The best 10 internet securitys for the extensive security of your computer in the comparison – 2022 test and adviser

Nicole Hery-Mobmann

Security plays an increasingly important role in today’s society, and we are also – or primarily – talking about security on the Internet. Nowadays, you as a user have to be awake in order not to download any malware unnecessarily onto your own PC. But sometimes it’s not even enough to be vigilant anymore. Viruses now get onto your electronic devices in a variety of ways, it’s no longer enough to just avoid contaminated email attachments or dodgy websites. Malicious programs detect security holes in your operating system or other common programs and exploit them. Only a good internet security suite, which knows these tricks and fends them off quickly, can protect you from such attacks.

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important that every PC user has good Internet protection. The well-known software manufacturers such as Avira, Kaspersky and Co. have long since done the same. The Internet Security products are recognized and bring out new updates year after year, so that German PCs are always at the safest level. However, as a layman it is often difficult to recognize which program is exactly suitable for his needs and which software is perhaps a bit overpriced. For this reason we have created this Internet Security comparison, in which we take a closer look at the most current and best known products on the market. Find out which security package suits you best and protect your PC effectively today!

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1. Norton 360- Comprehensive virus protection with different subscriptions

Norton 360 antivirus is available in different versions: Standard, Deluxe, Premium and For Gamers. In this comparison, we want to focus on the standard version, which offers very good protection against ransomware, viruses, spyware and other malware, and is also somewhat more affordable than the deluxe or premium software. In terms of features, Norton 360 offers the classic image of a good security suite and, in addition to a strong virus scanner, also has its own firewall, an integrated password manager, a cloud backup, SafeCam and Secure VPN.

Norton can shine especially in the area of security. Both the virus protection and the firewall meet the highest standards, which has been confirmed by numerous independent test laboratories. For example, Norton 360 shone in the renowned AV test for the protective effect of Internet security packages with an outstanding malware detection rate of an even 100 percent. Norton 360 comes out on top in the tests, especially in "protection against 0-day malware attacks from the Internet, including malicious websites and e-mails" Always above average. There is also little to complain about in terms of the software’s performance, and Norton antivirus is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. So the whole package is provided.

Downloading and installing the software is quick and easy, and the start screen is also very clear and intuitive. Even laymen can quickly find their way around without a long learning curve. Should questions or problems arise, a German-speaking support team is available by telephone on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

2. Bitdefender Internet Security – Best security against threats for Windows

Bitdefender Internet Security is one of the absolute "high class" Internet security suites and has hardly any real weaknesses. In addition to a strong virus scanner and a reliable firewall, the security package also includes a secure desktop for online banking as well as phishing, password and browser protection. The Bitdefender Internet Security has a variety of functions that are not otherwise offered in the medium price range. These functions also include good protection against ransomware. In terms of features, this product is not easy to beat.

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts data on the PC and only releases it again in return for some kind of "ransom payment". The malware infiltrates the PC, for example via e-mail attachments or security holes in your browser, in a similar way to other viruses.

For many parents, child protection is also of enormous importance in an Internet security package, and here, too, the Bitdefender product is convincing. A comprehensive parental control function ensures that certain content can be blocked and Internet access is restricted at certain times. Parents can also see how many hours their child has spent on the Internet and which pages they have visited – you have full control! In various test laboratories, Bitdefender Internet Security always occupies one of the top places in terms of security, so has a very high level here.

In terms of performance, the software, which requires about 700 MB of disk space, can also not be reproached. The program runs smoothly, a slowdown of the computer is not noticeable. A plus point is also the quick scan, which lives up to its name and is one of the fastest currently available on the market. The user interface is extremely clear, and in general the design is minimalist and compact, which we consider an advantage. A 24-hour hotline and extensive e-mail support round off the offer.

Conclusion: Bitdefender Internet Security is convincing on all levels thanks to its strong performance, good features and ease of use, and is particularly suitable for Windows users.

