Tornado over kiel: professional tips for stormy times

Tornado over Kiel: Pro tips for stormy times

The most important facts about Thunderstorms and storms

Gone, the sunny warm weather! Thunderstorms currently conduct a new weather phase a. Often accompanied by downpours, hail and squalls. A tornado even passed over Kiel now.

Thunderstorms often occur in transitional months – such as when summer turns to fall. Warm air and humidity favor the development of thunderstorms.

Strong storms occur mainly in autumn and winter over central and northern Europe on. The Temperature difference The difference in temperature between the polar region and the southern latitudes is then particularly great. When the air masses collide, a hurricane is formed.

One speaks of a storm when winds of at least 74 kilometers per hour occur. The Wind force is produced with the help of Beaufort scale certainly. That ranges from 1 to 12. A storm has a force 9, a hurricane 12.

Hurricanes are low pressure areas with winds over 117 km/h. Not to be confused with tropical cyclones, such as hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones. They have much more power (wind speeds of up to 300 km/h) and occur over warm sea areas.

Tornadoes are especially common in North America when thunderclouds form over heated air. The cold air falls quickly, the warm air is pulled upwards. The result: A vortex that reaches a speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour can reach.

Under cover! Pro tips for what to do in a storm

Avoid avenues and parks. Trees can bend and knock you down. Also "flying Branches are dangerous.

Take a flashlight and cell phone with you as a light source in case of power failure.

Stay inside. If you are in the city, take refuge in a store to protect yourself from falling roof tiles.

If hail is threatening and you’re in the car, it’s best to head for the nearest gas station. There are possibilities for shelter.

When you’re outdoors, get on all fours, you’ll offer less of a target that way. During thunderstorms you can duck into a hollow.

3 survival questions for a storm chaser

Others flee, he goes to the (whirl)storm. Marco Kaszuba documented extreme weather on a full-time basis. He was also in Florida to "Dorian" filming the storm that raged there in late summer 2019. We interviewed the man from Reutlingen, Germany:

How dangerous is the job as a storm chaser?

When I was filming downdrafts in Croatia, I had to hold on to a guardrail. After that I had Bruises on the hands. The storm was traveling at 250 km/h. "Dorian" in Florida was harmless. There were simple storm and high waves. In the Bahamas, just 150 kilometers from me as the crow flies, the hurricane caused catastrophic destruction. A hurricane moves slowly and can be calculated well. Therefore filming was quite relaxed. Dicey is often driving to the storm. 4 weeks ago I had an accident.

Storm chaser Marco Kaschuba films thunderstorms

How do you protect yourself in severe weather – do you wear special equipment?

Sometimes I have a helmet on and wear one Diving goggles for eye protection. Even small objects can become dangerous projectiles when they whirl through the air at over 200 km/h. Weatherproof clothing and protective suits in cold weather are a must. And it is important to protect my cameras. But sometimes one goes down the drain.

storm chaser Marco Kaschuba

Have you determined your for you alone? Or tens of storm chasers are on the way?

20 years ago I almost never met anyone. This has changed. If there is a tornado in the USA, I see hundreds of stormchasers. Some even offer tornado tours for tourists. Even in Germany there are more and more Storm fans, taking photos. Interest in the extreme is growing.

Informed by lightning

Lightning is on average 10 kilometers long. A lightning strike lasts between 100 and 250 milliseconds. How lightning occurs and even more tips on what to do during thunderstorms, can be found here.

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