Subscriber guide (windows)

Getting started with the control panel and access bar

How to Join as an Attendee on GoToMeeting

  • Set up audio
  • Mute/unmute
  • Webcam transmission
  • Screen transfer
  • Chat
  • Minimize to access bar
  • Explore other tools
  • Need more help?

1 Set up audio

When you join for the first time, you will be prompted to select the method you want to use to listen to the meeting audio.

  • Select Computer audiooff to use your computer’s microphone and speakers.
  • Select Phone call off to use your phone for dialing into the audio conference.

Once you are in the session, you will see your audio controls on the "Audio" tab. You can change the audio mode at any time.

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The audio PIN is a unique code that allows GoToMeeting to associate your phone call with your GoToMeeting control panel. This will allow you to mute and unmute yourself using the audio button instead of the phone keypad, and will also ensure that other participants can see when you are speaking. Learn more.

  1. You can find your audio PIN in the "Audio" section of the control panel (in the desktop app).
  2. When prompted, enter your audio PIN using the telephone keypad. If you are already connected to session audio, enter a # before and after the PIN.

Why do I see "Show audio options"? not in the "Audio" window?

If you want to dial in via your phone on the "Audio" tab if you don’t see the computer or phone audio controls, it means you haven’t selected an audio mode yet. It is possible that the "Select Audio Option" window is hidden behind another application. So try to minimize other windows until you see the window shown to the right. Then select an audio option to continue.

Why can’t I connect to audio?

First, make sure you have selected the correct option in the audio section (see right). If you are in the. B. you want to dial in via your phone, but still want "computer audio" you will not be able to establish a proper connection.

Do you still have problems? For more information, see Frequently asked questions about audio issues.

Why can’t other participants hear me?

Most participants are muted by default when they first join. Make sure the audio icon at the top of the control panel is green and that the mute button on your microphone or phone is not also on.

Are you still having problems? Additional Information.

Why do I see the "Computer Audio" options? and/or "Phone Call not?

If your audio window does not look like the one shown to the right, it is possible that the organizer has disabled one or both of GoToMeeting’s built-in audio options (z. B. he might have made it a computer-only audio meeting with no phone numbers given). You may have even provided custom audio information. In this case, you should follow the instructions provided in the audio section.

Subscriber guide (windows)

2 Mute/Unmute

Control your audio with the Audio button At the top of the control panel or in the access bar, which lights green when you are not muted and others can hear you You will see a microphone icon for computer audio or a phone icon for phone call audio.

You can also switch between computer and phone audio if necessary by opening the audio section in the control panel.

Notice: Most users of "Computer Audio are muted by default when joining for the first time. If you are muted, click the red Audio button, so that it glows green.

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Why is my audio icon grayed out?

  • You are not properly connected to the audio conference. For instructions on establishing a connection, see step #1 above and Frequently Asked Questions about audio topics.
  • The organizer may have provided third-party conference call audio instead of built-in GoToMeeting audio. In this case you are not able to control mute/unmute from your control panel.

Why can’t I mute myself?

  • You have connected by dialing in with your phone, but you have not entered your audio PIN (listed under the phone numbers in the audio window). Without the PIN, the control panel cannot control your phone’s audio feed.
  • You have made an audio connection using computer audio, but there is a connection problem. Try to open the "Settings" window and click Phone-audio and then switch it back to Computer toggle to reset the audio connection.

Subscriber guide (windows)

3 Webcam transmission

Smile! You can start, pause and stop sharing your webcam by clicking the icon Webcam in your control panel or in the access bar.

Do you want to preview your webcam feed first?
We know you want to be on your best behavior! Just open the "Webcam" window window in your control panel (shown on the right). You will immediately see a preview of your webcam feed in the Webcam tab.

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  1. In your webcam window, click the options icon.
  2. Select Hide all webcams from. You can also use the same menu to Hide my webcam but remember that this will not stop your webcam feed from being transmitted to other participants – it will just be hidden from your screen.

You can set advanced webcam options (zoom, brightness exposure) in the GoToMeeting Settings window see.

  1. Click the options icon in your webcam window to.
  2. Select Settings from.

Subscriber guide (windows)

4 screen transfer

If the meeting organizer gives you moderator privileges, you can share your screen or even a specific application with the other meeting participants. Use the button Screen in your control panel or access bar to quickly start and stop sharing your main monitor screen if you have moderator control.

Open the Screen" tab, to display more options:

  • Use the drop-down menu Transfer from, to use a different monitor or even a specific application (z. B. PowerPoint).
  • Use the menu Switch presenter, to transfer the moderator control to another person.
  • Use the menu Transfer keyboard and mouse control, to allow other participants to control the mouse and keyboard on the screen you are sharing.

Hint: You will only see the moderator control in your screen window if you have been made a moderator by an organizer or the current moderator. Once you have been made a moderator, the additional moderator controls for the moderator will appear in your control panel (like the one shown on the right).

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Why do I see the window "drawing tools not?

For some Windows users, the "Drawing Tools" section is hidden by default (this happens when your monitor’s display settings are not optimal for drawing tools). To display the window, click at the top of the control panel on GoToMeeting and select Drawing tools > Open From. Then click on Yes, when prompted to do so.

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