3. Kaspersky Lab Internet Security – Secure now at a low price

At first glance, most Germans associate the Russian company Kaspersky with one topic: security. It is therefore not surprising that Kaspersky is represented in our Internet Security comparison with its own software, more precisely Kaspersky Lab Internet Security. It is a very well-equipped security package that contains everything you would want from such software: a strong virus scanner, a password manager (at least in the Total Security version) and a reliable firewall. Some additional tools, such as the "Secure Connection" function, significantly increase security. Banking and child protection are also included in the offer.

It is a so-called VPN client, which redirects the connection to the Internet and thus hides its own location. This makes you as a user invisible to criminals on the net and makes access to your computer much more difficult. The only disadvantage is that the data connection via Secure Connection is limited to 200 MB per day. An unlimited data volume costs Kaspersky just under 5 euros.

However, Kaspersky really scores in our antivirus security comparison when it comes to security. Several test laboratories have been certifying the software’s near-perfect detection rate of viruses and other malware for years now. Besides Bitdefender, Kaspersky Lab Internet Security is one of the best on the market. If you continue to look at the performance of the software, you will not find any weaknesses. In the best case, users do not even notice that a protective program is running at the same time, and that is the case with Kaspersky.

However, Kaspersky has been one of the Germans’ favorites for years, and not just because of its good features, high security and good performance. It is also easy to use, which can be mastered quickly even by beginners. It is advantageous for you that all relevant components are already automatically activated directly after installation (storage space: 230 MB). Especially the clear naming of the program functions as what they are, helps rather inexperienced PC users very much. Other programs often use much more complicated names for the functions here.

Conclusion: Kaspersky’s software is a package with many functions, impressive security and simple operation. There are not many wishes left open.

4. AVG Internet Security – Protect your personal files and privacy

The AVG Internet Security package is not quite on the same level as the two previous products (Kaspersky and Bitdefender) in terms of features. So a password manager is not included and also after a child protection – an important point for many parents nowadays – one looks unfortunately in vain. In addition to strong virus protection, the software also has the obligatory firewall. ÜThe program can convince with the encryption of private data on the computer. Both ransomware (explained in the blue box above) and hackers’ attempts to spy are effectively blocked.

This brings us to the biggest advantage of the software, and that is the high level of security it offers. as numerous tests by independent test labs show, AVG Internet Security can detect 100 percent of all threats after the latest updates. The program also withstood the "bombardment" with malware – all in all, it can be said that the malware protection of AVG Internet Security is among the best that the market has to offer. The performance of the software, on the other hand, is not exactly optimal, there is a comparatively large impact on PC performance, especially during installation.

Almost all other products in this comparison have an option that makes it possible to quickly check the most important files for viruses, the so-called quick scan. However, this is not present in the AVG Internet Security package, only a longer full scan (ca. 10 minutes) are available.

In terms of operation, AVG manages the balancing act between simple operation for beginners and laymen and sufficient complexity for experienced users very well. The user interface appears to be quite simple at first glance, but you can venture into the deeper functions of the software via the settings button. The design is of course always a matter of taste and is kept in a classic green and black design. A support community helps with the most important questions, but is only available in English.

Conclusion: AVG Internet Security is a very solid program, which cannot quite keep up with the Elite in terms of features. The strong malware protection also makes up for that.

5. McAfee Internet Security – With 100% guarantee

A balanced all-round package provides you with the McAfee Internet Security package. There is little to complain about, especially in terms of features: malware protection (virus scanner) is included, as are parental controls, an obligatory firewall, spam protection and online banking protection. A password manager rounds off the strong offer, even if the latter only wants to function properly on Microsoft Edge. You may say that the McAfee software contains everything that a good Internet security service should contain. However, our comparison shows that not even half of all software actually has the full package.

In view of this good range of functions, the protection and security of the program can be described as high. The virus scanner effectively protects against viruses, malware and other malicious software, while the firewall protects against attacks from the network (network protection). Known security holes can be fixed by quick update processes. Thus, McAfee does not leave much to be desired in terms of security. Only the comparatively slow working speed of the virus scanner can be seen as a negative for the software.

