Start your own business and earn money

Start a blog - step by step to a successful blog

In my blog you will find instructions and beginner guides on how to start your own business, what grants are available, how to start a blog and how to make money on the internet.

Thousands of articles feature practical tips, step-by-step guides, my online business resources, free downloads, real-world examples, offers and more. Likewise, you’ll find my e-book here, where you’ll learn how to build your first website as quickly and easily as possible and make money with it. There are interesting insights in my newsletter.

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Optimal website structure for large websites and blogs – planning, optimization, tools& Examples

Start your own business and earn money

Create an optimal website structure for large websites and blogs resp. to develop is not easy, but important.

Why you should think about website structure, how to plan it resp. and what tips I can give you, you will find out below.

In addition, I go into examples of my own great blogs and introduce useful tools to help you plan and optimize the website structure.

How to create the optimal blog navigation – tips, best practices and examples

How to create the optimal blog navigation - tips and examples

Today is about the optimal blog navigation. I’ll go over why navigation is so important for a blog or website and what web design options are available for it below.

I also describe my experiences with blog navigation, present examples and give best practice tips on how to optimize them.

I would of course also very much appreciate your feedback on it.

5 ways to protect your WordPress site from brute force attacks

5 methods to protect your WordPress website from brute force attacks

Brute-force attacks are particularly common with WordPress, for a simple reason. Everything about WordPress is always the same. The directory structure, user base, login and backend. Everyone knows where exactly the weak points of the CMS lie, which is why automated brute force attacks always promise potential success.

This makes them tempting, especially since they can be largely automated, since WordPress just uses the same setup for every installation. Attackers know this and exploit it.

So today we’re going to take a look together at how you can stop or even prevent such brute force attacks and what helps to secure your own WordPress website.

Review of the 1.000 Euro project – development, traffic, rankings, revenue and future

Review of the 1,000 Euro project - successes, defeats and future

My 1.000 Euro project started in mid-2020, falling directly into the Corona period. Within a year I had set myself as a goal 1.To earn 000 euros per month with a new website, which was already an ambitious goal.

What has become of the project, how the website has developed and how it looks with the traffic, the rankings and the income, you will learn in the following.

In addition, I go into how things are going with my website.

Here’s how to make the most of your first blog readers& Motivational tips for the first few months

So you use the first blog readers best & Motivational tips for the first months

Find out why you should take extra good care of your first blog readers to become successful in today’s installment of my blog launch article series.

In addition, I dedicate myself to an important success factor, the motivation. How to keep it up, also and especially in the first weeks and months, when you don’t have so many blog readers yet, you will also learn below.

Furthermore, I describe my experiences starting a blog and go into how I’ve been motivating myself as a blogger for more than 15 years.

Set up YouTube Studio: Camera, lighting, PC& more video accessories incl. Budget tips

YouTube Studio set up: Camera, lighting, PC & other video accessories incl. budget tips

Building your own YouTube studio is the dream of many YouTubers, and in this article I’ll show you step by step how to go about it and what equipment you’ll need to do it.

In the process, of course, I describe my own experiences, address potential problems, and give tips on how you can save money in the process.

In addition, there are insights into my YouTube studio and how it has changed.

18 simple content optimization tips for more visitors, backlinks and revenue

18 simple tips for content optimization for more visitors, backlinks and revenue

Today we are talking about content optimization of websites and blogs. To this end, I give below 18 simple tips.

In addition to the creation of new articles, this also includes the optimization of existing content, but unfortunately this optimization is rather neglected by many. This will have a positive effect on visitors, backlinks and revenue.

What tips for content optimization of older content I can give and how I approach this on my websites and blogs, you will learn in the following, including examples and best practices. I am looking forward to your feedback and experiences.

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