This is how healthy nutrition works today

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A healthy diet and the general preoccupation with nutrients, vitamins and minerals are currently in vogue. More and more people have understood that a healthy diet is essential to stay healthy and fit for a long time.

Balanced nutrition – what does that actually mean??

To eat a really healthy diet, it is not enough to eat fresh vegetables or fruit every now and then. It is much more a matter of supplying the body with all the nutrients that it absolutely needs to stay healthy. Lay people often find it difficult to assess exactly which foods need to be eaten in which combinations and quantities in order to provide the body with all the essentials. Among other things, the state of health, age, weight and a few other criteria play an important role here.

If you want to know more about a healthy diet than is revealed in local magazines, you can, for example, take a nutritionist course online. In such training, participants learn everything you need to know about nutrition. This valuable knowledge can be applied in everyday life for yourself as well as for others. Whether the training is used afterwards in order to work as a nourishing advisor, remains for everyone to decide – a private use draws interested from such a training in any case.

Five portions of fruit a day are healthy – Is that true??

There are some myths about healthy eating circulating on the World Wide Web and even in one or another guidebook. The tip to eat fresh fruit several times a day is definitely a myth. For one thing, raw fruit contains a lot of acid, which attacks teeth, and for another, most varieties contain lots of sugar. If you allow yourself a small portion of fruit once or twice a day at the most, you are doing something good for your body. However, you should not overdo it. If you like smoothies, you can also simply replace the fruit with these drinks. However, smoothies should be freshly made and not from the supermarket.

Forget supposed wisdom from grandmother’s time

Beside the myth with the fruit there are still many further rules regarding a healthy nutrition, which are long outdated. Many assumptions in which our grandparents still firmly believed have been scientifically disproved in the meantime. This includes, for example, the belief that people need to eat meat very regularly in order to have enough energy for everyday life. Today we know that available protein as well as proteins can be drawn just as well from legumes and various vegetables. It is certainly no coincidence that vegetarians are considered to be particularly fit. This does not mean across the board that you have to be a vegetarian to stay healthy. Still, meat may be enjoyed now and then; but in moderation.

Milk makes you fit and healthy, or?

The same applies to the food milk. In former times it was believed that milk was enormously important for the bones and the immune system. Today, doctors and specialists in nutrition are no longer so sure about that. Milk is probably not harmful. However, it does not have to be drunk solely because of the calcium and vitamins it contains – our body also gets these ingredients from other sources, such as potatoes, broccoli or from natural mineral water.

Whoever seriously wants to deal with the topic of a balanced diet should discard old beliefs. Instead, deal with current studies to learn and apply modern views on healthy eating.

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