Important for the evaluation of the security of an Internet Security is the so-called AV-Test, an independent antivirus test in a test laboratory. The McAfee program performs well here and detects almost 98 percent of all threats under real-time conditions. However, the bar for real high-end programs is somewhere between 99 and 100 percent, so there is still room for improvement here.

In terms of performance, the low amount of memory required (only 170 MB) is particularly noticeable. Other software can require four times as much. Nevertheless, the full scan and quick scan are not necessarily at the top of the comparison in a direct comparison, and the virus scan is also not the fastest, as already mentioned. The handling is great, the program is simple and easy to understand. There are hardly any real disruptive factors. A telephone support is also always available during office hours, otherwise you will have to refer to the forum or the web if you have any questions. limit the community.

Conclusion: McAfee delivers a security package that scores especially in terms of features and operation, making it a strong option for home users.

6. F-Secure Safe – Internet Security for PCs, Macs, Smart-phones and Tablets

Like so many other vendors in our Internet security comparison, F-Secure sells its Internet security package on a subscription model. As a customer, you can choose how many different devices you want to protect with F-Secure Safe. Thanks to the compatibility of the software with almost all popular operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android), not only Windows PCs are therefore included in the protection, but all your technical devices, such as the iPhone or your own tablet. Depending on how many devices you want to protect, the more expensive the product will be – the price can therefore vary between 30 and 50 euros.

In terms of features, the product is unfortunately only mediocre compared to the real "high-class" models. The software does have a good virus scanner and strong parental controls, which are among the best in the comparison. However, just like Avira, F-Secure does not have its own firewall, you can find out the reason in the blue box directly below this paragraph. Other interesting features such as good banking protection, its own password manager and many other extras round off an overall solid offering, however.

Modern Windows versions in particular have their own firewall, which already offers good protection against attacks from the Internet. F-Secure has refrained from replacing them. This is not too bad a solution, as the Windows firewall works better than many comparable third-party firewalls. Nevertheless, customers expect to get their own strong firewall with a good security package.

There are no obvious weaknesses in terms of the software’s performance. Especially the ultra-fast quick scan, which lives up to its name, is a big plus point. The other scans also go quickly from the hand. Security is also guaranteed, F-Secure Safe received the full score of 6.0 in the AV test (protection effectiveness test) described above. The blue and white The user interface, which is blue and white, is logically structured and therefore very easy to use, even for PC beginners. German support is available via chat and phone on weekdays during office hours, and an English forum helps with further questions.

Conclusion: F-Secure Safe Internet Security shines above all with its ease of use and strong performance. The security is high, even if its own firewall is unfortunately missing.

7. Avast Internet Security – browsing, banking and shopping with an antivirus that protects you from the unpredictable digital world

In addition to a strong virus scanner, it is the additional features that make a good Internet security package. Avast Internet Security offers a solid offering with its own firewall, an included password manager and extras such as an anti-spam function. Only a separate parental control is unfortunately missing, which is why we can only award a "good" and not a "very good" in terms of features. On the other hand, it is strong that the password manager is a direct part of the software. So there is no need to get another protection for your passwords with our password manager comparison.

In contrast to its antivirus, Avast offers anti-spam protection in its antivirus security, which works like a classic spam filter on an email account. This effectively prevents you from becoming the victim of a phishing attack via a sent email.

In terms of detection and defense against viruses and malware, Avast performs very well. In independent laboratory tests, the software showed that it can detect and fend off viruses and malware almost 100 percent of the time. Only a slightly increased number of false alarms prevents Avast Internet Security from scoring best in this comparison. In terms of security, however, the software is still high class. The program is also interesting for streamers or gamers due to its strong performance, since the background processes in Avast occupy only 50 MB of memory and cause virtually no processor load.

