The sounds of the forest as meditation

Meditating has a positive effect on body and mind. Just like a walk through the forest. The relieves stress, boosts the immune system, lowers blood sugar, improves concentration and generally brightens the mood. Nothing is more obvious than to combine meditation with a stay in the forest. And that’s exactly what we did, working with the meditation app 7Mind to develop a forest meditation.

Come to rest with our free forest meditation

With our guided sound meditation you can get forest relaxation directly on your cell phone. The sounds from the Black Forest will bring peace and relaxation to your everyday life. No matter where or at what time of year.

The meditation lasts less than ten minutes. You can do it yourself – or especially – on a stressful day. Studies show that just a few minutes of inner contemplation a day can help you focus better, reduce stress, become more relaxed and simply happier.

Take a listen:

What forests do for us

Sunshine falls through the rainforest in the Congo © / Jabruson / WWF

A walk through the forest – or a meditation with forest sounds – does us good. Relaxes us. Lets us calm down.

And forests do so much more for us. They host 80 percent of all species living on land. For millions of people in extreme poverty, they ensure survival. Indispensable they determine water cycles and world climate.

Since November 2020, we have been working together with 7Mind to raise awareness about the importance and performance of our forests.

Mindfulness and conservation

Mindfulness and the protection of nature and the environment are closely linked. A visit to the forest helps to achieve mindfulness. At the same time nature depends on the mindfulness of us humans.

Who knows and appreciates the beauty of the forests, their importance for our earth but also for ourselves, for our health, is more likely to support the conservation of these beautiful natural landscapes.

About 7Mind

Logo 7Mind

With 7Mind you have your Mindfulness Coach in the trouser pocket. The app offers guided meditations for Beginner:inside And experienced meditators. In addition to single meditations, there are also specific themed courses and fantasy journeys – perfect to in between to relax. The 7Mind team wants to help people strengthen their mental health. 7Mind works together with leading experts in mindfulness research, meditation teachers and psychologists.

"There is no wifi in the woods, but I promise you will find a better connection there."

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