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Marco Peters Don't eat anything Currywurst in a jar Hohle der Lowen (Lion's Den)

Marco Peters Founder of Eat but don’t worry, Currywurst in a jar, in the lion’s den

Introduce yourself and your startup briefly!

My name is Marco Peters, I am 49 years old, come from Duisburg and founded the Food Truck "Iss doch Wurscht" in 2010. The intuition from day one was to reinterpret the currywurst and present it in a modern way. In ten years we have built up a large fan base and have been on the road with the food truck at major festivals. Street food festivals, big comedy festivals, company events and many private parties all over North Rhine-Westphalia. With the food truck and our unusual creations we have already received the one or other nationwide media echo. Here, for example, polarized our Currywurst Pommes am Stil or our Currywurst Burger. We enjoy coming up with crazy ideas such as our strawberry or pumpkin mango variation and seeing how it goes down with the end consumer.

How did your idea come about?

As a child of the Ruhr area, currywurst has of course always been a topic, unfortunately you always had to drive far to get a good dish with currywurst. I am critical, I observe, analyze and think about what I can do better. So I also question myself respectively "Eat WURSCHT" every day and see what works better. In 2010, I became aware of a casting in which they were looking for snack bar operators, which is what food trucks were still called back then. Then I thought to myself, this is the chance to do what you are missing yourself: A good snack. I didn’t win, but I made my dream come true.

What is the vision behind your product?

To reinterpret stale fast food. Just because something has been done the same way for several years, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Of course we also offer the classic version, but with an extra dose of love. Every customer notices immediately that with us everything is the same, but completely different.

Who is your target group?

Currywurst fans, fast food fans and anyone who is interested in it.

How did you come up with the idea of applying for the show "Die Hohle der Lowen"??

Due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, our livelihood was taken away from us from one day to the next. While we were looking for solutions, we got more and more inquiries from our customers about how to buy our currywurst and if we would ship it as well. We received a lot of encouragement and thought about whether it would be enough to secure our existence. A good friend, who is the owner of a REWE store, gave me the choice: "Either you finally try to get your "Currywurst in a jar" on the shelves or you start working for me". So we set to work and produced our first delivery, which was immediately snatched out of our hands.

We were completely overrun by the success of our currywurst and after 21 days we were in 25 supermarkets. That’s when we realized that we probably had something that would appeal to customers. We could not keep up with this speed. This is a completely different business and we quickly reached our limits with many things. Here it would be nice to find someone for our idea who can take us by the hand with experience.

How did you prepare for the show?

Less than you think. I live my independence 24/7, I have my fingers in it everywhere, or at least an eye on it. As a result, I know my product inside out. I know the numbers, dates and facts and can therefore appear self-assured. The pitch itself was a challenge, I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’ve seen it countless times on "Die Hohle der Lowen". I really watched all the episodes again and noted down what I liked and from that I tinkered a bit with my pitch, which turned out to be completely different because I hadn’t seen myself in it before. So I did what I do best: Just be me.

You are one of the few startup companies that made it into the show "Die Hohle der Lowen". How motivating was that for you?

In fact, I only became aware of this very late in the game. After the application there are several casting stages and each time someone gets in touch and says "congratulations, you’ve cleared the hurdle, let’s move on to the next step". And then at some point came the call "you’re in" – WOW. Then comes the moment when you think of opportunities. In the end I thought, if no one wants to take a bite, but everyone likes it, at least I have a good advertisement.

How important was this step for you as a startup company?? Also from the point of view that through "Die Hohle der Lowen" many interested parties and also media become aware of Iss doch Wurscht?

We have been in the public eye with "Iss doch Wurscht" from the very beginning, because we aroused a lot of interest with some of our creations such as the "Currywurst am Spieb" or the "Kurbis-Mange Currywurst". Of course, in a different intensity and also enjoy it, because it is also a form of recognition, not of their own person, but of the company and the products. So it was important for us to take the step of getting feedback. Actually, you start something like this small at first, because praise is followed by criticism. Now this platform "the cave of the lions" is probably the king discipline, which became conscious to us all however only afterwards. During the application process we had to produce a lot of curry sausages at the same time. There was not so much thought about the scale.

Which investor did you have in focus?

Someone who suits me. Of course you look beforehand, who can help, who does what. But you only know the lions from TV and haven’t really made a connection yet. My counterpart must be likeable to me, otherwise I cannot work with someone. You enter into a real bond there and it’s not PR and best possible you work together for a very very very long time. If the personal level isn’t right, I would say "NO" even to the lion of choice.

Where does the way go? Where do you see yourself in five years?

In the course of my food truck life, I have often asked myself this question, set milestones, pursued goals and built on them. In the end it was quite often different, because the circumstances changed completely. Now, despite eleven years of professional experience, I am at a completely different threshold. Before, I stood in front of the supermarket with the food truck – now with the currywurst in a jar in the supermarket. I didn’t even believe that a year ago. So now my goal is to expand my network and to establish myself in the best possible way.

In conclusion: Which 3 tips would you give to prospective founders??

Stay down to earth, as a person, as an entrepreneur and as a company.
That’s your most important virtue

Treat every person at eye level. Your business partners, your colleagues, your customers

You must be independent in body and soul. A good idea is not enough, the willingness to work 24/7 and the ambition to make it is the key to success.

Marco Peters from Duisburg presents Currywurst in a jar with Eat but wurscht. He hopes for an investment of 49.000 euros for 49 percent of the shares in his company. Photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

It doesn’t matter on 11. October 2021 in the lion’s den

We thank Marco Peters for the interview

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