On the other hand, the high demand for hard disk space (996 MB) is a disadvantage, even if you don’t have to accept any noticeable effects on the system performance. Downloading and installing the software does not cause any problems, it is easy to use and not very complicated. So if you don’t mind the garish colors of the user interface, you’re in good hands here. Only the support could be better with Avast, there is no phone or email help. On the product’s website, however, Avast has summarized the most frequently asked questions in an FAQ.

Conclusion: Avast Internet Security is a good program with an integrated firewall and is definitely one of the better products in our Internet security comparison.

8. Avira Internet Security Suite – Your premium protection for surfing, banking and shopping

The German company Avira is probably known to all of you, Avira Antivirus is one of the most widely used products on the market. With the Internet Security Suite, the company from Lake Constance offers a virus scanner in combination with a manager for the Windows firewall. In addition, there are some extra features such as banking protection, web protection or email protection. A password manager and other extras can also be added to the software, but are not directly included in the package. A child protection, which plays an important role for more and more parents nowadays, is unfortunately not available.

Avira, like the F-Secure product, does not have its own firewall, but only a manager for the firewall already installed on modern Windows devices. This manager allows a detailed configuration of the firewall, you can also set up special rules for individual programs. As a beginner resp. inexperienced user, however, you can simply adopt the suggested settings.

In the other areas of our comparison, the Avira Antivirus Security Suite performs very well, first and foremost in security. A value of 5.0 in the AV test shows that Avira detects and eliminates almost 100 percent of threats under real-time conditions. We have already mentioned the built-in e-mail protection and web protection, which increase the security in the World Wide Web even more. The product has no relevant influence on the performance of your PC or laptop. Its own quick test checks your PC for any problems in less than a minute.

It becomes interesting when you take a look at the operation. The individual programs are simple and clearly structured, but you need some technical experience to use the full potential of the manager. If you are not really familiar with technology, you might be faced with too many decisions with Avira. Any questions you might have can be answered in the FAQ section on the product page, or you can simply ask the German-language community forum, which is very active.

Conclusion: Avira Internet Security Suite is optimal for users who already have a little experience with security packages. These can be used to their full potential.

9. Panda Security – The antivirus revolution

The Panda Security package is an optimal choice for those of you who want to protect your computer while surfing the World Wide Web without having to deal too much with technical details. Panda Security provides you with the complete package – except for banking protection: A strong virus scanner protects you from viruses, worms and Trojans, while the included firewall protects against attacks on your network. When we talk about a complete package, an effective parental control and an anti-phishing aspect cannot be missing, of course. Malware protection is also included.

One thing is important to note: The Panda Internet Security Suite includes a password manager not. You will only get this if you upgrade to the next more expensive model "Global Protection". With this, Panda joins a large number of providers from the comparison, which also only provide a password manager for an additional fee.

In addition to a versatile feature set, Panda also offers you no reasons for concern in terms of security. AV-Test, which specializes in antivirus software, gives Panda a one hundred percent detection rate for malware attacks and therefore awards it the maximum number of 6.0 points. Numerous other factors, such as the Panda Cloud Cleaner, further increase the software’s security considerably. While Panda Security hardly has any effect on the performance of your PC in normal everyday use, according to AV-Test it showed slight to significant performance weaknesses, especially when installing programs.

The operation white on the other hand again fully convince. The user interface appears modern and clear and is limited to the essential functions. This makes the program very interesting, especially for beginners. On the other hand, the company’s support is rather negative, as it offers telephone support during normal office hours, but unfortunately not much beyond that. The English-language forum can only be found with a short search of your own and too many questions are not answered either.

Conclusion: Panda Security pleases with a user-friendly interface and a very high level of security, the features are also first-class. You can overlook weaknesses in support and performance.

10. BullGuard Internet Security – Secure properly now

Another product in our Internet security comparison is the BullGuard Internet Security Suite, which offers you comprehensive protection against viruses and malware. In addition to a strong virus scanner, the package is equipped with its own firewall against attacks on the network, as well as parental control and PC TuneUp (PC optimization). However, as with so many other products, you will have to do without a password manager. Finally, the premium package BullGuard Premium Protection offers you the chance to take advantage of social media protection, for which the provider is also known. So you are safely active in social networks.

