or train.

Info: The MS Princess departs between April and September from the Altona loading dock at the fish auction hall to Gluckstadt. The trip takes about 3 hours. Cost for round trip on the same day: 75.50 euros per person including buffet.

Eagle ships

With the Bergedorfer Schifffahrtslinie to Luneburg

This fantastic cruise starts in Bergedorf and takes you across the tidal and middle Elbe to the charming town of Luneburg. At 9 o’clock it is called all on board and then you can first have an extensive breakfast. During the 7.5-hour trip, you will pass through three locks and the Scharnebeck ship’s hoist. Once you arrive in Luneburg, a coach will take you to the city center. You can now stroll for two hours through the sweet town, store, eat and enjoy yourselves. Afterwards – around 7 p.m. – the bus will bring you back to Bergedorf.

Info: The mini-cruise to Luneburg with the Bergedorfer Schifffahrtslinie departs at 9 a.m. from the Serrahnstrabe pier in Bergedorf. The boat trip takes just under 7.5 hours. Costs: from 119 Euro per person including breakfast and return journey by coach.

Christian Ohde

With the MS Flipper to Neuwerk

Unfortunately there is no direct connection from Hamburg to Neuwerk Island. But you can also look at it positively: Because with this day trip you kill two birds with one stone. With the Halunder Jet you first cross over to Cuxhaven. Here you can eat or stroll along the beach promenade. When you are full and have seen enough, take the ferry MS Flipper and sail over to Neuwerk Island. Here the world is still in order. The island has only 40 inhabitants and is the perfect destination for those seeking peace and quiet. Who wants and the right time, can also undertake a mudflat hike.

Info: The Halunder Jet departs once daily at 9 a.m. from the St. Pauli Landing Bridges (Bridge 3/4). The trip to Cuxhaven takes cicra 2,5 hours. Costs for the outward journey: Adults from 39,80 Euro, children from 22,40 Euro | The ferry MS Flipper sails daily from the pier Alte Liebe in Cuxhaven to the island Neuwerk and back again. The trip lasts approx. 2 hours. Cost for round trip: adults 49,90 Euro, children 24 Euro.

Shipping company Cassen Eils

With the MS Viktoria to Lauenburg

Cruise – the word promises relaxation and comfort. And this is exactly what the Elbe cruise of the company Elbe Erlebnistorns is all about. At around 10 a.m., the MS Viktoria departs from the Landungsbrucken landing stages. Afterwards, you will travel through the bustling port of Hamburg, past the Elphi and the warehouses of the Speicherstadt. Once you have left this behind you, it will be quieter and you can enjoy the extensive breakfast buffet. After about 4.5 hours you will reach the idyllic town of Lauenburg. Here you have a good 1.5 hours to explore the cobbled streets with pretty half-timbered houses, galleries and cozy restaurants along the waterfront. Also pay a visit to the famous statue "Lauenburger Rufer" and wishes you luck, before it goes back on the MS Viktoria.

Info: The Elbe cruise to Lauenburg departs at 10 a.m. at the St. Pauli landing stages. The trip takes about 4.5 hours. Cost for round trip: 45 Euro per person including breakfast buffet.

Markus Tiemann

With the Bergedorfer Schifffahrtslinie to Molln

The Bergedorfer Schifffahrtslinie will not only take you to Luneburg, but also to Molln, the town of Eulenspiegel. The tour starts again at 9 a.m. at the Bergedorf harbor and then leads idyllically along the Dove-Elbe towards the Tatenberg lock. Enjoy the beautiful landscape – and a delicious breakfast, while the nature reserve Zollenspieker and the Geesthachter lock pass you by. Lunch, coffee and cake will also be served on board. Before you sail on the Elbe-Lubeck Canal to Molln, you will pass through Lauenburg. Soon you’ll reach the Eulenspiegelstadt, where you’ll be taken by bus directly to the old town and have an hour to explore the area. Back to Hamburg by bus.

Info: The mini-cruise to Molln with the Bergedorfer Schifffahrtslinie departs at 9 a.m. from the Serrahnstrabe pier in Bergedorf. The boat tour lasts almost 8 hours. Cost: from 119 euros per person, including breakfast, lunch, coffee, cake and return by coach.

Bergedorf shipping line

Day trip with the ship to the Elbinsel Krautsand

The Elbe Erlebnistorns take you to the Elbe island Krautsand. The island between Hamburg and Cuxhaven is home to just 400 people, and life here is a little more relaxed and slower-paced than in the bustling big city. Look forward to sandy beaches, nature, lighthouses, dikes and sheep. An island that could have come straight out of a North German beer commercial. There and back you come comfortably with one of the salon ships of Elbe Erlebnistorns. Let’s go at 10 o’clock in the morning. On board you strengthen yourselves during the journey with the breakfast buffet. If you have reached Krautsand around 1 p.m., you have a good two hours to enjoy the island and take a deep breath in the peace and quiet. The return trip starts around 3 p.m., so you should be back in Hamburg in the early evening.

Info: The boat trip to the Elbe island Krautsand starts at 10 a.m. at the St. Pauli Landing Bridges. The trip takes about 3 hours. Cost for round trip: 39 euros per person including breakfast buffet.

Unsplash / Philippe Oursel

Do you know them already? Hamburg’s famous ships

These ships in Hamburg are permanent guests in the harbor – and should also be familiar to you.

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