Vaccinated, recovered, faked: that’s how many people were caught with fake vaccination certificates in the soest district

Digital Corona vaccination certificate

Corona vaccinations have given vaccination cards an unprecedented value, allowing them to be used after the introduction of 2G and co. Vaccinated persons not allowed to participate in public life. And so it did not take long for criminals to discover a new business model for themselves: Vaccination certificate forgeries.

Soest district – More and more cases of so-called vaccination card fraud are becoming known throughout Germany. Since the 24. November had been initiated in the district of Soest so far 16 proceedings for such offenses, explained Holger Rehbock, spokesman for the district police authority Soest. Tips about possible vaccination card forgeries would mainly come from employers who need to check the vaccination status of their employees, or from pharmacies. In pharmacies, many vaccinated people show their passports to be issued a certificate for the digital vaccination card.

At the latest, this is where forgeries are often noticed: Elisabeth Prolingheuer from the Engel pharmacy in Soest reports that the batch number of the respective vaccinations is now checked when the vaccination certificates are issued. "We look very closely at the vaccination cards," she emphasizes. For example, it did not go undetected that different vaccinations in a passport had the same batch number.

Forged vaccination certificate: "If something doesn’t seem plausible, we check it out"

"If something doesn’t seem plausible, we check it out," Prolingheuer explains. Thus the physicians, who are to have administered the inoculations, were called, in order to bring light into the darkness. Sometimes inconsistencies have actually been cleared up this way: "In some vaccination campaigns, the documentation was prepared very provisionally, because there were no stamps, for example," recalls the pharmacy employee.

One case is still particularly present in her mind: A patient showed his vaccination certificate. The evidence for the alleged Corona vaccinations would have looked "dubious" even at first glance. By default, the patient should show his identity card for the issuance of the vaccination certificate. "He then tried to plead that he was not obligated to show me the identification card. I then explained to him that there would be no certificate," says Prolingheuer.

Falsified vaccination certificate: Up to five years imprisonment threatens

According to the penal code the production and also the knowing use of falsified vaccination proofs are punishable. It threatens a prison sentence of two years. In particularly serious cases of "unauthorized issuance of health certificates," if "the offender acts commercially or as a member of a gang," a prison sentence of up to five years may be possible. The NRW State Office of Criminal Investigation emphasizes: "Please do not publish pictures of your vaccination certificate in social media. Doing so will only make the perpetrators’ jobs easier. As a matter of principle, be sparing with the dissemination or. publication of your private data."

Fake vaccination card: LKA explains how to spot it

The State Bureau of Investigation explains what those who check vaccination cards should look out for.

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