The Danish provider is known for the high security of its products and achieved a value of 5/6 points in the AV test (protection effectiveness test) of the well-known test laboratory. A classic system scan allows you to check the entire computer for threats. If this takes too long, you can use the quick scan, which works even faster. The software basically has only a minor impact on the performance of the PC or laptop and hardly slows down the computer at all. This is definitely a positive feature of the program.

A precisely functioning spam filter detects malicious mails in advance, which keeps the mailbox free of them. In addition, this also reduces the risk of phishing, which can always be caused by such e-mails.

In addition, the comfort of the user is in the foreground. Already the interface is kept very classic and the whole further operation is connected to it as well. You can quickly navigate between the different programs using some buttons and quickly adjust the settings to your individual needs. While you can’t contact the company by phone if you have any problems, a live chat available around the clock will help with almost any questions you may have. However, most of the support features are only available with a premium version.

Conclusion: The BullGuard Internet Security package provides a high level of security based on a strong virus scanner and ease of use, making it a very good all-in-one solution with many features.

An Internet Security Suite is more than just a simple virus scanner. It is a complete package of security for your PC, which you should not do without in any case if you want to continue surfing safely and also ensures maximum security for sensitive activities such as online banking or online shopping. Unfortunately, a common misconception is that there are not too many differences between the various Internet security packages. But this is by no means correct. In fact, there are numerous details that you should consider when buying the right software. This includes not only the features but also the ease of use or compatibility with the right operating system.

So that you always make the right choice, we have created this guide for you. In this article we will go into the reasons why you absolutely need a Security Suite and tell you which functions are absolutely essential in a good overall package. In addition, we give you further important buying tips and answer other important questions briefly and compactly in our FAQ section.

Why every PC user absolutely needs a security package?

Anyone who has kept a watchful eye on the news in recent months and years has noticed that attacks on customer and access data have increased enormously. Many well-known companies have already been affected by data theft, and new ones are added virtually every month. Cybercriminals are on the rise and you need to protect yourself against them. For this reason, effective protection for your hard drive is no longer an extra, but a real must for everyone who actively surfs the Internet. A good Internet security suite checks at least once a week whether the hard disk is infected by any viruses – and does so automatically.

The manufacturers of the products regularly release new updates to keep the software always up to date and safe. Only if you as a customer install these updates, you will continue to enjoy the best protection. So do not hesitate, but upgrade regularly!

Especially those users who still use Windows 7 as their operating system should upgrade. Although every Windows user had the possibility to upgrade to the latest version "Windows 10" for free some time ago, still more people use Windows 7 than Windows 10. Such outdated systems naturally present your data on a silver platter and represent a gateway for malicious software. So act for your own benefit to raise the level of protection to the highest level again.

What are the advantages of good PC security??

Now we have listed a few reasons why every PC user should have a strong security package nowadays. At this point we would like to list some more advantages that you can enjoy with a purchase:

  • Privacy protection: Clever anti-phishing tools protect the user’s privacy and personal data. The best protection includes not only protection against ransomware (malware that encrypts data on the PC and only releases it in exchange for a "ransom payment"), but also a sog. virtual keyboard, which protects against keyloggers.
  • Secure payment transactions: For most of us, online banking or online banking is not a matter of course. -Shopping a natural part of life. Therefore, security is becoming more and more important in those transactions where you send data over the network. Even with procedures such as SSL encryption, absolute security cannot be achieved. So users should further secure themselves with their own security suite that protects data in a dedicated browser area.
  • Strong parental controlAs a parent, you can control certain content and. Block websites for your children and not only monitor but also regulate their activities.
  • No performance limitationsThe best security packages protect your PC and affect the performance of the PC only very little or not at all.
  • Security in the WLAN networkWhen logging into a foreign WLAN, for example at a party, the Security Suite checks whether the connection is secure.
  • CompatibilityNot all security packages are compatible with all operating systems. Especially for users of alternative operating systems such as Linux, the search for good software can be time-consuming.
  • License agreementsMost packages are only valid for one year and must be constantly updated to guarantee maximum security. This can hit your wallet in the long run.
  • Free programsThese softwares often do not provide sufficient protection, but still advertise with slogans like "absolute protection for you and your family". Always choose the paid full variant if you want full security.

