Tips& ideas for the 3. Children’s birthday

Your child is turning three and you would like to organize a nice birthday party? In this article, you’ll find out which preparations you need to make and which important criteria you should take into account when planning your birthday party. You will also find valuable tips and nice ideas for the 3rd birthday party. Your little darling’s birthday party.

General birthday party for 3 year olds

A birthday party is of course a particularly exciting event and an eventful day for the little ones at that age. Therefore, you should ideally limit the party time to two to two and a half hours at the most. For example, a party from 14:30 to 16:30 is quite sufficient.

How many party guests you invite is generally up to you. However, there is one rule of thumb you should follow: invite as many guests as your child turns three. Keep in mind that with a three-year-old child also usually still a parent must be invited as a companion, because at this age children often reluctant to stay somewhere alone, birthday or not.

Evt. it is worthwhile to put the birthday child’s favorite toys out of reach. Sharing is sometimes difficult at this age.

Host a theme party: Yes or no?

Every child loves theme parties, after all, the little ones can slip into the role of a pretty princess or a brave fireman for one day. But especially toddlers can not interpret all mottos at once, so you should make a preselection here accordingly. What does your child love most right now?? Unicorn or princess, zoo or a Disney character? Boys are certainly happy about a dinosaur theme, the pirate birthday or the football party.

Ideas for the birthday party: The right decoration

Be sure to get suitable decorations such as balloons and streamers to decorate the party rooms festively. If you’re planning a theme party, there are plenty of options in stores to pick up on the birthday party theme in the decorations. You should possibly place the decorations one day before the party, because this way you have one less item to work through on your preparation checklist on the day of the party and the birthday child already has a great surprise on his big day in the morning!

Healthy and delicious food for the children’s birthday party

In addition to the popular snacks such as chips and cake, also provide vegetable dips with cottage cheese and z.B. colorful fruit skewers. The children will then automatically use it on their own in the meantime. Muffins are practical to eat – here you will find a fine recipe:

Carrot muffins
Kids at the table presents you with a sure-fire recipe for fine carrot muffins. This is a delicious way to hide vegetables. Our tip: If you stick the marzipan ruffles into the ready-baked, warm muffins, they will melt inside the muffins. That is mega fine! Have fun baking and en Guete!

Kids at the table – the practical food magazine for a varied and simple everyday cooking with children. Thanks to the free app, you always have access to the online magazine and the recipes that are sure to succeed.

Birthday party ideas: three great, age-appropriate kids’ birthday games

1. Stop dance
All you need for the game is a stereo with lively children’s music. All the little birthday guests line up and dance to the music as they please. The kids’ job is to stay still whenever you as the game leader stop the music, which happens at irregular intervals. Participants who are still moving when the music has stopped are eliminated. The winner is the child who is still the last one on the dance floor.

2. Pot banging
Pot banging is, of course, an absolute classic among children’s games. You need a pot, a wooden spoon, a cloth with which you can blindfold the children and a reward for each child present. The first player is blindfolded and you place the pot with a prize underneath on the floor of the room. The child must get down on all fours and use the wooden spoon to find the pot. The other guests can help out by "coldly" banging pots call when the child moves away from the pot, or "hot", if it is in the vicinity. Once the pot is discovered, the little winner gets to bag the prize underneath and it’s the next player’s turn.

3. Bello, your bone is gone
One child lies down as "Bello with your eyes closed, place the pot on the floor in a circle formed by the other children. A bone (building block or similar) is placed in front of his head.a.) placed. The game leader now points to a child in such a way that Bello does not notice it. The child now quietly sneaks to the bone, takes it and goes back to his place. All the children put their hands behind their backs and shout loudly: "Bello, Bello, your bone is gone"!" Bello now has three attempts to find the bone with the right child. Bello found the child, he becomes the new sleeping dog. If the bone could not be found, a new Bello is determined by the game leader.

4. Enchanted Smarties
Lay ca. 15 Smarties in a plate. You decide who gets to try their luck first. This child looks away or goes to another room for a moment. The other children agree on 1 smartie in the plate, which is "poisonous" if it is nearby or "enchanted is. The child is called back and is allowed to eat from the smarties in the plate until he or she has the "enchanted/toxic" Smarties caught. Then all call: "Stop – poisonous!" and the next child gets a turn.

It is also great if you can play outside for a while. In the sandbox, on a large lawn with a few balls or painting with chalk.

Don’t take on too much. Children at this age need to feel comfortable and less program is sometimes more. Try to be relaxed and open to everything!

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