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The flood of falls is over, the dispute with the insurance companies is settled. Now the association "Katzentraum" is looking forward to the move of its sanctuary from Sonnenham to Ried. The construction work is in full swing. From May at the latest, the market town of Bruckmuhl is richer by 60 cats.

Bruckmuhl – The "Cat’s Dream" is being built in the Ried district of Bruckmuhl, a sanctuary for velvet paws. After the topping-out ceremony in May 2021, the interior construction progressed rapidly and was completed on 26. July abruptly interrupted by the flash flood in the Gotting area. „In the shell the cellar ran full. On the first floor, the water was between 20 and 40 centimeters high", Renate Holland, the chairwoman of the KatzenTraum association, describes the situation: "All the stored building material for the dry construction was soaked through. Fortunately, the screed had not yet been laid.“

Willingness to help after flash flood was great

She reports enthusiastically on the great willingness to help shown by the club members, but also by people from Gotting and Bruckmuhl. "They have tackled together, removed water and mud from the building," says Holland. She estimates the damage caused by the flood at around 150,000 euros. "Our construction insurance initially refused to pay for the damage, but we got a lawyer involved and there was also a lot of pressure on the insurer in social media," she explains. In the meantime the insurance company has given in.

The 'Katzentraum' boss is looking forward to the move and welcomes her velvet paws with open arms

First tenants move in as early as March

According to Holland, the flooding has caused a delay in construction of three to four months. At the moment, plumbers, heating and ventilation technicians, electricians and plasterers, among others, are working flat out on the interior work. At the end of March, a partial move into the then finished parts of the building should take place. About six weeks later, the rest of the move from the previous rented premises in Sonnenham is on the agenda.

New building of the grace yard in Ried must dry three months – removal shifted

The 60 or so cats will then have to get used to their new home. "During this phase, they will be looked after exclusively by helpers with whom the cats are already familiar," explains the chairwoman. Among other things, sprays with scents, which the animals find soothing and calming, will be used in the first few days. "I don’t have any major concerns about settling in, because cats are curious," notes the "Samtpfoten boss" and adds, "But it will be exciting when all our fur noses are finally allowed to move and spend their first hours in the new Gnadenhof in Ried."

The cats would then look for their individual feeding, sleeping and cuddling places as well as their "quiet little toilets". A meeting space for animals and people will be created on about 80 square meters. Visitors from old people’s homes, kindergartens and schools, but also all other interested parties, can get in touch with the four-legged residents there. "The visiting times are still being determined," Holland explains.

Touching story about tomcat Mikesch

The move from Sonnenham to Ried is also associated with a touching cat story. She started in the summer of 2020 with the decluttering of the old Straberhof. "A man from the neighborhood came by frequently, usually accompanied by his black and white cat," recalls Renate Holland. "One day we learned that the nice neighbor had passed away, and we naturally wondered who would now take care of his cat."

2300-Euro-donation from book sales for First Responder Au and association "Katzentraum" (cat dream)

The cat, which the club members named "Mikesch," was distraught and hid in the adjacent cornfield. With a lot of patience and food he was lured in. Two "cat dreamers" first went to the cornfield every morning before work to check on Mikesch. "This observes the two probably and so it came that he showed more and more confidence, we could catch him and bring him to the Gnadenhof to Sonnenham", so Holland.

A lot of space for a meeting place for people and animals has been created in the newly designed 'stable area'

Here he developed into a true model cat: sweet, friendly and obviously grateful for the help he received. Mikesch will soon be returning to his old home. "And we are sure that his deceased master will somehow realize that his four-legged friend is well cared for and may grow old in security with us," Renate Holland is certain.

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