Are there any special requirements for antivirus security on your PC?

Best Internet Security

There are certainly one or two companies that set the bar very high in terms of required RAM, but the products in our comparison are all of a reasonable size. Nevertheless, it is important for you to pay attention to what requirements are placed on your PC when making a purchase. You should pay attention to two points in particular:

  • Compatibility: Not all software is compatible with every operating system. That means concretely: Just just because the program works perfectly on your "Windows 10" PC, this does not necessarily mean that your partner with his or her Mac will also be satisfied with the software. In our product comparison, we have mentioned for each product which operating systems the software is generally compatible with. In addition, pay attention to the version up to which the program can be used (e.g. only up to Windows 7).
  • MemoryMost programs do not put enough load on a modern PC that you would feel an impact on the PC’s performance. Nevertheless, especially with older models (with old operating system) in combination with a software with high required memory, it can slow down the PC. Normally, the Internet Security Suite runs in the background without you noticing anything.

What damage can malware cause to your PC or laptop??

Internet Security Comparison

Now we have written quite a lot about why every active Internet user should have a strong Internet Security Suite, and we have given you a number of good reasons to do so. But if you are still not convinced, you should read this paragraph carefully. Because the damages caused on a computer without a protective PC Security are many-sided – but in no case good for you or your PC.

The damage starts with a gradual but increasing slowdown of the computing processes and can lead to a total system failure. We have summarized a small number of things that can happen to your PC without protection in this small overview:

  • Data theft – an increasingly common problem in today’s society
  • Aggressive spam that spam protection could prevent
  • Gradual, but in the long run significant slowdown of the computer and its work processes
  • Total system failure due to the destruction of relevant system factors
  • Creeping increase of outgoing data volume
  • Loss of important data such as passwords
  • Encryption of important data by sog. Ransomware
  • Danger from keyloggers that track keystrokes – a virtual keyboard protects you here

Which functions are essential in a good Internet security suite??

You should keep this in mind!

One of the most common mistakes is to use the terms virus scanner and Internet security suite as synonyms. In fact, the two terms are not one and the same thing, because: A virus scanner is simply a part of the overall "Internet Security" package. This scanner should have different scan modes – among others a security scan that detects security holes in the system – as well as a browser protection for safe surfing in the net. A strong virus scanner is still the basis of good Internet security, although there are numerous other functions that separate the wheat from the chaff.

These include special applications that monitor your e-mails or allow you to control and regulate your children’s activities on the net. However, the essential protective features of advanced antivirus protection should come with any good software. These include, above all, these factors:

  • Parental controlA parental control function protects your computer in such a way that your children can surf safely without your presence. This way your kids will only land on websites suitable for children. Many programs also allow you to block certain content according to certain keywords (violence, sex, …). It is also easy to block search words in search engines such as "Google" or "Yahoo. This allows you not only to monitor your kids’ activities on the Internet in real time, but also to regulate them – an important aspect for today’s parents, who often feel overwhelmed when it comes to educating them on how to use the Internet.
  • Real-time scanThis virus protection is constantly active and monitors all activities, files and memory. If a suspicious action or something along those lines is detected, the real-time scan notifies the user and the software immediately suggests a solution. Often the whole process happens completely automatically.
  • Your own firewallA firewall is considered essential by many users. Thismonitors the traffic between your computer and the network and blocks access to the system in case of suspicious incidents. In some cases, you as the user have to give your consent manually.
  • Anti-phishing functionPhishing protection prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data such as passwords or account information through dubious mails or fake websites.
  • Spam protection: E-mail protection monitors incoming and outgoing mail traffic. Mail attachments or links in mails are also scanned. If something suspicious is found, the user is warned and should definitely not open the mail.
  • Protection against ransomwareRansomware encrypts private files on the hard disk and releases them only against a "ransom demand" to the user. Since this software has become very popular lately, a good ransomware protection is an absolute must.
  • Banking protectionOnline banking protection creates an environment isolated from the rest of the browser, where users can carry out their financial transactions in a secure area.

