Successful house sale in 13 steps

Overall, there are 13 important steps you should consider when buying real estate. To make sure your sale goes smoothly too, we’ve summarized and briefly explained all the important steps in this article. Find out what things you should be aware of during the various stages of the home sale process. Also find out what help a broker can offer you during the various stages.

How to sell a house correctly? Save time and money with the right approach!

The most important things in a nutshell

  • A house sale is time-consuming and requires expertise and negotiating skills.
  • Professionally presented properties sell much better.
  • A good real estate agent will achieve a good selling price for you.
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1. Preparation phase: How to optimally prepare the house sale

In the preparation phase you set the course for all further processes that have to do with the house sale. As a rule, sellers want to sell quickly and at the best possible selling price. The following steps will provide you with a useful roadmap to make the home sale as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Step 1: Start with a well thought-out strategy!

To ensure that the sale of your property runs smoothly and does not drag on unnecessarily, comprehensive planning in advance is essential. Think about a strategy how you want to proceed with the sale. The following points will help you:

  • Definition of Target group (depending on the type of property: terraced house, semi-detached house, detached house)
  • Sales activities Determine: How / where you want to advertise your house?
  • Advertising measures plan (financially)

Step 2: Estimate the time schedule realistically!

  • Do not underestimate preparation timeBe realistic about any renovation backlog and don’t assume that your property will be sold after the first viewing.
  • Do not underestimate the selling time: Always plan firmly for time delays. Be prepared for the other party to the contract to drag out the closing process.

Step 3: Do you want to sell with or without a real estate agent?

You are faced with the decision whether you want to sell the house with or without a real estate agent? We tell you under what circumstances it makes sense to hire a professional to sell your property. This is the case if

  • You little time have and do not like to search for the right information for a long time,
  • You Expose and advertising should be done by an expert would like,
  • You have to It is better to leave the price negotiation to a professional and would like to achieve the highest price or
  • you have a Effective and efficient way of selling a house Want.
  • Good selling price!
    A good real estate agent will achieve a good sales price for you.
  • More security!
    A good real estate agent checks the creditworthiness of potential buyers at an early stage.
  • Time saving!
    A good real estate agent sells your property faster.

Step 4: Are all necessary documents available?

Of course, you should have all the documents together that are absolutely necessary for the sale of a property. These include:

  • Documents about the property (building plans, site plan, etc.).)
  • Land register extract
  • Overview of ancillary costs
  • List of recent renovations and modernizations
  • Insurance documents (fire insurance)
  • Energy certificate
  • Other plans (cadastral plan, building encumbrance register, sewage plan)
  • Pictures of the object

More details under documents.

Step 5: Is the property sufficiently prepared for sale??

Unfortunately, this point is underestimated by many real estate sellers. However, this is a key element for a quick and successful sale. The property to be sold must be spruced up, so that it not only looks more attractive, but also of higher quality to the prospective buyer. Therefore, you should definitely consider the following items:

  • Carry out necessary repair work / maintenance
  • Create order, cleanliness and atmosphere
  • Get professional assistance: home staging in many cases leads to both faster sales success and a better price.

Step 6: Is the asking price realistic??

Determining a realistic sales price that is neither too high nor too low is a difficult undertaking that is hardly possible without experience and intuition. If it is too high, you may scare off potential buyers. If the sales price is set too low, you will have less room for negotiation and there is also a risk that you will sell your house for less than it is worth. The following points therefore play a key role in determining the value:

  • Valuation (calculation of asset value, capitalized earnings value, comparative value)
  • Draw up a list of defects
  • Allow room for negotiation
  • Check the financial situation of the buyer
  • Consider existing financing

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2. Selling phase: How to find the right buyer

The sales phase now gets down to the nitty-gritty. After all the preparations for the sale have been made, you need to find the buyer who is willing to pay the price you have in mind.

Important note: You can either go through all the following steps yourself or leave them to a real estate agent. It is part of his daily work to reach as many prospective buyers as possible for sales objects, to professionally conduct viewing appointments, to skillfully conduct price negotiations and finally to successfully bring a house sale across the stage.

Step 7: Plan the right advertising strategy and place ads

You may theoretically have a large group of prospective buyers, but practically they need to find your offer for sale. You need to become visible, and preferably to as many prospective buyers as possible. Therefore, you should consider and implement the following points:

  • Define target group
  • Create advertisement text and expose
  • Commission advertisements on the Internet and in newspapers

Step 8: Prepare for questions and establish contact with interested parties

The first inquiries come in and interested parties ask you questions about the property. The better prepared you are for their questions, the more serious you will appear to potential buyers. Above all, make sure you are available at all times.

  • Prepare for possible questions from interested parties
  • Ensure availability (by telephone, especially on the first weekend after the ad has been placed)
  • Answer all calls and mails promptly

Step 9: Carry out viewing appointments and market the property convincingly

The first viewing appointment is coming up and you are wondering if you are prepared in the best possible way? The following aspects are incredibly important for a convincing appearance towards prospective buyers:

  • Prepare for possible questions from prospective buyers
  • Have all necessary documents ready
  • Emphasize advantages of the property without concealing defects

Step 10: The sales talk is coming up – How should you proceed now??

A potential buyer expresses his serious interest and enters into the decisive sales conversation with you. What do you have to consider now, so that the sale succeeds at the best possible sales price??

  • Be prepared for different buying motives (family, peace and quiet, accessibility, investment property, etc.).).
  • Remain objective and unemotional.
  • Take time to think about making a counter bid.
  • Furnishings etc. Can be used as a negotiating bonus.

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3. Handling the sale: How to get the house sale into dry cloths

You have agreed with the prospective buyers on a sales price with which both you and the willing buyer are satisfied. Now it is time to handle the sale of the house. You must now go through the following steps.

Step 11: Drawing up the sales contract

When drawing up the contract of sale, it is important to record all interests and agreements. In addition, all relevant documents must be available for the purchase contract to be valid.

  • The involvement of a notary in a contract for the sale of a property is required by law.
  • Have all the required documents ready.
  • The purchase contract must contain information on the land register as well as details on the object of purchase and the purchase price

More details under notary contract.

Step 12: The notary appointment for the notarization is approaching

The decisive date in the house sale is the notary appointment. Only through him the transfer of ownership becomes effective and the handling of financial aspects, such as payment modalities and payment deadlines, is regulated.

  • Agreement of a house sale notary appointment
  • (Usually the buyer chooses a notary)
  • Transmitting the necessary documents to the notary
  • Review of the draft contract before the notary appointment
  • Notary appointment: Notary reads out the draft contract and explains legal terms; opportunity to clarify open questions
  • Notary initiates all further necessary steps

More details under notary appointment.

Step 13: Handover to the new owner

The handover to the new owner(s) is the final step in the entire sales process. Nevertheless, this is the point where full attention is required from the seller. In addition to the handover protocol, all relevant documents are also handed over.

  • Create a handover protocol and record all points, from the number of keys handed over to all documents, in writing. This can protect sellers from additional claims or other disadvantages that can arise after the sale.
  • Hand over all important documents. This includes, among other things, construction drawings, the energy certificate, insurance documents as well as acceptance protocols and warranty documents for technical installations. All important documents must be handed over to the new owner.

More details under handover.

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