What other additional features are important?

Tips & Hints

While in the paragraph above we talked about the basic features that every good Internet security should have, in this paragraph we will talk about additional aspects that may occur in some software. These are mainly these components:

  • Data encryption: The data encryption is actually also a part of the essential functions. Data is made unreadable with various algorithms and thus protected against unauthorized access. Only those who have the correct decoding code can decrypt the data again.
  • Data shredderSimply moving data to the recycle bin and emptying it is not enough to permanently destroy data. With the right tools, such data could be recovered quickly. A data shredder of a PC security suite overwrites the desired data several times with random data, so that recovery is impossible.
  • Password manager: A password manager is part of many of the products in our comparison further up the web page. It manages and protects all the user’s passwords and can also create secure and unique passwords itself (password generator).
  • PC TuningA few security suites support the performance of the computer, which can be slowed down somewhat by the program running in the background. The software analyzes installed add-ons or toolbars and recommends their deactivation if they affect the PC performance.

What you should look for when buying a good PC security product

Attention: You should know this!

So now you know which functions a good software should contain. If you want strong protection for your computer, you are well advised to use an Internet Security Suite. In terms of features, these programs offer the perfect package. But what else should you look for when choosing the right security software?? Undecided buyers should read the next few paragraphs and maybe get a hint which software is the right one for him or her.

The equipment

The range of functions of PC security packages can be very different, as you should already see from the products compared above. Some products are convincing with a wide range of features, while with other programs you tend to get the feeling that the manufacturer has quickly added a few extras to be able to sell his virus scanner as "Internet Security". In addition, as we mentioned above, not every feature is as important as another one.

Nice extras, but not absolutely necessary, are things like a backup solution, such as you find with manufacturers like Panda Security or Bullguard Security. While it certainly contributes to increased data security, this feature is not considered essential. Tools for secure deletion or system optimizers are also quite nice, but not absolutely necessary for customers who are simply looking for a solid and strong Internet security package.

The security

The most important task of a security package is to provide maximum security for the PC system and the data on it. Therefore, you should always make sure to choose software that provides at least features such as anti-phishing or spyware protection. Also an e-mail protection and an own (!) Firewall are essential functions of security. You can give extra points to those products that also come up with a password manager.

In general, however, we can say that none of the products we compared scored badly in the security area. Even a rating of "only" four out of six points in the AV test guarantees an almost one hundred percent detection rate of malware and other threats. The level is only currently so high on the market that the test labs already give differences in the per mille range various marks.


To ensure uninterrupted protection of the PC against malware, viruses and Co. to guarantee, the Antivirus Security Suite is constantly active in the background. On the one hand, this is important and correct, but on the other hand, it means that the software permanently consumes a part of the system resources. So, when making a purchase decision, the only thing that matters is to see how much the product uses the PC’s memory and how much it slows down the system in general. An inconspicuous virus scanner is the ultimate in this case.

alt="Buy Internet Security" width="300" height="300" />However, like security, manufacturers have recognized how important this factor is to customers and are responding with high-quality programs that have little impact on the performance of a device. Of course, the technical development in the field of computers also plays a role here and contribute positively to the general development.

The operation

Another factor that should not be neglected when making a purchase decision is how easy a program is to use. Because to put it bluntly: All the cool functions and features won’t help you much if you don’t know where to find them or how to use them. A program interface should therefore be clearly structured so that you can recognize all the important components at first glance. Manufacturers are always struggling to find a compromise between complexity and simplicity that satisfies all customers.

Serious differences can sometimes be found in foreign products and their German translations. While some products make an obvious effort, the translations of other programs appear heartless and uninspired. Be sure to pay attention to this when buying!

Help and support

But you should be aware of one thing: even the best Internet security suite can sometimes cause problems or raise questions. In this case, it is important to have a good support by your side that can help you immediately. It is particularly interesting to know how to contact the manufacturer’s customer service department. Optimal support provides you with both the option of telephone help and e-mail support.

Another advantage are the manufacturers’ websites, which provide you with the most important information. A pleasantly designed FAQ can also provide quick help for the most common problems.

Antivirus security for smartphone and tablet

Now we have written most of this guide about how to effectively protect your PC from malware. But in today’s society, especially in the younger generation, the smartphone usually takes an even more prominent position. And without security software, mobile devices represent a major security gap. Cell phones are more rarely protected more easily and hackers and criminals know this quite well. Especially Android phones are more and more often victims of such attacks in the last few years, respectively. Ühave been attacked.

Considering how many users manage their entire lives via their smartphones, it is absolutely incomprehensible why so few mobile devices still have adequate protection. With well-known manufacturers such as Kaspersky or Bitdefender, you can protect yourself against mobile attacks, because their security suites usually include their own app, both for Android and for iOS, i.e. Apple devices.

What does Stiftung Warentest say about Internet security packages??

Consumers in Germany have a high opinion of the views of Stiftung Warentest, which can show years of testing experience. So we are pleased that the consumer organization has conducted its own Internet Security test, which you can access at this link. This is how you can convince yourself in detail of the test results. Altogether the foundation took in its Internet Security test 28 different programs more exactly under the magnifying glass, whereby it concerns partly pure anti-virus programs and partly genuine Internet security packages.

Among them were nine programs for macOS devices, which are becoming more and more popular as macOS devices become more popular. Nevertheless, the focus of the test is still on Windows products, which can generally score very well. According to Stiftung Warentest, the programs cost between 0 and 45 euros. One of the test winners is even available for free. The test was last updated in February 2021.

FAQ: Important questions answered compactly

Always at the end of our guides, in this FAQ section we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by users that didn’t find a place in our main text. Here you will find compact and short answers to the most important questions about Internet security.

Antivirus program vs. Security Suite: What is suitable for you?

One of the most common problems users face when making a purchase decision is the question of the differences between a good security suite and a strong antivirus program. Generally speaking, the protection provided by a security suite goes beyond the mere detection and removal of malware that a pure antivirus program provides. So the main question is what is the added value of an Internet security package?. Here the following table should provide you with important information:

FunctionSecurity SuiteAntivirus
Virus scan Yes Yes
Real-time scan Yes Yes
Network protection Yes Yes
Firewall No (optional) Yes
Parental control No (optional) Yes
Banking protection No (optional) Yes
Network protection No (optional) Yes
File encryption and shredding No Yes
Keylogger protection No Yes

Is the freeware enough or would you rather buy the paid version??

As you have probably already noticed, many of the products compared above are also available in a free, so-called freeware version. This has the same detection rate as the paid program, but is only suitable if you want to test the software before the final purchase. We would advise you not to use a freeware program permanently, as they do not offer sufficient protection against threats.

Are there Internet security suites for alternative operating systems??

Some of you may not use Windows or macOS and therefore did not find a suitable product for their needs in this comparison. While it should be noted that most attacks are primarily against Windows and macOS – due to their popularity – in recent months and years, operating systems such as Linux have also become the focus of cyber criminals more frequently.

The manufacturers have also recognized this and supply some products for Linux users such as the "Comodo Antivirus for Linux" or the "Endpoint Security for Linux" from Kaspersky. A user of Linux should definitely look for one of these programs in order not to become a victim of an attack himself.

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